Dear RockstARs,

Sadly, this announcement will not likely come as a surprise, but we have determined that it will not be possible to host the final edition of RockstAR in July due to the ongoing public health crisis. As a result, we will be postponing to the summer of 2021.

As disappointing as we know this will be for everyone involved (ourselves included!) we hope that you can take solace in the fact that RockstAR will rock on once again - hopefully under much better circumstances.

Please know that we have examined all possible alternative options. Looking at other dates for this year was one of them, but Bark Lake is fully booked throughout August and September, and anything later wouldn't be feasible with the opening of hunting seasons. We also recognize that the Fall calendar has already been very heavily loaded with re-scheduled events, and adding yet another would only further complicate things for many.

More importantly though, RockstAR is by its unique nature a very 'social' event, and even if another date were available in 2020, we questioned the value of what could realistically be offered this year in light of measures necessary to mitigate the spread of COVID19.

So where things go from here is as follows:

  • All team entries and canoe rentals will be automatically deferred to the 2021 event.

  • There will be nothing required on any team's part - we will re-enter each team into the 2021 registration system once it goes live, and then share a link to the confirmation list once completed (likely in mid-October). At that point, teams are welcome to review and request changes if needed.

  • Pre-ordered short-sleeved jerseys will be shipped to you directly as soon as we receive them from our supplier.

  • Racers may carry over pre-ordered final edition RockstAR hoodies to 2021, or request a refund on them if they prefer. We will have these available for next year either way.

Option #2
In place of a deferral, teams have the option to take part in a 'Self-Storm' adventure that we will be offering in lieu of our postponed adventure racing events this season. We will be staging this self-guided activity on what would have been RockstAR Race Day (Saturday July 18), so that you still have something to look forward to that weekend!

Working with our partners from the Haliburton Forest, we have created a series of bike/paddle/trek courses which teams can select from and complete at their leisure - much like a team training session. Team kits for this session will be mailed out in advance, including course maps, instructions, and a souvenir item. We will be on-site throughout the day to monitor canoes while teams complete the bike and trekking sections, and to cheer you on from a distance. Numbers will have to be limited, so please let us know by May 31st if you would like to take part, by writing us at 
Our many thanks to all those on the front lines of this crisis. Let's all show them the respect they deserve, by following the guidelines being set forth by our Public Health agencies. You can keep informed by reviewing the resources available through Heath Canada and Public Health Ontario

Please stay safe RockstARs - we wish you all good health, and look forward to seeing you again on the other side of all this!

Sean & Heather