Dear RockstARs,

With summer now truly upon us, it's time to start thinking Bark Lake, as we're less than three weeks out from the season's most anticipated adventure event!  This past weekend's course-checking sessions saw nothing but blue skies and gorgeously warm waters - the stage is definitely set for a day of adventure racing fun in the jewel of Haliburton cottage country.  July 21st can't get here soon enough!

Nothing out of the ordinary to report in terms of course conditions, but we're pretty damn excited about the layout of the racecourse this year!  Lots of new twists, some fun new elements, and 4 or 8 hours worth of new checkpoints to tackle, with tonnes of choices available for strategic route planning.  As previously reported, we'll be sticking with the 'do-what-you-like-when-you-like' format we introduced last year, such that you'll be able to complete any checkpoint by whichever discipline you wish.  The options will seem virtually limitless - be sure to arrive early and give yourself ample map-time!

The following tidbits are just a few things to keep in mind leading up to Race Day.  As always, should you have any questions - please feel free to contact us at

Race Information Packages - PLEASE READ! 
No two ways around it, the racer information packages are your one-stop source for everything you need to know about Race Day, and they are mandatory reading for all participants.   In addition to the day's itinerary and related details, these handy docs provide you with an overview of the racecourse; how the format works; notes on navigation; and answers to just about any question you might have.

Click here for the 4-hour racer package (red cover)
Click here for the 8-hour racer package (gold cover)  
Race Check-In - Get There Early! 
Nothing causes more Race Day regret than showing up at the last minute to RockstAR!  Given the format of the course, there will be a lot to do prior to race start - please plan accordingly and get there early!  Check-in will close at 9:30am for 8-hour teams, and 1:00pm for 4-hour.  There is a 2-hour check-in window given for each event, and we highly recommend making use of every available moment!

Each team will be required to submit a copy of their proposed race route (not to mention actually plan that route), as well as prep your bikes and canoe, set up your transition space, sign your waivers and emergency contact forms, etc, etc.  For reference, a complete summary of pre-race tasks is available by clicking here.
Note that bike helmets and PFDs will be checked at Check-In.  Details are provided in Section 2 of the racer information packages linked above.  
Rental Canoes  
Those teams who booked rental canoes with their registration will be able to pick up their boats after proceeding through Check-In.  Any canoe with an "Algonquin Outfitters" logo on it (and that doesn't have any personal gear already inside it) may be claimed.  You will be issued an extra bike plate in your team kit so that you may easily identify your boat.

Renters - PLEASE take care of your canoes!  This not only means being mindful when entering and exiting on rocky shorelines, but also NEVER dragging your boat across any surface that isn't grass.  Our supplier thanks you in advance!
Other Canoe Notes  
A couple of noteworthy points regarding canoes:
1)  All 8-hour teams - you must have a canoe for this year's course!  This is a mandatory gear requirement - please make certain you plan for it!
2)  The Family team of four category is the ONLY category where paddling 4 in a canoe is permitted.  Otherwise, the maximum number of racers in a boat is 3. If you are racing as two pairs and had thought you might paddle as a group in one canoe - please note that you will not be permitted to do so.  
Breakfast Tickets  
A delicious and hearty post-race meal will be waiting for you at the finish line (included in your race fees), but if you are thinking ahead to options for breakfast on either Saturday or Sunday morning, please remember that tickets need to be purchased in advance. If you did not order any at the point of registration, you can still do so by contacting us at

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 4-HOUR TEAMS - if you have pre-ordered breakfast tickets for Saturday morning, you may claim them at the 8-Hour Race Check-In, which opens at 7:30am (breakfast will be served until 8:30).  Any Sunday morning breakfast tickets will be included inside your team kits.
Host Site Notes 

Accommodations - if you are looking to stay on-site, you'll want to call Bark Lake at 1-888-517-9999 to book your spot.  Last we heard most options were close to being fully booked, so don't delay!

Showers - a new shower facility is now open at Bark Lake and will be available for post-race use (although jumping in the lake at the finish is still always an option).  Note that bikes are not permitted inside any on-site shower facilities (yes, we actually have to say that!)

Bugs - yep, they're bad this year!  Be sure to bring your bug spray! (or bug-hats if you hate them as much as we do)

And don't forget that there are no ATM's on-site at Bark Lake and that the nearest town is 15km away - be sure to bring some cash for that well-deserved post-race beer! 
Boshkung Brews on Tap!  
Speaking of beer...

We are thrilled to be working with Boshkung Brewing to offer draught beer at the post-race reception.  There will be two micro-brews on tap - Boshkung's Hwy 35 & 118 Cream Ale, along with their North Country Kellerbier.  Boshkung is a local cottage-country favourite, and we are really happy to have them be a part of RockstAR this year! 
Teammate Changes 
Yes - making adjustments to your team line-up is allowed!  We just need to know who is racing and who is not.  If you need to make a substitution or category change, please let us know at and we'll take care of it right away.

Please note that neither race transfers or refunds are offered at this stage.   
Can't wait to see you up there!

Your RockstAR Team

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