Dear RockstARs,

We truly wish there was a way to say this in a way that you haven't already heard so many times before, but the Final Edition of RockstAR will be cancelled.

We've confirmed that our beloved venue will not be able to host us for July, and that their re-opening date is still unknown. As disappointing as the situation is, our thoughts are more with the staff at Bark Lake, who we hope will soon be able to return to the amazing work that they do, once things finally start to take a turn for the better.

There are literally pages we could write to express our sorrow over this decision. We could blither on for days about the amazing times we've had; how much RockstAR has meant to us; and the pure joy we've gotten from watching and hearing your experiences year over year. Truthfully though, there's really no need. We'd rather focus on the one constant that this pandemic can't take away:

The wilderness is still with us.
Let's enjoy the hell out of it.

To that end, we have created a dedicated page at, that features complete course map sets from four of our past Storm Racing events. These will provide trail data and details not available anywhere else from a single source. Some may be a little dated, but we put an awful lot of time into our fieldwork, and there's no sense in it going to waste!

We invite you to create an adventure of your own this summer, be it over the July 17-18 weekend, or any other time. These are not being offered as a 'virtual' event, but just as a means of offering what we can to make the best of the situation.

So Where Do Things Go From Here?

Rather than simply say "see you in 2022," our thoughts are that it makes more sense to draw the curtain for now, with the hope that some day we can celebrate RockstAR the way it was meant to be celebrated. We have therefore come up with 2 options for teams that deferred their entries from 2020:

Teams may claim a 75% refund of their entry fees. All fees related to canoe rentals, swag sales and breakfast tickets will be refunded in full. We hope you'll understand that this is the most we can realistically offer under the circumstances.

In lieu of refunds on entry fees, we are offering a custom RockstAR swag kit consisting of a commemorative hoodie and t-shirt, shipped to each team member. These include men's and women's cuts, in sizes S through XL. To have a look:

Click here for the t-shirt design

Click here for the hoodie design

As per option 1, all fees related to canoe rentals, swag sales and breakfast tickets may still be refunded in full.

Deadline - April 30, 2021
We kindly ask that one representative from each team respond with their team's selection, by writing to (please - not by text, social media or messaging apps). We ask that you do this by April 30th at the latest, so that we can get a swag order in place.

If choosing Option 1
  • Please provide details on where we may etransfer the funds to.

If choosing Option 2
  • Please provide size details and a shipping address for each team member. If it's possible to ship to a single address, we'd sure appreciate it!
  • Please also provide details on where funds for any canoe rentals, swag or breakfast ticket sales may be etransfered to.

We're so very sorry not to be able to close out RockstAR on the high note we had planned for - please know that we'll do everything we can to try and raise the horns again when the time is right. We miss you all, and look forward to seeing you in the better days ahead.

Sean Roper
Race Director