Exciting 2019 API 25th Anniversary and Conference News ~ We need your feedback by February 12th

We are thrilled to announce that API is partnering with La Leche League of KY/TN for the Rock the World: Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference in Nashville, November 2, 2019 ! The location will be in the heart of Nashville, near so many family friendly and musical locations. From the Parthenon at Centennial Park to downtown music central, we will have activities for all ages.

The conference will feature Dr. Bill and Martha Sears, Dr. James McKenna, Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker , and many other stellar speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and, of course, a music event! Come meet parents and professionals from all over the world and celebrate API's 25th Anniversary too.

The conference will be a one-day event complemented by an evening event on Friday and a concert on the day of the event. CEUS will be provided.

Nashville is a very popular destination these days! We invite you to help us anticipate and set our numbers to obtain the best prices on the hotel and venue. Please t ake the five-minute event survey below to tell us about your interests and needs related to joining this conference .

  • Will you be joining us for our La Leche League of KY/TN and Attachment Parenting International “Rock the World” conference on November 2, 2019?
  • Should we include you in our hotel reservation numbers, or will you be making your own accommodations?
  • Will you be joining us for luncheon or will you be making alternate lunch plans?
  • Are you interested in sponsoring?
  • Are you interested in exhibiting?
  • Would you like to be included in announcements about the conference?

Please respond by February 12 by clicking the button below to share your responses . Your responses do not obligate you in any way and your response may be anonymous. Your responses help us make sure we can accommodate everyone. Formal registration will be announced soon.

Thank you!

La Leche League of KY/TN and Attachment Parenting International