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Support Pony Club

RBE is a strong supporter of Pony Club.  Not just because the Weeks girls, Eliza (above riding Easel) & Kelsey have been so active in it, but also because of its goal to create horsemen & women, not just riders.

Please Support  The Narrows Pony Club! 

Get your tickets now for their Fundraising dinner, auction & dance on Saturday, March 15 at the Key Pen Civic Center.  

For tickets or more information, contact Anni Grandia or Alicia Saar at


After such a successful venture into our first evening seminar, we are making it a series.  We are locating a larger venue and lining up a speaker for another gathering to be held in April, stay tuned!

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It's time to move RBE into it's next 20 years of service and we've got plans!  More than just a facilities facelift, projects in the works will include major improvements in hospital oriented capabilities.  Along with equipment upgrades like the new ultrasound, expanded medical services like acupuncture & chiropractics and a renewed focus on lameness & diagnostics, we are on a roll to keep RBE a lifetime partner for all your animal health care needs. 

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten the babies!  It's foaling season after all, our favorite and busiest time of year.  We've already welcomed some new additions.  In case you're anxious about your own mom-to-be, RBE does offer foaling services.  We aren't neglecting the boys either, prepping some new stallions in our line up for breeding season.  To our small ruminant friends, we're here for you too, a win for one species is a win for all!  No reason to say "whoa" now, just jump right on that band wagon and let's ride!

Yours truly the wagon-masters,

Dr. Bo Weeks, Dr. Crystal Williams, Linda Weeks
and all the other terrified hangers on at Rocky Bay Equine
NEW at Rocky Bay Equine
20th year growing pains!
A little disruption in our usually tranquil hospital setting will be a pain worth suffering while we undertake facilities expansion here at Rocky Bay Equine.  With additional stalls and a new treatment/surgery area we are excited about the possibilities for our next 20 years!

Congratulations are in order as Dr. Crystal officially joins the ranks of International Veterinary Chiropractic Association specialists. She's had an intense few months with plenty of studying to pass her certification examinations on top of her regular duties. We greatly appreciate her dedication to widening the range of services offered by RBE....right in line with our goal to be the best possible health care resource for all of your animal health care needs!



Integrative care is the combination of traditional western medicine and alternative health enhancement techniques. Health care modalities such as acupuncture & chiropractics are geared for treating specific problems, such as back pain and lameness, but they are also great tools to help optimize an animals' quality of life.  Peak performance in our horses depends on more than just good health, it also requires a horse to feel good. The cost of competition is not just monetary. Giving our horses the best possible opportunity to succeed should include taking advantage of these assessment and treatment tools.  You know your animals better than anyone, but if you're getting less than perfect performance that you can't figure out, you may benefit from the fresh perspective of a trained lameness specialist.  Give us a call, we'd like nothing better than to help you and your horses succeed! 
THE HOOF.... an inside look
Farriers know it, you know it.... the old adage "no hoof, no horse" is as relevant as ever.  A good farrier does a fantastic job visualizing in his or her minds eye an approximation of where and how the coffin bone hangs within the horny hoof capsule.  But no matter how good your farrier, it's still an educated guess at best.  We can do better.  Even a single radiograph, especially a side (lateral) view taken at ground level, can give us valuable information.  In a performance horse with no current lameness issues, this information can help your farrier fine tune the job by knowing exactly how bone and hoof relate in each uniquely designed foot. For horses with a history of laminitis or other foot problems this insight can make a life changing difference.  So let's do better... for the month of March, RBE is offering up a "Farrier Special". Check out the details in the coupon below or call the office for more information.
equine foot radiographs, abnormal and normal, lateral views
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Farrier Special, digital imaging

offer includes; set up, clean & prep feet and lateral (side view) digital radiographs of both front feet. (two images, one per foot)  $175 value, special offer at $140 per horse, 
note; call fee,sedation (if necessary) not included.
Offer Expires the end of March, 2014.
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