Bigger! Better! Faster! For one month instead of having weekly specials, we have a month of rockin' deals on amazing cheeses. Rocktober! is the month that we look forward to the most. We relive our glory days of bad hair, ripped chains, and ringing ears. Here is a peek at just some of the cheeses we will be featuring during Rocktober 2010 (that's twenty-ten). If you follow us on Twitter we will have Rocktober! music trivia all month long and there will be cheese related prizes for the winners.

-Benjamin, Song and the rest of the staff of France 44 and St Paul Cheese

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Colston Basset Stilton
The iconic blue cheese from England. Favorite band: The Who

Reg: $14 per 1/2#
Special: $12 per 1/2#

Savory Irish Gouda from County Cork. Favorite Artist: Van Morrison

Reg: $15 per 1/2 #
Special: $13 per 1/2 #

Affine au chablis
Creamy and rich. The best cheese you haven't tried. Likes Edith Piaf.

Reg: $15.50 each
Special: $13.50 each

Abbaye de belloc
Silky sheep's milk from the Pyrenees. Hates Edith Piaf.

Reg: $16.50 per 1/2 #
Special: $14.50 per 1/2 #

Scharfe Maxx
Buttery and melts like a dream. Digs Krokodil.

Reg: $11 per 1/2 #
Special: $9 per 1/2 #

Le Cret 15 month Gruyere
You will never go back to grocery store Gruyere after you try this.

Reg: $12.50 per 1/2 #
Special:$10.50 per 1/2#

Hook's 7yr Cheddar
Aged for 7 years. Musical taste of 25 years ago (Huey Lewis and the News)

Reg: $13 per 1/2 #
Special: $11 per 1/2 #

Northern Lights Blue
Local and blue and Husker Du!

Reg: $9 per 1/2 #
Special: 7 per 1/2#

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