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On a serious note, our beautiful campus and facilities are the result of many hours of volunteer labor and expertise. This little bit of seek-and-find fun is our way of returning some love to the Facilities Team.
Our Whole Lives
Our Whole Lives is comprehensive, inclusive, values-based sexuality education. Classes for junior high and senior high students (12+ years and fully-vaccinated) are forming now. OWL is a life-saving, life-enhancing ministry in our community!

Our Whole Lives values are Sexual Health, Responsibility, Self-Image, Justice, and Inclusivity. Looking into 2022, we'll be hosting a training for new OWL facilitators in February.

Worship Planning
There are resources and ideas informing worship planning and spiritual formation for August and beyond. If you're a reader, Pastor Ken is recommending The Bond by Lynne McTaggart and Choosing Earth by Duane Elgin. As we move through the fall, look for spiritual formation programming for Sunday morning and a new Monday evening Zoom small group.

Also, Wednesday Connections has been an important part of staying connected during the pandemic. If you've participated, THANK YOU. We are taking a break from Connections for now, but will return to this practice if needed during the coming months.
Face Mask 1
Since March 2020, our health and safety practices have changed as better information has become available. Because of the rapid spread of the Delta variant in Arizona and our slow rates of vaccination, we're implementing these mitigation measures:
  • All masked, all the time!
  • Be prepared for temperature checks for all children, preschool and church staffs, and visitors staying over 10 minutes. Persons with temperatures over 100.4 will be asked to go home.
  • Please sign in at office main door with name and contact info to enable contact tracing as needed.
  • We're continuing with social distancing of at least 6 feet. This includes meals and worship.
  • Let's talk compassionately with one another and honor our journey together. Check in with each other about how you are feeling and what is your comfort level and level of risk tolerance. Health is not just a concern for individuals; wellbeing is a community experience, physically and spiritually.
  • If you are exposed or experiencing symptoms, communicate! Testing (schedule online) is readily available at CVS and Walgreens.
  • If you are not vaccinated, please consider doing so - for yourself and for others.
Our work to make life in Arizona good for all people continues! Thanks Judy Schwiebert for this information on compassionate responses.

There are two grassroots organizations working on current issues including state revenue that funds schools and health: Invest in Arizona and Arizona Deserves Better. These organizations are collecting signatures to refer six controversial bills passed by the legislature this session to the ballot in 2022 so that voters can decide if they approve.

2 Organizations - 6 petitions:
Petitions 1-3: These petitions aim to refer bills that will make deep permanent cuts to the state revenue we need to fund schools, healthcare, roads, water and climate crisis and other issues to create big tax loopholes for the wealthiest Arizonans.
Petitions 4-6. Three petitions aim to refer bills that make it harder to vote, potentially disenfranchising thousands of citizens from their sacred right to vote.

Signing a petition doesn't change these bills, but instead sends them to voters for the 2022 ballot.

Each petition needs 150,000 signatures by September 21. An enormous task! Please help by signing all six petitions. You can read the details on each petition and choose to sign at Shadow Rock Mondays from 5 pm to 7 pm and Saturdays 9 am to 11 am. You can also go the extra mile by helping collect signatures from your friends and neighbors. Contact Judy Schwiebert by email to host a Neighborhood Stop & Sign event to help your neighbors sign as well.

Shadow Rock Preschool is an important extension of our values and vision. For the 2021-2022 school year, SRPS will be voluntarily limiting enrollment to no more than 12 students per classroom regardless of age. Registration for the fall is closed. The preschool leadership is prioritizing the highest quality, safest experience possible for everyone. As Meet the Teacher events begin next week, please hold our staff, students, and families in your prayers.

srps teacher art
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