A Message from Patricia...
It is time to talk about flu immunization and receive a vaccination. Public health officials are pushing to vaccinate 65% of American adults against the flu this influenza season. This is 25 percentage points higher coverage than a typical year. The goal: to reduce an onslaught of patients with flu from descending on the health care system at the same time COVID-19 patients continue to seek care.

The CDC offers a variety of educational information about vaccines and the diseases they prevent. For each vaccine, you can access information about who should receive the vaccine, when it should be administered, and what patients or parents should know about it.  Resources are available in various formats—flyers, fact sheets, posters, videos, web buttons—and includes links to other useful websites. A link on this site connects to vaccination materials in Spanish. CDC materials can be downloaded, copied, and distributed to patients. 

Influenza and pneumonia vaccination may be protective against the development of Alzheimer disease (AD) in older patients, according to two new research studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2020 in Chicago, Illinois.

--Patricia StandTal Clarke, MD, DMin; Minister of Wholeness