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Veteran's Day Assemblies
Fall Teacher Bday Lunch
Friendship Recess
School Pool Results
Parking Lot Procedures
Wanted: 5th Graders for A.M. Safety Patrol
Math Challenge Winners
Math Challenge Tournament Volunteers Needed
IXL Math Udate
Upcoming Chess Tournament
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Operation Gratitude Ends Tuesday
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Nov. 10th, Tuesday,
 Veteran's Day Assemblies
*Veterans Invited*
8:45 am (K, 1 & 2)
9:30 am (4, 5 & 6)

Nov. 11th, Wednesday
No School - Veteran's Day
Nov. 12th, Thursday
Fall Teacher Birthday Luncheon 11am-2pm

Nov. 19th, Thursday
Fall Elementary Band Concert
7pm @ Redmond Middle School
Nov. 20th, Friday
Picture Retakes

Nov. 25th, Weds
Half Day/Thanksgiving Break
 11:30 am release for all students

Nov. 26, 27 (Th & Fri)
No School -Thanksgiving Break
We would like to invite all veterans to join us for our Veteran's Day assemblies on Tuesday, November 10 . Students in grades K, 1, and 2 will honor our veterans at an  8:45  am assembly, and those in grades 3, 4, and 5 will honor our veterans at a  9:30  am assembly. If you have a veteran in your family, please invite them to join us so that we may thank them for their service, and let me know who will be attending at .

Please consider donating to Operation Gratitude by Tuesday as well - see link for details. 

Thank you, as always, for sharing your wonderful children with us.
Rockwell Principal
We still need your help with the FALL Teacher/Staff birthday luncheon this Thursday, Nov. 12th.  We have 75+ hungry mouths to feed.  Please consider volunteering a food item (see link here) and or your time.
Let's celebrate these Teachers and Staff and show them how much they are appreciated.  Let's send them away from lunch with a full belly.  They are pretty darn awesome!
Thanks in advance,
VP of Volunteer Services/Rockwell PTA

The English Partnership Team will be hosting fun games at lunch recess. The goal is for new English Learners to have help in building relationships. 

We need volunteers to set up, organize games, and help students make friends. If you want to come and assist, please contact Lynette ( or Fumiko ( LWSD Background check required.  
Who:   English Learners and a friend 
What:   Do special activities together at recess 
Where:   Beside the covered area at your regular lunch recess time (12~1pm)  
When:   Mondays, November 16th, 30th, and December 7th 
Why: to have time to talk and make friends 
As part of the English Partnership Team 
Lynette Friesen ( English Language Teacher 
Fumiko Emura (


Trips have been tallied and the results are in. Norman Rockwell has raised $1,130!  Thank you to all families who participated by walking, biking, carpooling, and logging these trips in their SchoolPool calendars. Together, families from the seven LWSD schools who participated, reduced over 2,000 drive alone trips in October.

Be on the lookout for SchoolPool to return in the spring!

Beth Batig and Kerry Bauman
Dear Rockwell families,
Thank you to all of you who are making an effort to walk and carpool this year. On Walk to School Day, we noticed a decrease in car traffic, which was great and which ensured that we were able to get all students to class on time. We appreciate your help with this!
If you must drop off or pick up students at any time, please remember to use the designated drop off areas only - student should only exit or enter cars from the right side, in the right lane, and only between the mailbox and the Principal parking spot. This is our supervised, safest area.
Additionally, please ensure not to block the lane entrance, which is now marked by yellow lines, AT ANY TIME. For traffic safety, this area must be kept clear so that district transportation and/or emergency vehicles can enter as soon as they arrive at school. If you are waiting to enter the pick-up or drop-off lane, please do so at the curbside until traffic moves forward, so the bus lane entrance area is left clear.
Thank you for your help!
Rockwell Principal
Attention 5th Graders!
Are you interested in joining Safety Patrol?
Are you looking for a way to show your leadership skills and take on added responsibilities?  Then Safety Patrol is a good option for you. You will learn to be part of a very important team while helping to provide a safer environment for all students at Norman Rockwell.

We could really use more help in the morning . Patrollers need to arrive to school by 8:05 each morning, so you wouldn't be able to participate if you have to ride the bus, unless of course, your parents can give you a ride to school.  If you participate in band or orchestra, that's not a problem, as I can set up a substitute for you the two mornings you would be gone for those activities.

I'm very proud of the 23 students that are currently serving on Safety Patrol! Come join them in making Rockwell a safer place.

If you'd like more information, please contact:
Mrs. Mobley at  -  Thank you!
Thanks for all those who participated in Math Challenge #3!

Congratulations to the following winners: Ren F, Ami N, Sasha F, Victoria S, Ellie H, Lachlan C, Shravant D, Erica P, Ryfah H, Ebru S, and Aliya F.

The next Math Challenge will be available online  Friday November 13th after 3pm. 

We are in need of helpers at the Math Challenge tournament on 
Dec 4th, if you can help, please contact  Kit.
Let the challenge begin,
IXL math participation continues and the following students were given prizes for points earned since the last prize check. Prizes will be checked again in the middle of November. Keep up the great work. Parents - thank you for helping to develop a culture of math here at Rockwell. Thanks to the Lake Washington Schools Foundation ( for IXL subscriptions for all students and to the Rockwell PTA for purchasing the prizes.

Parent IXL Math Coordinators

Kindergarten - Roger (A), Kaira (A, B), Alexandra (C), Michael N (A), Michael R (A), Neel (C, D), Sriyashvi (C), Harishkuman (A,B), Roshni (B), Katie (A)
1st Grade - Pragyan S. (B), Atul V. (A), Sonia L. (A), Marcus C. (B), Raina T. (A), Riya K. (C), Ashvik H. (A), Elaine C. (D), Jennifer G. (A), Atsuya M. (D), Ava A. (E)
2nd Grade - Ayushi S (A), Avinash K (A), Vidhur P (B), Akahay B (A), Sriram M (B, C), Shiri M (A), Sawar S (A), Ameera G (A), Dhruv I (A), Sawyer L (D, E), Mara P (B), Sanj S (A)
3rd Grade - Uma Y (B), Joey H (C), Jeslyn H (A), Leeanne H (CD), Abbas Z (A), Shiven K (B), Layla A (C), Selin G (A), Braden D (A), Takuma (A), Asher K (A), Yuwan L (A), Ambar S (A), Ren F (C), Anson C (C), Denys L (F), Ryu H (A), Adam N (B), Elisa K (A), Avanesh K (B), Colin F (A)
4th Grade - Beyza Y. (E), Ebru S. (B), Shaunak L. (A), Aparna I (E), Micaela D (A), Aditya B. (A), Timason W. (A), Shriya T. (A), Todd B. (C), Peter X. (A,B), Vanessa S. (A), Cole J (A), Vihan D. (D), Lasya A. (A), Michael S. (A)
5th Grade - Nora A (A), Nicolas A (F), Nikita C (B), Maria D (C), Mitchell E (B), Lindsay G (F), Megan G (C), Chloe H (B), Dylan H (B), Ryan H (C), Kartik K (C), Louise L (E), Abdulrahman M (C), Nolan R (B), Margot S (B), Ishan V (C), Emma W (C), Alexander C (D,E,F), Janelle C (C,D), Hannah C (C), Ian C (D), Kaden D (A), Ron G (B), Ellie H (C,D), Shivas K (C,D), Emily L (C), Misaki M (F), Shealyn O (B), Lion P (D), Katelyn Y (B), Monica B (A), Yash B (D), Selena C (A), Arnav M (A), Maila P (A), Viktoria S (A), Catherine T (A), Ethan T (A), Kirill U (A), Shripad G (C,D), Aika I (C), Hannah L (B), Elizaveta L (A), Tanvi B (B), Alexandre C (D), Manindra G (B,C), Aarav K (D), Anjali M (C), Grace M (D), Bailey M (C), Jake N (B,C,D), Anirudh S (B), Bryson T (C), Nicolas T (E,F), Amol V (D,E)
Rockwell will host a chess tournament on Saturday,  January 9, 2016
It's open to any student in grades K-6. 
Levels are K-1, 2-3 and 4-6 grades.
There is discount for early registration. Please follow this link for tournament details and registration information.

Rockwell Chess Club Chair 
Recess Running Club continues through the fall...and so does our need for parent volunteers! Come help punch lap cards on Tuesdays and Thursdays and cheer on our runners.  Please sign up for a shift here.

Without at least four volunteers each day this program cannot function. Thank you to Asako M., Barbara P., Beth B., Felice N., Fumiko E., Jodi K., Kaori N, Kunimi B., Kyung R., Nate C., Nimmi K., Yukiko H., and Yukiko T. who have helped so far this year. 
ROCKWELL PTA BOARD Seeking Legislative Advocate
Are you passionate about our children's rights when it comes to the quality of education they are receiving? This includes everything from classroom/school size, new buildings/updates and state spending decisions. If so, Rockwell is looking for someone who can serve as that voice for our kids and our school. You do not need to be a registered voter to assist - just someone who is willing to help serve as that voice and fight for our students' educational rights! If so, then please join us in helping to serve as our school's Legislative Advocate. 
CLICK HERE FOR more details on this position.
Also, this position can also be split between two volunteers: one advocate handles state/district level support and the other handles school-specific support (such as the upcoming Bond Measure). We have a lot of documentation and materials from previous years, so plenty of training and support can be offered for this position.
If you are interested, please email us at
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