A Note from Scott and Marsha
December 19, 2019
And that is a wrap, folks. We are in the home stretch as we slide through December by the seat of our pants, literally, and into the New Year. What a month. What a two months, really since preparations started November 1. But we did it and it was teamwork at its finest.  

I'm not going to lie. We had a lot going on. AND I do mean A LOT. I'm pretty sure I even stressed out Amanda who is affectionately referred to as "Little Marsha". I'm not sure if this is a compliment. In fact, I'm pretty sure it may not be. But either way, we gotta get stuff done, am I right? There isn't time to just sit around and twiddle here. We have goals to meet and fun to have.  

Speaking of fun, we have been finishing up our "Cardinal's Quarters". What is this you might ask? It is a room above the Robin's Nest . What is the Robin's Nest? Well, we have this rentable space that is perfect for small gatherings like baby/bridal showers, business meetings, etc. There is a room above it we had not touched. To say it was a TERRIBLE space would be kind. But then, the magic happened. We had our own HGTV week and flipped the space that can be used with the Robin's Nest and/or we now have a nice little space for potlucks! Let's just say when I slid through December by the seat of our pants, I meant it. John and I slid around 400 sf to install a new floor. And I decided something. I'm old.  

Renovations are my life. Note that I said MY life. They are not everyone else's life. In fact, most everyone else hides under the conference table when I say I have an idea. But never fear - all these ideas are to make FGS better! That is the goal: to be better every year and help you bring green home. Seriously, check out our new space. We hosted a company last week that loved it, especially the feel of being in the middle of nowhere when you are actually smack in the middle of everything. We love hosting and would love another way to have you here with us!  We can't thank you enough for allowing us to serve you. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!  
We still have a few fresh Fraser Fir Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands and poinsettias in stock, but they are selling quickly and once they are gone, they're gone! Wreaths, garlands, ornaments and holiday decor are now 50% OFF!!
This week's pick is the Peperomia Ripple, and it is one of our favorites. Place this cutie in bright light (after placing it in this cute pot), and allow it to dry out mostly between watering. When you do water, water the tray the plant sits in and let it soak up the water so the leaves don't get wet. Be sure to discard any excess water...or you and your Peperomia Ripple will be sad.
We are so excited about all the new indoor pottery that recently arrived. We have adorable pots for plants in a variety of sizes and oh-so-many colors. If you are still looking for that perfect gift for a plant-loving friend (or yourself for that matter), we can practically guarantee you'll find a pot they (or you) will love. Plus, we have lots of new houseplants to put in them. Yessss!
To make room for all the new pottery and houseplants coming in, that means holiday items have to GO. Come save 30-50% on holiday decor and select indoor pottery. You save money, we get shelf space, and then you have more houseplant and pottery options. Sounds like you are the ultimate winner in this deal. We are pretty sure these sale items won't last, so hurry in!
Need a last minute location for your Christmas party or end of the year meeting? We have the perfect spot for you in our Robin's Nest. We can accommodate small groups or gatherings, and you will love the "off-the-beaten-path" feel of our space while still close to the action. Find more information here , or contact us directly!
We love to help you bring your holiday green, red and white home and keep it healthy with tips and best practices in our blog. Thinking about selling your home in 2020? Here are reminders for why landscaping your home prior to selling is worth it . Plus, don't miss our reasons why you should install outdoor lighting . We share the top reasons here !
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