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August 2014 
Looking forward to our late summer gathering where we'll share a little learning with Dr. Mark Silverman, a sport horse & lameness specialist practicing in San Marcos, CA. and a whole lot of fun! We have a few surprises up our sleeve, one of which is to start the party a little later to let you get all your chores done first!  So block out the date & stay tuned!
Check out those hips at the WTBOA summer yearling & mixed sale at Emerald Downs on Tues. August 26th. The horses will be there the 23rd along with Linda & Cori who will be helping with the Griffin Place Consignment.
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Ei-yi-yi!  Where is the summer going so fast!  We don't know about you, but with all the horse showing, beach bbq-ing and outdoor activities, time is not sneaking by, it's in a full gallop!  Everybody's busy, so we'll keep this NL short and sweet.  We mostly want you to schedule in Saturday, September 13th for our extra special 20th Anniversary Seminar & BBQ.  You made it happen and we can't wait to celebrate!

Frenetically yours,

Dr. Bo Weeks, Dr. Crystal Williams, Linda Weeks
and the rest of team RockyBayEquine, just trying to keep up!
Have you met Lottie yet?

You know how it can be with animals rescued from less than ideal circumstances, they can really bond with you and vice a versa. Apparently Dr. Bo has been adopted as an honorary alpaca and THE special person for a recently rescued youngster.  Lottie was born into a herd of animals owned by someone unable to manage or take proper care of them. Several alpaca were taken into custody by Pierce County animal care authorities due to concern for their well being. There were two youngsters in the herd and when one of them fell ill, RBE was contacted for veterinary assistance.  The one baby died and Dr. Bo brought the other one home to nurse back to health.  


Alpacas are curious beasts, in both temperament and design. I'm quite sure their body (beneath all the fuzz) was used to fashion ET the extraterrestrial... those big eyes, that pom,pom head on a stick, you know what I mean?  Anyway, Lottie, aka LaTeeDa, named for her curious meanderings around the grounds, is now firmly established as part of the RBE family. Besides adopting Dr. Bo as her own, she is also Zuzu's new pasture mate.  Remember Zuzu, the big Fresian mare and mother of Tessa?   The country doctor a la James Herriot is alive and well around here, we just need to get that book written!

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