HUGE NEWS - Rockmore Artwork on National Poetry Book Cover by
Ed Skoog "Run the Red Lights" from Copper Canyon Press. Cover Art: Noel Rockmore, Migration 1 (1984). Executed in Mill Valley, CA., Image Courtesy of Tee Marvin (photograph) and The Estate of Noel Rockmore from the Collection of Ralph & Nita Howard of LaGrange, GA.
      Ed Skoog writes some beautiful poetry and it is easy to see why they selected this California Mill Valley West Coast cover. The Mill Valley - Rockmore story is legendary and the Poetry Book, "Run the Red Lights," is available now on Amazon for $16 (sure to be a Rockmore collectible). The Non-Profit Copper Canyon Press from Washington State (with a Gates Foundation Board Member) chose this artist and cover which becomes part of the permanent legacy of Rockmore in Poetry & Art History! It is available on Amazon for $6 new and we have included one in our Special eBay 4 Book package as well!


 Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones from all of us. It was certainly an emotional eventful year for many of us. It has been humbling and inspirational on different levels as well but one area that stands out for us is the number of folks discovering Rockmore independently and then contacting us for information and support. This is certainly true of the Poetry Book above and the latest project by a writer doing a book on the famous artists residents of the Hotel des Artiste where Rockmore and his family lived in New York City. 

We had the wonderful good fortune of discovering a Rockmore girlfriend from the 1963-1964 time period in NYC on a recent pickup of an artwork commissioned to GEFQ for sale. It turns out Elie, the consignor to the left, was also a girlfriend and told us fascinating stories of her time with Rockmore. We will be sure to document it in detail on our next visit. One story involved Rockmore sensually standing behind her and holding her arms in proper position to teach her how to paint on a canvas and another involved a falling chandelier on their bed that could have hurt them both. Her inscribed print etching to the left is on eBay this Sunday as well as 2 more below from the Borenstein Collection and this stunning painting of the 'Dead Mule on St. Peter & Dauphine." Click on these images for more details on the Artworks

1969 "Dead Mule on St. Peter & Dauphine" - New Orleans - 15x30 Oil on Board - Signed
Night Music - Edition 4 of 25 - Copper Plate Etching
1965 Coney Island Labyrinth - Edition 15 of 25
Robert Hudovernik, who will be publishing his book on the Artists of the Hotel des Artiste (No Official title yet) which will include a full chapter with images on Noel Rockmore & his parents. This has been rewarding on so many levels for Rockmore, his family and us. We have seen a very early draft and it WILL be the BEST new Rockmore article since "The Tomb of Noel Rockmore," in the 2011 Garden & Gun. Bob is an excellent writer and has unearthed all sorts of new research & Rockmore family facts that we never knew. The fact that our Noel Rockmore Project has led to a new writer asking for research help and adding to the Rockmore legacy is very fulfilling to us. Bob has been published before with other works including a Coffee Table book on the Zeigfield follies girls, Jazz Age Beauties. His new New York City based book (so good for Rockmore) is in the process of being researched and put together at this time by Bob and we will keep you posted as it moves along. His writing is excellent and this just could be the piece of the puzzle that brings the Rockmore family back to the TOP of the NYC Artworld scene!
We BELIEVE in Rockmore Miracles for 2017!

On that note, two of our favorite Rockmore collectors are undergoing cancer treatments and could use all the prayers and support you can send their way this Holiday Season. That's Phil Thompson top center on the left with Shirley Marvin & collector Herschel Weisfeld on our 1st Dallas collectors visit. On the right Patricia Bischof needs your prayers along with husband Eugene, the original "Hippie Couple" in Houston Texas. Of course, all of Tee's impacted family from the Louisiana 2016 Flood can still use prayers as many face the holidays in their temporary locations.

"Happy Holidays and Healing Love for all who are in need."
We BELIEVE in Rockmore Miracles for 2017! 
Shirley, Rich & Tee Marvin
The GEFQ Team

P.S. PLEASE, Check out our eBay offerings coming up this Sunday 12/11 at 9PMET below! We tried to put some low ticket items along with many very nice works to give you Holiday options.
Rockmore and Rockmore related artworks  
on eBay this Sunday December 11th - 9PM Eastern Time.  
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1960 Still Life of Bottles -
11x18 1st Monotype - Framed
(3) Noel Rockmore Collectibles
1966 Pres Hall Calendar
The Greatest 5 New Orleans Jazz Books EVER-4 Collectible Rockmore Publications

Rockmore Sketches of 1975-1977 Girlfriend Andrea Lannin

Portraits done by girlfriend Andrea Lannin in the style of Noel Rockmore
1977 Joe - Land of Broken Deams
by Andrea Lannin
1977 Doug Ireland by Andrea Lannin

Books & Works by Gladys Rockmore Davis - Noel's Mother 
& By Cynthia & Julian Rockmore (Glady's brother) & Bergit Rockmore (Noel's Cousin) 
Crucifix in a Deathhand by Charles Bukowski Pristine Cover Only
Original 13x26 Night Music Cover by Noel Rockmore
Rockmore Catalogs, Letters & Photos

The Last of the Jonestown Series

Rockmore Original ArtWorks
(2) 8x5 1958 Coney Sketches
2 Large 1954 Coney Island Rockmores
1988 (4) Sketches & 1 Note
(2) Sketches for friends
1959 The Crescent City Study &  Treme St Back Porch- Unsigned
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