7 April 2021
~Peaceful Eastertide Greetings~
#300 For the Win!

Yesterday was another great day on the Shadow Rock campus. After Saturday's successful vaccine clinic, volunteers and leaders were anxious about Tuesday... Would we be able to get the word out in time to use up all our allotted doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine? Glitches in the public vaccine websites meant that we were relying on social media and word of mouth... and it worked! By 12:30 pm Tuesday, folks were lining up to get vaccinated. Kevin, a local dad, received our last dose (amid a lot of cheering) right at 5 pm.

Between Easter and our vaccine events, there are so many people to thank for all the happenings this week. Cheerful and dedicated inocculators, flower placers, hospitality gurus, picture snappers, safety sticklers, techy friends... the list goes on. It takes a village to make Shadow Rock a source of grace in our community. If you were a part of that grace delivery system, THANK YOU. A special shout-out to Dr. Patricia, Minister of Wholeness, whose tireless advocacy and expertise made our vaccine events possible. It's a week of gratitude and joy.

All the good stuff also means lots of fun pictures. Head over to the Shadow Rock Facebook page later today for a photo dump.
This Week Online
Wednesday (4/7): Connections Count on Zoom at 7:00 pm
On Wednesdays, we pray! Zoom is the space for bringing our celebrations and our sorrows. Connecting is a blessing. Click here at 7:00 to participate.

Thursday (4/8): Spirituality Thursday
A short guided meditation from Luke 24 (the walk to Emmaus) - this is our topic for Spirituality Thursday this week, live on the Shadow Rock Facebook page. Catch this short video live or tune in later to watch the recording.

Monday (4/12): Small Group at 7:00 pm
During Eastertide, we'll be on Zoom Monday evenings for an exploration of Easter stories, Easter appearances, and Easter creativity. What does resurrection art from different parts of the world tell us about how our spiritual ancestors understood Easter? What does our own creativity tell us about ourselves? Click here on Monday to participate. For questions, email Karen.

Sunday, April 11
Adult Spiritual Formation will begin meeting in our new hybrid format this Sunday at 10:00 am. April's topic is "Inventive Faith," a time to explore the connections between spirituality and creativity. All are welcome!

Worship in Person: 9:00 am and 11:00 am
Worship on Zoom or streaming: 11:00 am
We are continuing to use the reservation form to help plan for safe worship seating and for contact tracing. It just takes a moment with the big button below. For Zoom congregants, we are working on enhancing your experience by offering additional opportunities for interaction. No matter how we gather, we extend a welcome to everyone. The Sunday morning worship email with the order of service and Zoom link will continue to arrive in your inbox!
Learn and Explore
This Saturday is a Facilities Workday. Volunteers begin the day at 7:30 am and expect to finish up around 11:00 am. There are several projects that need extra hands. Facilities Workday is the second Saturday morning each month. If you haven't ever participated in a workday, this is a great month to give it a try. Check out additional information here.
Our sanctuary candle in the window is not lit at this time, but that doesn't mean we aren't concerned and in a spirit of compassion and prayer for our immigrant siblings. This work of hospitality and service continues. Refresh your zeal for justice with this video from an interfaith group working with migrant families.
We're using Rock the Week to share anti-racism resources as our congregation continues work to de-center whiteness and reckon with our nation's history of white supremacy and colonialism. Take a look at yesterday's UCC webinar on The State of Black Bodies with Minister for Racial Justice Rev. Dr. Velda Love and author of Stand Your Ground Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas.
Nourish to Flourish! This coming Sunday marks the return of in-person spiritual formation. We're living into a new hybrid format... so if you got accustomed to participating at 10 o'clock on Zoom, you are invited to continue. Our topic for the rest of April is Inventive Faith, a hands-on exploration of creativity. The month of May brings us the ABCs of Spirituality and some fun new online tools. Your voice, your story, your experiences are welcome and so valued.
Supporting Shadow Rock
Thank you for your love and support of Shadow Rock! The Shadow Rock General Fund makes our ministry possible. If you have questions about giving electronically, contact Heidi. You can give to the General Fund and to special offerings by clicking the yellow donate button below.
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