24 August 2022

Rock the Week

Spiritual Formation This Fall - 

An Update from Ken and Karen 

Formation is one of the community activities listed in our Covenant: "Our life together involves us individually and corporately in study and worship."

We have a lot of wonderful things planned. To do them successfully, we need your help. 

The pandemic closed down our children's faith formation programming. Re-starting in Fall 2022 is an opportunity to re-think everything and begin at the zero mark. Please prayerfully consider your call to support children's ministry at Shadow Rock. For details and specific volunteer asks (including special invitations to parents, grandparents, and others), please click to read our letter

We love children. We know you do too. Sometimes people say, "Children are the future of the church!" They are wrong. Children are the present of the church. We do not value them because they will perpetuate our institutions. Children are worthy of our best efforts because of who they are today.

Sacred Sites: September 18 Save the Date

The Sacred Sites Team is planning a program that includes lunch right after worship (around 11:30 am) on September 18. As the team shares their fall plans, participants will share Swedish meatballs, meteors and mobius strips pasta, salad, and Moon Pies or Milky Way bars for dessert. If you would like to pitch in by bringing food or coordinating the lunch (along with team members), please reach out to Sue Lefebvre by email  or by phone at 602-544-8360.

To look ahead at fall Sacred Sites trips, take a look here!

Our Whole Lives and

´╗┐Our Whole... Conference?

Join participants from around the Southwest Conference for a 6-session virtual program of comprehensive human sexuality on Zoom! Topics include:

  • Sexuality and Aging
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Intimacy and Boundaries
  • Body Image

Questions? Yes please! Take a look at Karen and conference communications coordinator Wende Gonzales talking through common questions about the program. If your question wasn't answered in the video, Email Karen with all your wonderings. Ready to go? Register here, on the Southwest Conference event page.

Monday Night Zoom Small Group Returns!

As we grow and mature, we make choices: what ideas and expectations from our childhood are worth keeping? What thoughts and concepts do we cast aside?

Our September Small Group will meet on 9-12, 9-19, and 9-26 at 7:00 pm. We'll explore together the idea "What We Know For Sure." All are welcome.

To register for this Zoom small group, please email Karen.

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