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February 2015
Join us in our continuing exploration into the "Magnificent Design" of equine anatomy. Our next symposium will be Tuesday, Feb. 24th at 6 PM at the
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Celebrating the love this month... despite the crushing Superbowl setback, what a season for the Seahawks!  It's not just their great team spirit and athleticism, you've gotta love how they rallied the whole state behind them.  There is remarkable power in people working together as a team and Rocky Bay Equine wants to be part of yours when it comes to your animal's health care.  We are in the huddle with you, not only when injury or disease intercepts, but as your "play by play" resource for information. 

Hope to see you at our upcoming evening symposium, Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 6 pm at the Baymont Inn in Bremerton. 
first & ten doing it again,

Dr. Bo Weeks, Dr. Crystal McRae, Linda Weeks
and all the cheerleaders at RockyBayEquine!


Very excited to share information on chiropractic. This month's seminar is going to go through an overview of spinal anatomy before settling into our main topic on chiropractic. By the end of the seminar, you should understand what comprises a "vertebral subluxation complex" and what causes these vertebral subluxation complexes to occur. We'll discuss some fundamentals of equine biomechanics including range of motion and joint support,  mechanisms that play a role in understanding "true engagement" in your horse.  We will also talk about how a chiropractic adjustment can resolve vertebral subluxation complexes, enabling your horse to move more freely. The goal of chiropractic is to allow the nerves to function at their best capacity so the body can heal itself. A simple way to think of it is....we find bones that don't move and help them move! The other goals of chiropractic are: Relief of pain and symptoms; Promote full healing; Prevent development of degeneration; Increase performance levels.  I also hope to provide a few slides on saddle fit to follow-up from last month's newsletter.


      Dr. Crystal  McRae  

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