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Yay - It's Restaurant Week!
Did You Forget?
Heritage Night Success
4th Grade Parents Needed for 5th Grade Promotion
ELL Family Meeting
Salmon Update!
Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Reg. Volunteers Needed
Family Bingo Night - Beach Party!
Family Movie Night -Big Hero 6
Spelling Bee -Written Round
Math Challenge
IXL Prize Winners
Clip Those Box Tops!
Go See Shrek Jr. The Musical
Extra, Extra - Little Pieces of News
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Jan. 26, 28, 29, (T,Th, Fri)
Half-Day Conferences 11:30 am Release

Jan. 26th, Tues
RMS Info Night for 5th Grade Parents, 
RMS Gym 7-8pm

Jan. 27th, Weds
Family Meeting for parents of ELL students
8:30 - 9:30 am - Room 126

Jan. 28th Thurs
I Heart Strings LWSD Orchestra Concert
R.M.S. Gym 7pm - 8:30pm

Jan 25-29th
Restaurant Week - Dine out for Rockwell

Feb. 4th, Thurs
Kindergarten Registration for 2016
1-7pm, Library. Volunteers Needed!

Feb. 5th, Fri
 "Beach Party" Family Bingo Night
6:30 - 8:30 pm, Gym

Feb. 11th, 12th, 15th
NO SCHOOL - Mid Winter Break

Feb. 19th, Fri
Family Movie Night - Big Hero 6
Rockwell Gym 6pm - 8:30pm



Here are  our participating restaurants:

Bushnell's Craft Brewing Co  Monday-Friday
Creperie de Paris Tuesday - Friday
Panera Bread - Redmond :   Tuesday 4-8pm
Frankie's Pizza & Pasta Tuesday 5-8pm
Village Square Cafe Wednesday and Thursday
BJ's Restaurant - Redmond.  Thursday 12pm - 8pm

Attend one or all of these restaurants during Rockwell Restaurant Week! A portion of your dining total (without alcohol, tax & tip) will be donated to PTA. You must bring the Restaurant Week flyer to the participating restaurant. The flyer came home Friday in kid-mail but you can also download the flyer here.

Enjoy quality time with your family and a good meal! Thank you for your support!

FUNdraising Chairs
At our General PTA Meeting last week, it was reported that only 271 families have donated so far this year to our Pass The Hat fundraiser. Many people donated online on Back to Business Day in August, but many have forgotten. :(

We ask for a $75 donation/per child to help fund all the programs and classroom grants that the PTA provides our students and school throughout the year. If we don't make up the shortfall soon, we will need  to take this into account when budgeting for next year and possibly have to cut programs.

Have YOU donated to our Pass The Hat fundraiser yet?  You can log in to your account on the PTA website and check your account to see if you have paid yet for this year, or shoot us an  email and we can check for you

We don't like to make kids sell wrapping paper or popcorn and this is why we rely on all of YOU to donate to our main fundraiser of the year: Pass The Hat. Also, many employers will match your donation - get your matching submitted today!

This week you will be getting a flyer in your child's folder explaining our Mid-Year Pass The Hat Fundraiser. If you are new to Rockwell, have not donated yet for the year, OR still need to get your corporate matching in, please do so now!  You can read more about it and find the flyer here.  

You can donate online via the website or donate by check!  Thank you!
What a great turnout for Heritage Night last Friday! A great time was had by all while we learned about other cultures and countries through vibrant displays and lively dance performances.
(See photos on our Facebook page!)

Special Thanks to:
  • Our 12 families who sponsored amazing Country of Origin booths-hope to see you again next year!
  • Set-up and clean up helpers and kids
  • The Japanese families for teaching and providing so many students with the opportunity to learn origami
  • Safety Patrol students for help enforcing rules of the school and in the library: Ian C., Fredo G, Aarav K, Shealyn O, Monica B, Anirudh S, Amol V. and the fabulous Mrs. Mobley!
  • Our Awesome Performers: 
  • Russian Folk Dancers-Rockwell parents and friends including Rockwell students: Sofia L, Kristina U, Katia G, Kirill K, Maxim K. and other friends 
  • Irish Step Dancer: Rylie B (a Rockwell alumni) 
  • Bollywood dancers/friendsUnnati D, Shruti, N, Neeraja S, Medha K, Isha M, Sayan B, Sohil B, Dhruv N, Vihaan D, Tanvi D, Rajvi D. 
Would you like to chair or co-chair this event next year? 
It's a lot of fun and there are files and notes to use from this year! Email Jennifer with any questions. 

Thank you,
Jennifer Myrick/PTA CO-VP Events
Angie Ballas Co-chair Heritage Night
4TH GRADE PARENTS NEEDED FOR 5th Grade Promotion...and other roles need filling too!
  • ATTENTION 4TH GRADE PARENTS (OR YOUNGER)!! Rockwell's 5th Grade Promotion needs a chairperson. This event occurs on the last day of school and the committee is traditionally filled and led by 4th grade (or younger) that the 5th grade parents can enjoy their child's last day at Rockwell. All the directions are organized in a folder by last year's chairperson. Can you help? Email Jennifer Myrick
  • PTA SEEKS NOMINATING COMMITTEE to help us fill board and chairperson roles for 2016. Can you help? Contact the Rockwell PTA Presidents (Cari Scotkin & Ellie O'Rourke) if you can serve on our Nominating Committee!  
  • ATTENTION CURRENT CHAIRS - If you will be moving on from Rockwell or are unable to chair your current role in 2016, please try to find and train a replacement and let us know ASAP. Thank you!
  • For a list of all PTA roles (a few are still unfilled for 2015/16 school year) and to think about how you can contribute to our school community, please check here
Is your child an English Learner at Rockwell Elementary?
You are invited!

When: Wednesday, January 27th 8:30-9:30 AM

Who: Parents, guardians, and younger siblings are welcome

What: A time to discuss English Learning Services, meet other
families, hear from a King County Librarian, and talk with the
English Teachers

Where: The English Learning Class, Room 126

We look forward to seeing you!
From: The Parent Partnership Team at Rockwell

The salmon eggs have started hatching!  Encourage your child to look carefully at the tank. They will be able to see alevins buried in the rocks in the front of the tank.  In a month or so the fry will emerge and be ready to feed.

Jeanie Hahn 
Salmon-in-the-Schools PTA Chair
Kindergarten Registration will begin  Thursday, Feb. 4th  from 1:00 - 7:00 pm in the school library. Child must be 5 by August 31, 2016 to register. Bring birth certificate or passport, immunization records, emergency contact information, and proof of address (recent energy bill with your name on it, lease, or mortgage statement.)

More information can be found  HERE
Please pass this information on to any neighbors or incoming kindergarten parents you may know!  
Please call Kerry Bauman for more information at 425-936-2670.

Remember when YOU were a confused Kindergarten Parent?  Now's you chance to help guide the new parents through the process, answer questions, and help our staff and Kinder-teachers!  

Sign up here if you can help our office staff and Kinder teachers by volunteering for a short two hour shift on Feb. 4th!


BEACH PARTY BINGO - February 5th 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Admission is $1 per person (4 and younger are FREE). Admittance includes Bingo Board. 

Please sign up to volunteer - The more, the merrier! We need admission and concession stand helpers. Short shifts!

Bingo and dancing for all ages will be FUN, Fun, FUN!!
Bingo Night Chair

Family Movie Night - FRI, February 19th 6pm -8:30pm
Feature Presentation: BIG HERO 6 (rated PG)
Tickets will be pre-sold online starting February 1st.
Parental Guidance is required.

Stay Tuned...for more information

The Written Vocabulary Multiple Choice Test will be held on Friday Jan 29th at 11:30 am right after early dismissal. More practice worksheets can be found at Good luck to all the spellers!

Thanks to everyone who submitted for MC#7.  There were around 120 submissions and those that qualified will received a prize. 

The next Math Challenge will be available online 29th of Jan.

IXL math practice continues and the following students were given prizes as of January 15th. Keep up the great work. Parents - thank you for helping to develop a culture of math here at  Rockwell. Thanks to the Lake Washington Schools Foundation for IXL 
subscriptions for all students and to the Rockwell PTA for purchasing the prizes. Parents - please visit to learn more about Math at Rockwell.

-Parent IXL Math Coordinators

Kindergarten - Reva (B), Lila (A), Roshni (F), Katie Y (D), Anya (E), Sydney (A), Ahana (E), Neel (extra), Lyla (A), Miles (A), Rohan (A, B), Roger (B), Joseph (B, C), Nachiket (D, E, F), Kaira (E), Tanvi (A), Aarvin (C), Alexis (A), Riddhi (A)

1st Grade - Tharan S. (C, D), Colin S. (C, D), Clara G., (B), Cleofus B. (B), Dylan H. (A), Atul V. (E), Sri Sahasra K. (E), Varsha T. (C), Ashvik H. (B), Matthew D. (B), Saankhya T. (B), Elaine C. (F), Aditi K. (F), Mahum Z. (B), Naama S. (A), Alexander F. (A), Oyku C. (B,C,D), Adhrith V. (E), Varsha T. (D), Tala B. (A), Leisha M. (D), Kayla S. (A), Kai T. (D), Lucia L. (A), Marcus C. (E), Isha S. (F)

2nd Grade - Alvin C (C), Janhavi D (B), Nathan F (D), Selin I (C, D, E), Dhruv I (C), Akahay B (C), Murali C (C, D, E), Sequoia G (A), Andrew L (C, D), Sriram M (D), Sravya T (C), Avantika A (A), Ryan L (A), Rebecca Z (B), Arda K (D, E), Gil L (B), Shelby R (C), Abhigya S (B, C, D, E), Ayushi S (B, C), Aditya V (C, D, E), Winson W (E)

3rd Grade - Jerry T (D), Disha P (C), Erynn E (A), Addison C (B), Vaishnavi V (D), Hrishaan K(A), Tawan S (F), Abbas Z (D), Jaeger G (D), Asher K (B), Yuwan L (C), Anson C (D), Layla A (D), Ryu H (D), Anika K (A), Maggie W (B), Sarah W (E,F), Mikhail K ((B), Rushaan M (E)

4th Grade - Nishita B. (B,C), Caitlyn B. (C), Inaya K. (B,C), Emi K.(C,D), Shaunak L. (E), Sofia L. (A), Yunwei L. (B,C), Adyant M. (B,C), Serena M (B), Anish P. (A), Ebru S. (F), Mahoko T. (B), Timason W. (D), Shriya T. (F), Takashi O. (D), Jacob M. (B,C), Andrew M. (A), Uzair K. (D), Hiyori H. (D), Aliya F. (A), Chloe C (B), Todd B. (F), Ori A. (A), Lasya A. (C), Hayden C. (B,C), Vihan D. (F), Annabelle H. (C), Trent K. (A), SaiHarichand P. (B), Saanvi T. (D), Regan W. (A),
Peter X. (D), Peter B. (A,B,C,D), SriKrishna G. (B,C), Anurag K. (B), Tooba M. (A), Nirupama N. (B), William S. (D)

5th Grade - Nora A (B), Gwendylan A (D), Mitchell E (D), Megan G (F), Chloe H (D), David H (C), Dylan H (C), Ryan H (E), Kartik K (F), Abdulrahman M (E), Lola R (D), Nolan R (D), Alex T (D), Ishan V (E,F), Emma W (E), Janelle C (F), Kaden D (B), Annabelle E (B), Joseph H (C,D), Ellie H (F), Nicholas I (B,C), Emily L (E), Jennifer L (D,E), Shealyn O (C), Lion P (F), Grace P (A), Atharva S (B), Matthew S (B), Katelyn Y (C,D), Tushar Z (C), Monica B (B), Emily B (A), Yash B
(F), Omid F (B), Katie H (C), Jonathan L (B,C), Arnav M (B), Kashvi P (D), Sarah R (A), Daniel S (B), Neta S (B), Catherine T (C,D,E), Ethan T (B), Kirill U (B,C), Tony W (B), Shripad G (F), Ga Yeon Claire M (B,C,D,E,F), Alexandre C (E), Kaitlynn D (B), Manindra G (F), Aarav K (F), Anika K (B), Morgan M (B), Jake N (E), Diya Y (F), Brian Y (A)

KEEP CLIPPING THOSE BOX TOPS: Box Top and Labels for Education contest February 19 - 26th!!

Our goal is to collect 5000 Box Tops and 1000 Labels for Education!! This is the last Box Top and Labels for Education contest of the year - let's make it the biggest!!

Box Tops: Every Box Top collected earns the school 10 cents!

Labels for Education: Every Label for Education earns points towards recess materials like balls, chalk and more!

Send the Labels for Education to your teacher starting Monday, Feb 20th! Or Movie Night, Friday, Feb 19th!

With Rules, come rewards:
1. The GRADE with the HIGHEST average of Box Tops AND Labels for Education collected per student WINS 10 MINUTES extra of Lunch RECESS!

Ready, Set, Clip!!

SUPPORT OUR FRIENDS AT R.M.S. Opening this Thursday night! Come see Shrek Jr. the Musical, performed by Redmond Middle School students! See some familiar Rockwell graduates as Shrek & Donkey try to stop Fiona from marrying Lord Farquaad! All shows are at the Performing Arts Center at Redmond High School.

Thursday, January 28, 7p.m.
Friday, January 29, 7 p.m.
Saturday January 30, 2  p.m. & 7  p.m.
Sunday, January 31, 1  p.m. & 5  p.m.

Tickets are $5 for students under 12, and $8 for adults, available at the Redmond High School Performing Arts Center box office.
Either CASH or CHECK is accepted with checks made payable to RMS PTSA.

There are two casts this year! See who plays what in each and when they will perform. You'll recognize some former Rockwell names!

*Information on Rockwell's Musical (open to 4th and 5th graders) is coming in NEXT WEEK'S BUGLE!!  Stay Tuned....

* 5th Grade Skiing Families : 5th Graders in WA State can apply for a free season ski pass to Steven's Pass. Find out More Info HERE

*Donate your used books (kids and adults) to our school library's Used Book Sale which takes place in May. Drop off books in the library anytime.

*COMPUTER AVAILABLE FOR PARENTS:   If you (or a Rockwell family you know) is in need of access to a computer with internet (for signing up for school programs and registering for school events etc...) please know that a computer in the Rockwell library is available for your use during school hours. Just check in at the office before you head to the library and touch base with the librarian prior to use. Thanks! (Also, note that the Redmond Library allows computer use as well). 
- AmazonSmile:  Give a little back to Rockwell PTA by using
our  AmazonSmile link!   Bookmark it and use the link every time you shop. The holidays are coming...use the Amazon link!
-Volunteer Application:    LWSD Volunteer application. It's easy to complete and is good for 2 years. Fill yours out or check your renewal status today!

-Rockwell PTA Facebook Page:  Stay connected and updated on  Rockwell PTA & school info.  Stop by and "Like" us!  

-Bookmark & Register for your account on our  
New PTA  Website. Calendar info, announcements, forms, ordering yearbooks and spiritwear, and much more!

- Submit Photos to the YearbookPlease upload them directly to the secure LifeTouch website by visiting LifetouchRegister and use our NEW school  access code: PHEBEV
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