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Nov. 16th, 30th & 12/7, Mondays
Friendship Recess for English Language Learners - See below for details

Nov. 25th, Weds
 11:30 am release for all students
Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 26, 27 (Th & Fri)
No School -Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 9, Weds
Redmond Region Elementary 
Orchestra Concert
7-8pm @ R.M.S. Gym

Dec. 21st - Jan.1st
No School - Winter Break
(School resumes on Jan.4th)

Art Docents Needed for Mrs. Fisher's Class

Mrs. Fisher's two Art Docents had to opt out, so now she has none. Please consider stepping up to do this. Sadly, if her class does not have any Art Docents, they may not have artwork to display during the Art Showcase/Ice Cream Social/Book Sale that takes place in May. Please don't let this happen to her class...sign up!

Worried it takes too much time? Not at all!
It's a once-a-month lesson, and you coordinate with the teacher regarding the date/time--so it's a flexible and fun volunteer opportunity for both stay-at-home and working parents alike.  It takes about an hour to do the class, plus set-up and clean-up time.  When you see how much the kids get out of it, you will see why it's one of Rockwell's most enduring and popular programs.
"I know nothing about art." - Does not matter!
You don't need to be an art expert whatsoever--the curriculum is already set out for you.  You don't need to be a Picasso--very little, if any, artistic talent is needed.  All you really need is some time, some patience, and a good sense of humor and fun :)  
Art Docent lessons began in October and run through May/June.  The highlight is the annual Art Showcase in May, when the walls of Rockwell are covered by the students' amazing masterpieces.

Please contact Mrs. Fisher, or me directly, if you are interested or have questions.

Join the Art Docent won't regret it! :)

Art Docents Chair

Parents of 5th grade students: Middle School Information nights are coming up, both at Redmond Middle School ( Jan. 26 at 7pm) and at the district's variety of Choice Schools.  

LWSD Choice schools are open to all students in the district. All of the district's choice schools offer rigorous academic programs and unique opportunities for student learning. Students must apply to be considered for enrollment in the school. Each choice school uses the district's common application. These schools are small by design so there are enrollment limits. A lottery and waitlist system is used to place students when applications exceed vacancies. As part of the application and lottery process, attendance at the choice school's information night is highly recommended. Applications will be available on the district and choice school websites.

Link to brochure on Choice Schools with descriptions of schools, DATES for all the info nights, and registration info. Most are in January, but EAS (Environmental and Adventure School) is coming up on 12/15.
Can you help?  ROCKWELL PTA needs Your Talents/Time for a few remaining  unfilled positions - please check these chair/committee positions out and lend a hand in making Rockwell a great place. 

Additionally the PTA Board is seeking a new Legislative Advocate. Job Description here

If you are interested, please email us at

The English Partnership Team will be hosting fun games at lunch recess. The goal is for new English Learners to have help in building relationships. 

We need volunteers to set up, organize games, and help students make friends. If you want to come and assist, please contact Lynette ( or Fumiko ( LWSD Background check required.  
Who:   English Learners and a friend 
What:   Do special activities together at recess 
Where:   Beside the covered area at your regular lunch recess time (12~1pm)  
When:  Mondays: November 16th, 30th, and December 7th 
Why: to have time to talk and make friends 
As part of the English Partnership Team 
Lynette Friesen ( English Language Teacher 
Fumiko Emura (

Thanks for all those who participated in Math Challenge #4.

Congratulations to the following winners: Yunwei L, Kristina U, Henri L, Neha D, Misaki M, Mara P, Sawar S, Trishaa K, Sonia L, Uma Y, Leanne H. 

The next Math Challenge will be available online  Friday December 4th after 3pm. 
IXL math practice continues and the following students were given prizes for points  earned since the last prize check. Prizes will be checked again at the end of  November. Keep up the great work. Parents - thank you for helping to develop a  culture of math here at Rockwell. Thanks to the Lake Washington Schools Foundation  for IXL subscriptions for all students and to the Rockwell PTA for purchasing the prizes. Parents - please visit to learn  more about Math at Rockwell. 

-Parent IXL Math Coordinators

Kindergarten - Nachiket (B), Kaira (C), Aarvin (A), Kristina (B,C,D), Brynna (A), Garrett (A), Anya (C), Alexandra (D), Ahana (B), Neel (E), Sriyashvi (D), Samantha (A), Cameron (B), Harishkumar (C,D), Roshni (C), Vivaan (A), Vivian (A), Katie (B)

1st Grade - Pragyan S. (C), Colin S. (A), Clara G. (A), Thomas C. (B), Cleofus B. (A), Ayush B. (A, B, C), Anthony C. (A, B, C), Talon H. (A), William V. (A), Atul V. (B), Isha S. (B), Nate H. (B), Marcus C. (C), Adhrith V. (A, B), Raina T. (B), Riya K. (D), Elaine C. (E), Matteo B. (A), Saankhya T. (A), Aoi O. (A), Atsuya M. (E), Ava A. (F)

2nd Grade - Rafael B (D), Krishna S (C), Aditya V (A), Sol Z (A), Lachlan C (C), Shriya K (A), Sameer K (C, D), Andrew L (B), Lauryn R (A), Matthew S (C), Ananya S (A), Romy Y (A), Alvin C (A), Janhavi D (A), Nathan F (A), Selin I (A), Mara P (C)

3rd Grade - Nathan D (A), Joey H (D), Hao Ran Jiajia l (B), Mason O (A), Disha P (B), Anna P (A), Jerry T (B), Jaeger G (B), Leeanne H (E), Shiven K (C), Mira P (A), Tawan S (E), Vaishnavi V (B), Yuwa L (B), Srikar N (A), Ryu H (B), Jacob K (B)

4th Grade - William S (A), Anurag K (A), Stella C (A), Michael S (BB), Saanvi T (BB), Annabelle H (A), Vihan D (E), Hayden C (AA), Todd B (D), Hiyori H (A,B), Takashi O (A), Shriya T (BB), Aditya B (B), Micaela D (B,C,D), Maia J (A,B,C,D), Emi K (A), Meena K (A), Yunwei L (A), Adyant M (A), Ebru S (B, C, D), MahokoT (A), Beyza Y (F)

5th Grade - Gwendylan A (C), Nikita C (C), Megan G (D,E), Chloe H (C), David H (B), Maxim K (B), Kartik K (D), Arjun M (C), Lola R (C), Nolan R (C), Margot S (C), Alex T (C), Ishan V (D), Ian C (E), Annabelle E (A), Joseph H (B), Ellie H (E), Nicholas I (A), Shivas K (E), Jennifer L (C), Lion P (E), Atharva S (A), Tushar Z (B), Yash B (E), Grace D (B), Omid F (A), Kent F (A), Katie H (A), Jonathan L (A),
Kashvi P (C), Neta S (A), Catherine T (B), Tony W (A), Shripad G (E), Aika I (D), Manindra G (D), Nicole K (C), Aarav K (E), Uriya S (B), Diya Y (E)
Rockwell will host a chess tournament on Saturday,  January 9, 2016
It's open to any student in grades K-6. 
Levels are K-1, 2-3 and 4-6 grades.
There is discount for early registration. Please follow this link for tournament details and registration information.

Rockwell Chess Club Chair 
Lake Washington School District parents are invited to Explorer Community School's Enrollment Information Night - Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 6:30pm at the Emily Dickinson school commons - 7040 208th Ave. NE Redmond, WA.

Explorer is a Lake Washington School District choice elementary school located on the Emily Dickinson campus in Redmond. One of three choice elementary school programs in the Lake Washington School District, Explorer offers a small elementary school environment staffed by three certified teachers in multi-aged classrooms grades one through five. Explorer's curriculum promotes academic excellence, strong self-esteem, a love of learning and a belief in the importance of community. Parent volunteers are vital to the school's success in meeting these goals and a high level of parental involvement is required.

Attendance at this evening information night is highly encouraged for all families who wish to enroll a child for the 2016/2017 school year. We are unable to offer childcare; therefore this is an adult only evening.  Details regarding Explorer enrollment can be found HERE or call (425) 936-2533.
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