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Narrows Pony Club is 

hosting a Fundraising dinner, auction & dance on Saturday, March 15 at the Key Peninsula Civic Center. The Club is raising money to help members attend  National Champioships at the United States Pony Club Festival, held at the Kentucky Horse Park in July. Held once every three years, the Festival of Champions is a national Pony Club championship which draws teams from all fifty states. Teams and individuals must qualify to attend. 


Doors open at 5:30 with dinner at 6:30. There will be both a silent and live auction followed by dancing at 9:00 with music by "The Dark Horses". Tickets are on sale now for $40.00/person

For more information, please contact Anni Grandia or Alicia Saar at

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Besides February being the official start of the Year of the Horse, this is Rocky Bay Equine Veterinary Service's 2oth Anniversary, seems poetic somehow.  It might be a platinum year, but with our team approach we always aim for gold level service!  A whole year of celebration involving horses, platinum and china sounds like fun don't you think?

Commemoratively yours,

Dr. Bo Weeks, Dr. Crystal Williams, Linda Weeks
and all the other ceremonious celebrants at RockyBayEquine
This is the one time we'd like to see some Broncos beaten!
NEW at Rocky Bay Equine
We have a new ultrasound machine
.... and we know how to use it!  This is a new (to us) digital machine that allows us to better image the musculoskeletal system, especially tendons and ligaments.  We're excited, not just about the improved Image quality, but also because we can now provide better service to our performance horse clients since the unit is portable. It's a win for everyone!
Dr. Crystal has recently completed an intensive course study of chiropractics for both horses and dogs through Options for Animals Chiropractic Program in Kansas. She is now certified to bring this medical speciality to RockyBay clients.  

Eighty percent of a joint is stabilized by muscles and tendons. The remaining 20% of stability comes from ligaments, connective tissues and the joint capsule. The role of chiropractics is to diagnose and treat changes in joint mechanics during the sub clinical stages of disease, before pathologies of joints, ligaments or tendons develop in your animal. Acupuncture, on the other hand, helps the body provide stability to joints by relaxing tense muscles and increasing blood circulation.  Optimally functioning, toned muscles are then able to respond to both day to day and athletic demands by directly supporting joint function.  Overall health is promoted when the musculoskeletal system, made up of; bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue, is performing at it's best.
Alternative techniques such as acupuncture & chiropractics are great tools to have in our modern medicine bag. RBE is happy to report that we can now offer both services without the need for referral. Consider the use of these modalities not only for "fixing what's broke" but also for maintaining that ever important performance edge in your equine athlete. 

Questions?? Give Dr. Crystal a call or schedule a consultation for more in depth review of how these techniques might benefit your particular animals.
RECAP of our evening symposium
The library meeting room was packed for our first evening symposium with Dr. Wendy Mollat, medical specialist from our local referral center, Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital.  Fire engines called the meeting to order (truck fire outside) but then we all settled down to learn what's cutting edge in our understanding of metabolic syndrome, specifically insulin resistance, in the horse.  This is a condition with similar comparisons in human medicine, it says a lot about our not-so-optimal modern life styles.  There were lots of informative details about what the disease is and how it's greatest impact for the horse comes in the form of laminitis. Dr. Mollat asked us to take to heart these two suggestions; Read the labels and follow recommendations on whatever feed you are giving your horse and know exactly how much you are feeding by weight, don't guess, weigh it!  Her advice for healthier horses is basically the same as for healthier humans, eat to maintain optimal body weight and condition (which translates to a body score of 5 for the horse).  Ultimately "there's no magic bullet" the best prescription, in its simplest form comes down to.... eat (feed) less and exercise more!  Easier said then done? maybe, but health, our animals and our own, is worth every effort don't you think?  For more information about nutrition basics refer to the RBE website, under resources, or follow this link to nutrition basics  
Thanks for coming everyone!  We hope to offer more of these educational get togethers and we'd love your feedback. Did you enjoy it, do you have any particular topics you'd like us to feature?  How did the day & time work into your schedule?
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