Rock the Week for January 26
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The Joy of Epiphany

It's Epiphany! In this joyful season, we're asking a question together: "What does life with God look like?"

In this "block" of Rock the Week we're opening some space to explore these themes a bit deeper. For the next few weeks, we'll link to the text of the previous Sunday's sermon and offer resources for reflection that you're invited to work through on your own.

Pastor Ken's Sermon from January 23: Epiphany Week 4 (Jesus Speaks in the Synagogue)
  • We have sometimes talked about kairos as "God's Right Time," (as opposed to chronos, clock and calendar time). Is there something, a calling or decision perhaps, that 2022 has in store for you? What is on its way to you or to our community in the fullness of kairos?
  • Ken spoke about Jesus' reading in the synagogue as his ministry's mission statement and about the Shadow Rock covenant, and how these statements bring clarity. Is there a statement or value or quote that brings clarity for you?

See you at hybrid worship this coming Sunday!
2021 Giving Statements

2021 giving statements will be sent this week from the following email: <[email protected]> due to Google mass email restrictions.

Please contact Heidi if you have a new email address or need a physical statement sent to you via USPS. Thank you for your continued support of Shadow Rock.
Refugee Resettlement Across the United Church of Christ

We're in good company, friends! Check out this news piece from the UCC national setting staffer Connie Larkin, highlighting refugee resettlement efforts by churches across the country. Of course, we're proud of our work in this area, and now our prayers join those of many other congregations with whom we're in covenant.
Health and Human Service Sunday

January 30 is Health and Human Service Sunday. This day to recognize and celebrate individual and communal wellbeing is also the right time to hear A Word About Life from our Minister of Wholeness, Dr. Rev. Patricia StandTal Clarke. Dr. Patricia's sermon is titled, "I Am You."

Earlier this week, the Shadow Rock staff checked in with Dr. Patricia about the current COVID situation, the omicron variant, and new developments. Check out her response in this resource-packed letter.
Recovery Group Spotlight

Have you ever been on the Shadow Rock campus in the evening and walked by a classroom where one of our many recovery groups was meeting? If you have, you may have had the realization that you were close to holy ground. Shadow Rock is home to many twelve step programs and groups where people are present with one another through one of the most difficult of human experiences. We are grateful that these groups call our campus home:

  • Mondays, Nar-Anon at 6:30 pm
  • Wednesdays, Al-Anon Beginners at 6:15 pm and Al-Anon at 7:00 pm
  • Thursdays, *NEW* Circle of Hope Al-Anon Beginners at 6:15 and AA at 7:30 pm

For more information, please reply to this email or call the church office to speak confidentially to the staff.
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