Dear RockstARs,

Ah summer, why must you go...?

We hope you've had a great summer season and are looking forward to the next one as much as we are.  We've spent the past few months playing around with route plans and mapping, exploring new terrain, and tossing around more crazy ideas for Edition 12 of the RockstAR Adventure Race, which has now been confirmed for Saturday July 20th.  We've also spent some time giving our website a bit of a facelift, and it's now fully updated with 2019 details.  Have a look around to see if you're in any of the many photos and images at  Registration is now open!

Bark Lake continues to give and give when it comes to course design options, so rest assured that we have another great one in the works for next year!  New checkpoints, new challenges, and maybe - just maybe, a return guest appearance by Slash...?

Happy Birthday Bark Lake!  
Our beloved host site at the Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Centre celebrated its 70th anniversary this past weekend!  We are immensely proud to be a part of its storied history - this amazing place offers so many incredible opportunities for adventure racing fun.  It's a also a pretty sweet place to host a conference, book a cottage weekend, or even to get married (we speak from first-hand experience!)  Check it all out at   
Raid the Hammer Nov 11
This year's RTH is being hosted in the Aldershot region, and it no doubt will once again be chock-full of navigational twists and clever challenges that the folks at DontGetLost are so well-known for.  Late entry fees go into effect October 25th, so get your team of 3 entered into the Full or Half-Raid events today!  
All the best for the winter season ahead - we'll see you again soon!

Your RockstAR Team

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