Rocket Report

Vol. 4, No. 19, January 8th
Words with Wilson
Happy New Year! Although 2020 provided us with many challenges, I believe that it also brought us some things to be thankful for. I personally appreciated spending more time at home enjoying time with my family. I enjoyed a slower pace and really learned to appreciate all the wonderful people that God has put in my life.

As we begin in 2021, I am excited to see what this year will bring. I am thankful for the wonderful families that love and support our school. Our staff is refreshed and ready for a great 2nd half of our school year. As we continue to navigate through these difficult times, let us all work together to stay positive and love and support one another. I am beyond excited to have everyone back in our building and can't wait to see all of our students Monday morning.

We are St. Roch and We are St. Roch Strong. Have a fantastic weekend!
Re-Enrollment for 2021-2022
We are nearing our re-enrollment period for the next school year. Details will be available in early to mid-January. All returning students will have the opportunity to register for $100 (per student Registration Fee) if registered before March 1st. 

Once open enrollment begins, on March 1st, the registration fee will increase to $125 for ALL students (including new and returning). 
School Make-Up Days
The week of Thanksgiving we took two school days to give our teachers some much needed time to prepare for E-Learning. This year our breaks have been very welcome by our students and our staff. With things being so different, the occasional day off really helps everyone recharge.

We are going to make up our days on Thursday, May 20th, and Friday, May 28th. On May 20th we will have an E-Learning Day. We will be in-person on Friday, May 28th as that will be our last day of school. We will dismiss at 1 pm on both days.

Making up our days in May will allow us to keep some days off during the long winter months.
Calendar for
2021-2022 School Year
August 4 - First day of school
September 3 - Free day
September 6 - Free day
October 11-15 - Free days
November 24-26 - Free days
December 22 - Last day prior to Break

(91 days in 1st Semester)
January 10 - First day back
January 17 - Free day
February 18 - Free day
February 21 - Free day
March 25 - April 1 - Free days
April 18 - Free day
May 19 - Elearning Day
May 20 - Free Day
May 27 - Last day of school

(89 days in 2nd Semester)
In the Know with PTO
January 50/50 Underway
After a brief hiatus, the PTO 50/50 program is back in session. All November entries have been rolled forward, and the January 50/50 is underway! To participate, you know the drill: send those labeled envelopes (name, phone number, student, grade / teacher, and the enclosed dollar amount) to the school office for as many chances as you wish! $5 per chance. (License #2608)

Executive Committee Meeting 1/11/21
The next PTO Executive Committee meeting will take place on Monday, January 11. If you have any ideas or concerns, don’t hesitate to share them with one of your EC members!
January Server Schedule
Server Sign Up
Lunch Menu
Week of January 11th
Daily Entree Option - Chicken Nuggets
Every lunch is also served with fruit, veggies and Milk
Sides will be served daily and will vary throughout the week
Teacher Wish List
We are very appreciative of your support!
Looking Ahead
Upcoming Dates and Events
  • January 11th - Return to in person learning
  • January 18th - NO SCHOOL MLK Day
Roncalli High School Application
Roncalli is excited to welcome the Class of 2025 next fall! As a reminder, the Application for Admission is now available online at You CAN fill out the application before your student takes the High School Placement Test.

Once the application is complete and the $100 registration fee is received, you may continue the registration process. For those who have not been in a South Deanery Catholic grade school for grades seven and eight, those next steps will include scheduling an admissions interview for Saturday, January 9 (limited space available). For all others, it will be scheduling your appointment to meet with your student's counselor to create their freshman year schedule. Please contact Director of Admissions Allie Ross at or (317) 787-8277, ext. 243 with any questions.

For more information on the school and all we have to offer, please visit
St. Roch Catholic School
Phone: (317) 784-9144
Fax: (317) 784-7051