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September 2012
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Publishing 101: You have finished your novel. Now what?
Author's Corner: 10 Tips for Selling Books at Book Festivals
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Dear Readers, Authors and Aspiring Authors,

School is now officially back in session!  For some of us, this means more time to read and write!  We hope that is your case, as we have many great titles just released, and many more to come!  

If you are an author or aspiring author, we also have great tips about publishing and exposure at book festivals!

We want to take this time to thank everyone who organized the Decatur Book Festival, as well as everyone who stopped by the RSP booth.  Once again, we had a great time and will be returning next year! 
Featured September Releases
One Recumbent Mommy 
by Rachel Blumenthal
"One Recumbent Mommy: A Humorous Encounter with Bedrest" is exactly what the title of the book suggests. My incredible story of laying down on the job, pregnant with my second child!

My second pregnancy, confirmed in July 2008, started out just like any other- the confirmatory blood test, the obligatory post-dinner purge, the necessary and all-important 3 hour nap from 4:30 pm- 7:30 pm right before retiring to bed for the night at 8 pm. You know, the usual. My routine of popping a mint Tic-Tac to stave off nausea first thing in the morning, and my biz
arre "only when I'm pregnant" love affair with white bread was also familiar. All in all it was a typical first trimester for me. 

When I headed for my 20 week ultrasound, that's when things started to go awry. But this is a humorous book, so don't be on and enjoy! 

Release date: Sept 28.  Pre-order today from RSP Launch Pad!



Wherever I am, I will Love You Still 
by Rachel Blumenthal

Follow the challenges of a temporary family separation due to a pregnancy/bedrest hospitalization from the perspective of a child. This brilliant children's book is the companion book to " One Recumbent Mommy: A Humorous Encounter with Bedrest", also written by Rachel Blumenthal.

Release date: Sept 28.  Pre-order today from RSP Launch Pad!

Upcoming Events
September 23 
Brooklyn Book Festival - Brooklyn, NY


September 27-29
Scribblers Retreat Writers Conference- St. Simon's Island, GA
Publisher Frank Monahan
Baltimore Book Festival - Baltimore, MD


October 13
Monster Fest - Chesapeake, VA
Authors Daniele Lanzarotta and CW Nash

Chesapeake Central Library 10am - 5pm


October 19-21
SCWW Conference - Myrtle Beach, SC
Publisher Frank Monahan




Publishing 101:  
You have finished your novel.  Now what? 
One of the first decisions that I had to make after I finished writing my first novel was whether I wanted to go through a traditional publisher, independent publisher, or self-publish.  That is... after I learned that things weren't as easy as writing a query letter and sending it straight to a publisher, who would then say yes and publish my book within a few weeks!
If you are a published author, you are probably reading this and laughing... and likely thinking that one day, you were in that position.  Truth is, things are not that easy, but they don't have to be Rocket Science either... it all comes down to doing your research and making the best choice for you.
Before I decided to publish through Rocket Science Productions, I did A LOT of research.  I found out that traditional publishers wouldn't even talk to me unless I had an agent... and sometimes a lawyer too.  I would also have to have my work copyrighted and well... edited.  You'll have to find an agent that represents your genre and send them your query letter.  Agents will only say yes to a small percentage of the query letters received.  That is just the way it is; they can't possibly represent hundreds of authors within a year.  If you catch their interest, they will ask for sample chapters, and then go from there.  You may have to revise your work based on what is considered 'sellable' before your agent even starts to pitch your book to publishers.
I can't say that self-publishing was ever an option for me.  I knew that I wanted to start my career with the support of a publisher, whether traditional or independent.  The obstacles that come with self-publishing are just too many, especially when you are not yet an established author. Those obstacles go from editing and costs, to distribution and acceptance.
Then I found my 'golden middle'.  There are a lot of independent publishers out there.  I will tell you that most independent publishers are unique in the way they operate.  Again, do your research and don't be afraid to ask for referrals from the publisher's current authors.  When I looked into Rocket Science Productions, I found a publisher that supports their authors.  I found a publisher with the foundation of the traditional publishing model in relation to the publishing process and marketing, with the benefits of independent publishing.  I wanted to keep the rights to my work, and I wanted to have a say in the book cover and suggestive changes on title, storyline, character name, etc.  Once I spoke to RSP about my project and decided that they were ideal for what I was looking for, I had help with the copyright process, edits and revisions, print, and marketing.  They walked me through every step of the way from the very beginning.

Author's Corner: 
10 Tips for Selling Books at Book Festivals 


-Register as early as possible and try to get involved in panels and featured signings.


-Spread the word about the event... EVERYWHERE! Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, online newspaper events listings, email friends and readers in the area, send out press releases to local papers and radio stations.


-Whenever possible, share the table with other authors. It reduces your expenses and it is so much more fun! Besides, you can take turns whenever you need a break, have a scheduled panel, or just want to walk around and giveaway bookmarks and other promotional items.


-Practice good booth etiquette.


-Make the table inviting. Decorate, use posters, and have giveaways. If you sell kids books, offer candy at the table... or accessories that tie-in to the book.


-Display books nicely.


-***ENGAGE CUSTOMERS!*** The best way to sell is to be proactive. Stand up and giveaway bookmarks. Ask readers question about what they like to read or something related to your book. If they like pets, vampires, etc.


-Make the sale! Talk about your book with enthusiasm. Assume the reader wants your book. Offer to sign it for them. Sometimes, you'll get readers who will say, 'I don't really read this kind of book but my friend/family member does'. Let them know that if they'd like to buy one for a friend you can ship them a signed copy directly (consider waiving shipping fee).


-Exposure over sales. Not all readers are ready to buy. That doesn't mean they are not interested. If the reader is just looking around, make sure they walk away with promotional items.


-Have ordering info ready in case you run out of books. Offer the possibility of ordering the book to be mailed with free shipping.