Rockin' On The Inside
My friend, Holly Gentry, wrote and recorded a fantastic song called Rockin' on the Inside. ( ).   It talks of someone whose life had changed but, fret not, she still rocked, just on the inside now:
"There's no doubt that my world has changed
But underneath it all I'm still the same
I'm still rockin' on the inside
Dancin' in my head"

And that got me thinking.

The V.A. Medical Center in Atlanta has a 50-bed nursing home where we facilitate our group music therapy in partnership with Metro Music Therapy.  During that time, we have been honored to get to know many of the residents but not all of them.  Some of the residents are in their rooms most of the day due to their health conditions.  Question: Should they not rock too?  Answer: Yes, they should.
Through the generosity and graciousness of many people, we filmed the Connection Pointe Church of God choir located in Austell, GA.  When I say filmed, I mean we filmed them eight ways to Sunday...literally.  ATLVR, a leading Virtual Reality company based in Atlanta, brought their magic gear and wizard team into the church and captured the beauty and the passion of worship music.  (The very first rockers in my humble opinion.)   This eight-camera film shoot, stitched together seamlessly by the ATLVR team, puts the viewer on the alter facing the 30-person choir and the seven-piece band so close you could reach out and tune the lead guitar. 
Fast forward to the V.A. - We took our VR headsets, the eight-camera, seamlessly-stitched video along with the sweet-sounding, 16-track, mixed audio from the film shoot and let the residents enter the church and conduct the choir.  Spirits called down, nary a dry eye, Rockin' on the Inside.     

Thank you to the Connection Pointe Church of God, ATLVR and all the wonderful staff and amazing residents at the V.A.

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