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Spring time is a nursery at RBE.  So far we have one baby who's daddy is the fancy reining stallion Metallic Cat.  We notice she's already got that dodge 'n dash thing goin' on, so she should be a natural come training time!  Another newcomer is an embryo transfer miracle. Surrogate mom doesn't care a whit about DNA and is quite certain this little girl is her very own.  


Embryo transfer is one of the advanced reproductive techniques offered through Rocky Bay Equine.


Our second RBE evening symposium is coming to Belfair's Theler Center on Wedensday, May 21st. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Steve Duran a nutritional specialist.  Dr. Crystal will be there to answer any questions about integrative medicine and even Dr. Weeks will attend this one (barring emergencies, of course). Stay tuned for more information and details.

Word of the Month
A fomite is an object or substance, like needles, bits, brushes, etc that can carry and transmit infection. (Fomites play a conspicuous 
role in Steven Soderbergh's 2011 film Contagion, about a pandemic.)
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Reflecting on 20 years of veterinary practice and experience with terrific clients, like you, is inspiration enough to keep us on task, providing the best and most comprehensive veterinary services for years to come.  


Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop with tools and facilities.  Staying on top of the newest research, techniques and health innovations demands that we stay active and involved in our profession and in our community.  We don't think of ourselves as getting older, just getting better!  We know that knowledge gleaned through experience, like Karol's expertise on negotiating out of state livestock travel requirements for instance, is a real value added service.  To keep a youthful perspective, we maintain a strong focus on continuing education for our doctors, staff and for you!  From Cori's experience at a recent equine anatomy workshop, to Dr. Crystal's lecture schedule and our May symposium plans, learning opportunities are popping up like fresh spring grass!

No April foolin' from us,

Dr. Bo Weeks, Dr. Crystal Williams, Linda Weeks
and all the other wannabe pranksters at Rocky Bay Equine
Knowledge is POWER! 
Save the date for more educational outreach from RBE with our second evening symposium coming on May 21st.  Since we packed the house last time, we're moving the meeting to the Theler Center just off of Highway 3 in Belfair.  This venue is larger, it's easy access and as a bonus, has some wonderful trails to wander if you arrive early.  We are also happy to extend educational outreach to smaller groups as time allows.  Let us know if you're interested in hosting a health related talk at your farm or stable, we love sharing our veterinary knowledge with you!

Warmth is returning, even if at any given moment you aren't a believer.  It's stirring up new life everywhere including certain microscopic stuff that can wreck havoc on summer plans.  Yep, time to schedule a wellness visit for check up, dental exam, vaccinations, sheath cleaning and parasite evaluations.  Good time to check out that nagging lameness issue too, before it sidelines your horse from all the summer fun.  Don't forget the travel planning, read on for some tips about out of state jaunts.
Check our newly revamped website, for information about vaccine recommendations for horses in our region.
What IS a Coggins test anyway?
You know you need one to travel across state lines, but what the heck is it and why is it important?


EIA, equine infectious anemia, swamp fever.... by any of it's names, is a viral infection of horses, mostly transmitted by bloodsucking insects.  It can also be transmitted from mare to fetus via the placenta and occasionally by fomites (see sidebar). Infected horses carry the virus for life.  Viruses like this one, similar to the one that causes HIV in people, are tricky because the infected animal may or may not show signs of illness and there is currently no effective vaccine to prevent infection. Fortunately, continuous monitoring, particularly of horses that travel, helps keep the incidence of EIA low in the USA.  The sensitive diagnostic blood test for EIA (called the Coggins test) developed by Dr. Leroy Coggins in the 1970's has forever linked EIA with his name.


Paperwork for legal travel with horses across WA state lines includes; a current Health Certificate (confirms that your animal is healthy for transport, valid for 30 days), a negative Coggins test (Valid for 12 months, in WA) and a Brand Inspection (Not really about a brand these days, it is a proof of ownership form that allows you to leave the state, horse in tow.  Valid for 12 months or life of ownership.)  Keep in mind that requirements to enter each state may differ and also for any specific show or event that you plan to participate in, so it pays to start a pre travel to-do list early.  


We get it.... lots of annoying rules and regs. but they are designed to minimize exposure to potentially devastating disease and to protect against theft, it's in your best interest to be aware and follow them.  (Not to mention that it could really spoil your trip if you're caught without the correct paperwork.)

Ultimately it's your responsibility to map your own travel plans through the forest of regulations.  Fortunately Karol is an amazing resource for negotiating the paper trail, so call the office if you have questions.  Livestock travel regs can be found on each state's Dept of Agriculture website.  One more tip, don't wait, this process can take time, don't make it more expensive then needs be. Find out what you need to know now!
schedule now
Travel plans this summer? If so, our one day, haul in, appointment only Coggins clinic on Thursday, April 24th might be for you.  $44 fee includes blood draw and Coggins test.  No haul in fee either!  Call now to make your appointment.  
Additional services not included. 
Offer is for one day only, appointment required.
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