RockstAR Post-Race Notes
Dear RockstARs,

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz... anyone else have this still ringing in their ears?

Man, what a bug-fest! The deer flies ('FDFs' as they are less affectionately known) were UNREAL this year - likely the worst we've ever seen at Bark Lake. Congratulations to all of you for gutting it out through the bug clouds and muggy temps - that was a tough haul!

Didn't seem to dampen spirits any though, as evidenced through the many awesome photos we've complied. You can find them along with full race results and split times for each team at A huge thanks to Brad Jennings, Petra U and Leah Schmidt for capturing all the great shots.

We'd love to get your feedback on this year's event, as we were admittedly pretty occupied during the latter half of the day. The music, the checkpoints, the format, the food - please feel free to share your thoughts on any of it with us at, as it's really helpful in shaping our future planning.

And if you enjoyed the day and wouldn't mind letting others know, we would also greatly appreciate your reviews, either on our Facebook Page or our Google Reviews listing. These testimonials are a huge help in obtaining our permits and permissions, and we are very grateful for your time in writing them!

So Many Thanks!
The execution of RockstAR is always a giant effort that relies on the support of many awesome individuals, but this year's race in particular was one where those folks shined the most.

Whether it was filling a last-minute volunteer shift, braving the bugs, enduring the heat, or applying their professional skills where they were needed most, we are so incredibly grateful to everyone involved for keeping things on track. We'd like to take the opportunity to recognize:

  • The whole of the staff at the Bark Lake Leadership Centre

  • Our Storm Racing Event Crew

  • Our incredible volunteers!
Up Next - Trail Fix!
Our newest event production is launching on September 7th, and we think it's pretty rockstar! The Trail Fix Relay is a 4-person team trail running relay, that covers a 110km point-to-point course across some of the most varied trail systems in Southern Ontario.

Teams divvy up the stages in any way they see fit, as they caravan themselves across from start to finish. Each stage features its own unique trail terrain ranging from easy to advanced, allowing for something for every runner type to get their Fix on!

Late entry rates go into effect August 1st, so get your team in now and save at
Lost Item - Please Help!
A brand-new Apple iPad was lost in the Dining Hall by one of our volunteers this weekend, and we're hoping to get it back to them if we can. If you have any information, please do let us know at