Rocky Bay Equine Newsletter, July 2014 
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Let's Party!
We've got some special 20th Anniversary plans in store to make this years barbecue memorable, live music anyone?  Save Saturday, Sept. 13th for an afternoon of learning, fun, food & camaraderie. We're excited to have 
Dr. Mark Silverman, a lameness, podiatry and sport horse specialist, coming to be our featured speaker.  
My how time flies! July 10th is Dr. Crystal's one year anniversary on the RBE team!  AND she's busy creating a double anniversary this month with the addition of her upcoming nuptials, congratulations and all our very best wishes for many happy anniversaries to come!
A note from Dr. Crystal
"To all of our wonderful clients and patients, 
I just want to say how grateful I am to have the privilege of working with all of you and caring for your animals. This past year has been absolutely incredible. I'd like to give a special thanks to Dr. Bo, his wife Linda and the rest of the RBE clan for inviting me in as part of their family. Every day I feel honored to be a part of this community.  Thank you for all your kindness and appreciation!"  
Sincerely, Dr. Crystal
Please take note.....
the office will be closed July 4th. 
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That snap, crackle, kabooming time of the year has rolled around once more!  Please plan ahead for the safety of all your animals before the excuse to blow things up... er' the 4th of July birthday celebrations begin. It will dampen all our fun to be out suturing lacerations or chasing down terrified beasties instead of oohing and ahhh-ing over the firework displays. Call the office now for recommendations or assistance.

Combustably yours,

Dr. Bo Weeks, Dr. Crystal Williams, Linda Weeks
and all the other incendiary devices at Rocky Bay Equine
Speaking of Firecrackers....

Let's talk about some firecrackers who's performance isn't limited to just one day of the year.  In reflecting on 20 years of living & working in this community, there are notable people & animals that have profoundly influenced our lives. Respected horsewoman Gwen Marshall and her small but powerful herd of cracker performance horses immediately comes to mind.  What about that phenomenal Ginger horse (First Legacy GM) of hers!!  Ginger, a 4 year old half arabian sport horse with incredible talent and the mind to show it off, has been on fire in the show ring lately.  Ginger has amassed a huge fan club with her can-do attitude and brilliance.  On her way to a career in eventing, it's clear she follows in the hoofbeats of the special performers that make up her pedigree.  Dad, Vinnie (WB Corre Con El Viento),  is a powerhouse over fences... a surface to air missile when unleashed in front of an obstacle. Then there's Vinnie's mom, the incomparable Annie (Huadoresya) a phenomenon herself in the world of eventing.

Painting of Lei by robin peterson


Even with all the performance accolades,

what we appreciate the most about Gwen and her horses is their contribution to the horse community. Gwen has an ongoing legacy of her own in all the children she's taught to ride, many of them on her legendary foundation mare, Lei.  Lei Huua, mother of Annie & grand dam of Vinnie, refuses to retire from teaching, (young horses & humans) even after 28 years of stellar performance in a variety of disciplines.  


Besides sharing her love of horses & horsemanship, Gwen continues to support a "stable" of equine professionals; trainers, handlers, riders, grooms and veterinarians that make their living in the horse industry.  We are exceedingly proud to be a part of that stable and we wish team Gwen; Ginger, Vinnie, Lei (and those to come) nothing but the very best and with our most heartfelt thanks! 

Allergy Season Woes, wish they'd bugger off!
There's no doubt about it, allergy season can be a real bugger for horses as well as humans.  One thing you know for sure since there are so many ways to treat the symptoms, there isn't any one thing that works for every animal or situation! For severe allergies that are difficult to manage, allergy testing can be worthwhile.  Allergy testing is performed by one of our extended resource professionals, veterinary dermatologist, Dr. Mundell, of Animal Dermatology Services.  He came to the clinic from Edmonds to evaluate a client horse not long ago. The procedure involves small intra-dermal (under the skin) injections of many potential allergens and monitoring the reactivity of each injection compared to a saline control. Based on the individual's response, a vaccine is prepared and the horse undergoes a desensitization procedure with the eventual (can take a year or more) goal of improvement or resolution of symptoms.  If you're interested in finding out more, please give us a call or check out this info-graphic about allergies.
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