August 2017 Newsletter, Issue #8
Accounting Therapy is proud to launch Rocket Bookkeeping, a highly experienced team specifically devoted to your bookkeeping needs.  

We understand bookkeeping can be a stressful obstacle for many, so our focus is addressing your concerns and making custom improvements that ease your QuickBooks experience.  

You choose the frequency of services, and we can help you customize our bookkeeping service options to fit your needs.  N o matter your industry, size or business type, we're able to provide the best bookkeeping solutions to you.  

We've recently launched Rocket Bookkeeping's page on our website, please check it out!

Intuit's promotion on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is back!  See details below.  Offer ends August 30th, 2017.  
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Quick Tip for Taxes: 
Is what I do a hobby or a business?  

Ron Sokol is a Manhattan Beach attorney with a weekly column in the Daily Breeze.  Here he  answers a reader's tax question that may be a helpful consideration for your business:

Q You will tell me to consult with a tax specialist, which is fine, but I just want some of the basics: When is a hobby considered a business for tax purposes? - D. J., Manhattan Beach

A  First, we are expected to pay taxes on all income, whether derived from a business or a hobby. The distinction between the two affects tax treatment, such as deductions that can be taken and how losses are treated. A hobby is considered an activity that is not carried out for profit, whereas a business is conducted with the reasonable expectation of earning a profit.

There are many factors to be evaluated. A useful article, with a list of criteria, is published online by the IRS at Among the considerations are how you operate the activity (in a businesslike manner or otherwise), whether you depend on the income for your livelihood, and if the activity makes a profit. And, yes, it is definitely prudent to consult with a tax specialist. "

Accounting Therapy looks forward to attending QuickBooks Connect each year.   We first saw Sekou Andrews at QuickBooks Connect 2014 and were very happy to see him return each year since.  Sekou delivers captivating speeches every time, and h is performances are a highlight of the conference.  
We recently came across this TEDtalk he gave on how he inserts art into business by introducing 'poetic voice' to the business world.  
Are you considering moving to online?  Or new to QuickBooks and want to learn more about your options?   This is the article for you - compare specific features of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online to ensure you're using the right financial system for your business.  

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