RockstAR 13 - The Final Edition!
Dear RockstARs,

Word of the RockstAR Farewell Tour has spread quickly - our many thanks for all the kind words and messages over the past few weeks. As sad as we will be to see this fantastic summer tradition go, the final edition is gonna be a great one! Registration has been taking off at record pace - best bet would be to get your team locked in soon, at

This year's course will feature 29 checkpoints for the 8-hour course and 27 for the 4-hour, with two new 'task' based checkpoints being added to the usual faves. Neither event will feature an initial prologue stage this time, which is to say that all teams will have the full duration of their 4 or 8 hour time limits to try and clean the course. Let's just say that this one will definitely get interesting towards the end of the day!

Accommodations Booking Quickly!
Word from Bark Lake is that they have been seeing more room and cabin bookings than ever before at this time of year. Time to lock that reservation down! Contact the super-friendly staff at Bark Lake to find out what's still available, at 1-888-517-9999.
Racer Information Packages
The racer information packages for both the 4-hour and 8-hour courses are now available for download. These comprehensive docs are your one-stop shopping for all of the Race Day details, and are critical reading before heading up to Bark Lake.

NOTE - there have been some itinerary changes made for this the final edition! Noteworthy "new" items are highlighted as such, which you'll find when you click:

HERE for the 8-hour package

HERE for the 4-hour package