10 March 2021
Fourth Week of Lent

Beloveds of God, 
May the peace of Christ go with you,
wherever you are sent.
May God guide you through the wilderness and through the storm.

May God bring you home rejoicing at the wonders of creation!
May God bring you home rejoicing, once again into our doors!
This Week Online
Wednesday (3/10): Connections Count on Zoom at 7:00 pm
On Wednesdays, we pray! Connections Count is a time for compassion as we pause mid-week to share celebrations and prayer concerns.

Thursday (3/11): Season of Nonviolence / Spirituality Thursday
Being a rule follower is something that doesn't come easily to many of us. But what about a rule that you make for yourself? Getting clarity about our own values and how we "show up" in the world - this is the topic for Spirituality Thursday this week, live on the Shadow Rock Facebook page. Catch this short reflection live or tune in later to watch the recording.

Mondays: Small Groups, re-starting April 5
Small Group Ministry is re-GROUPing (see what we did there?). After Easter, we'll be on Zoom Monday evenings for a fresh exploration of Easter stories, Easter appearances, and Easter creativity. Already curious? Check out this article on Resurrection artwork featuring new research by scholar John Dominic Crossan. For more information about Shadow Rock small groups or to suggest future topics, please email Karen.

Sunday, March 14
10:00 am Adult Spiritual Formation is on Zoom. Start your Sunday with the link in the worship email. Our Lenten Journey of the Spirit study this year is 'Season of Nonviolence.' This week we're exploring the dynamics of nonviolent action, including the secret sauce that might be the reason nonviolence works so well to bring positive change. 10 o'clock is a good time for listening and exploration. All are welcome!

11:00 am Worship continues on Zoom through March.
Worship is "what we do!" Whether it's online or in-person, all are welcome. Our worship theme is So Loved, and love is very good news.
More to Explore
We're using Rock the Week to share anti-racism resources as our congregation continues work to de-center whiteness and reckon with our nation's history of white supremacy and colonialism. It's hard work, but learning and growing are part of the journey. This week, take a look at the New York Times' 1619 Podcast, an in-depth look at early American history.

The Waddells celebrate the Shadow Rock campus! For all who make our facilities so welcoming, thank you.
The Phoenix Welcome Center invites you to be part of a compassionate response to new arrivals.
• Volunteer! Please be prepared to wear a mask and help remind others to do the same. To get started, reach out via email.
• Donate! The Center has some specific shortages:
Men’s jeans, sweatpants, all sizes
Men’s t-shirts, small
Women’s leggings or stretch pants, all sizes
Shoes for all (except infant)
Men’s underwear
Women’s socks
Men’s hoodies and jackets
Winter gloves, beanies and scarves
If you have items to donate, please contact Pastor Ken.
Take a moment for gratitude and a deep breath. This spot in Rock the Week is often used to highlight something that brings us to thankfulness. And so much of the time, we don't need to look far to find wonderful things happening. This week, we lift up the work of the facilities team and their loving stewardship of our campus. Greg, Roy, Joe, Bill, Peter, Tony, and others - we notice your work and we appreciate you!

Facilities Workday is this Saturday, March 13, beginning at 8:00 am.
Shadow Rock's 2021 Lenten Offering is directed to RIP Medical Debt. This offering will provide real relief to families and individuals whose medical debt has become a huge burden. Our offering at Shadow Rock will join gifts from other Southwest Conference churches and the Conference Executive Board to provide local debt relief within our conference's geography: Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso TX, and the Navajo Nation. Make your gift securely online here or write Lent Offering/RIP Medical Debt on the memo line of your check.

Update! The Southwest Conference's RIP Medical Debt campaign as reached $2500+.
Check out this video from AZStRUT Executive Director Tom Mehlert. A New Years fire at the AZStRUT facility has had a tremendous effect on their work to support education and sustainable technology. We are so grateful that their work continues despite these setbacks.
It's one of those weeks when you hear from Shadow Rock twice! You received yesterday a link to a quick survey about our plans for in-person worship on Easter Sunday. In case you missed it, click here to participate. Plans for gathering depend on continuing improvements in important COVID-19 metrics such as testing positivity, vaccinations, and infection rates.
Reminders While the Campus is Closed
  • The United States Postal Service continues to experience service delays. If you are sending mail that needs special attention, please contact Heidi.
  • If you need any assistance securing groceries, medicine or toiletries, please contact us via email. The wellbeing of our community is so important, and we want to show our love and care to one another.
  • One of the most important things we can do for each other is to continue to reach out. Until we gather in-person, take some time to call, text, or email your Shadow Rock friends. 
Supporting Shadow Rock
Thank you for your love and support of Shadow Rock! Your support of the Shadow Rock General Fund is more important than ever. If you have questions about giving electronically, please reach out to Heidi. You can give to the General Fund (also to special offerings, Pastor's Charitable Fund or Facilities Improvement Fund) by clicking the yellow donate button below.

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