Rock the Week for October 27
Your Wednesday Dose of Shadow Rock News
For me (Karen), it was children - my own and others - who introduced me to all the secret passages and shortcuts at Shadow Rock. Lots of folks have fond and/or creepy memories associated with this location.

Next week, you'll notice a change in Rock the Week. Seek and Find will take a break for a few weeks so we can use this space to highlight our fall budget campaign. As we begin this work together, please continue to hold in prayer the work and leadership of our community.
Board Update
The Shadow Rock Board supports a team beginning the process for Shadow Rock to become WISE Congregation for Mental Health. A team is organizing under the leadership of Liz Curry. If you are interested in joining this group, contact Liz. WISE stands for Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive, and Engaged in the Mental Health of the community and the wider world.
Hand Sanitizer 2
Celebrating the SRPS Community
Earlier this week, our preschool received a notice from the health department that one of our students had tested positive for COVID-19. More than 2 months after opening for the school year, this was our first positive test - and an opportunity to put into practice our commitment to open communication and compassionate care for all our families and staff. Kudos to SRPS teachers and leaders for a quick response that was consistent with our values as a community.

We share this information with you not because it's required or because any congregant has been exposed as a result of a preschool case, but to lift up the work of our preschool. We are grateful for this ministry!
Refugee Resettlement Ministry Update
We continue to wait for word regarding the arrival in the US of our sponsored family. But we are not *just* waiting! We have been able to make arrangements to provide financial support for the family as they wait in Beijing. As the diplomatic situation there changes, they continue to experience tremendous anxiety and impatience. Pastor Ken is in touch with them (both by phone and via WhatsApp messaging) on a daily basis.

We also continue to reach out to members, friends, and neighbors to help meet our financial obligation associated with sponsorship. Many thanks to Susan Glynn who has taken on the job of requesting support from neighbors who are not associated with our congregation but share our values of hospitality and compassion.


Waiting is difficult and spiritual work! Friends, you continue to be caring, generous, and prayerful. Thank you and contact Pastor Ken if you have questions.
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