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Game Team Newsletter
Issue: #13-004

9 August/2013
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Key 2013 Dates & Contacts

 Mini Teacher / Mentor Institute

29 August Thursday 3-7 PM

Location TBD


RM BEST Registration Deadline

5 September Thursday



 14 September Saturday

Denver South High School

1700 E. Louisiana Ave. 


BEST Award RSVP Deadline

5 October Saturday

Contact Linda Scott

Linda Scott lscott@rockymountainbest.org 720.250.6896


BEST Award
Marketing Presentation
RSVP Deadline

10 October Thursday

Practice  Day

19 October Saturday

Denver South High School

BEST Award
Marketing Presentation

25 October Friday

Technology Building on Auraria Campus


Game Day

26 October Saturday

Auraria Campus Event Center

Rocky Mountain BEST Hub Team

Carolyn Bauer-Hub Director, Game


JoAnne Fry & Lori Lazuk-

Consumable Kits


Jose Lopez-School Interface


Keith Rodefeld & Kevin Barrett-Protobot


Linda King-Volunteer Interface


Linda Scott-Awards & Judging, Returnable Kits


Lois Walton-Budget


Patty Gaspar-Events


Scott McEwen-TMI Director, Venues, Game Field



Greetings student teams, mentors, and teachers participating in the 2013 Rocky Mountain (RM) BEST robotics competition! Our Teacher / Mentor Institute (TMI) was a great success. We hope everyone had a good time building robots and playing robot basketball! 


A key administrative task, team registration, was covered at TMI.  Since all schools were not able to attend the training, registration instructions are included in this newsletter.


Key events and contacts are listed in the left sidebar for the BEST 2013 season.

School Registration Deadline
Still time to register! Use link below by 5 September.
A representative from each school must go to Eventbrite RM BEST Registration Page and register their team. The underlined link takes you directly to the Rocky Mountain (RM) BEST hub form.  Please make sure that it is the Rocky Mountain BEST hub by looking for our logo as shown above left. 
This registration creates the master list for all of BEST and is very important. This PowerPoint presentation explains how to complete this task.  Also, here is a list of registration steps once you are on the RM BEST Hub Eventbrite page using the link above.Eventbrite Logo

1. Click on the REGISTER button.

2. Fill out the form with the required (*) information in the allotted time.

3. Click on the Complete Registration button.

4. Write down your order number

5. Check your email for a confirmation.

Once you complete the registration and an order number is created, an email will be sent to Jose Lopez advising of your registration. At that point we will then issue you with the software license key for easyC software.       We will also provide a memory stick and a training notebook  for theasyC logoose who were unable to attend TMI. Please register as soon as possible. The registration deadline for the 2013 competition is September 5th.
Team Demographics Form
Submit on Practice Day, 19 October 2013
Another important requirement is for each school to complete and submit a Team Demographics Form. The Team Demographics Form is provided at Kickoff and submitted with the Project Engineering Notebook on Practice Day, October 19 
BEST Robotics Inc. reports participant and school demographics in their Annual Report using the submitted Team Demographic forms.  These demographic statistics are an important component of the information used for grant applications. 
Project Engineering Notebook
Example available on BRI Website
A Project Engineering Notebook Example is available on BEST Robotics, Inc. website under Participant / File Manager / MAIN / Public Files / Team Resources / Examples. We will also be adding a Project Engineering Notebook example to the Rocky Mountain BEST website soon.
Teacher / Mentor Institute Material
August 5,6 Material available at Rocky Mountain BEST Web Site2013 TMI Robot


We had 17 schools attend this year's event with some new teachers and some returning ones. We led them through presentations and a mini-robot build and competition. All in just 12 hours.  They had a great time and so did we. For the teams that did not attend TMI, all of the materials used are  available at our website - TMI 2013 Charts


Also since some of the school systems started the school year the same week as the TMI, we are working with the Aurora School System for a mini TMI on 29 August from 3 to 7 PM. We do not have a location yet, but if you are interested, please send an email to jlopez@rockymountainbest.org

BEST Game Video Links
2012 Rocky Mountain BEST and 2011 BEST Game Videos
If you are interested in viewing videos of prior BEST games, we have the  RM BEST 2012 Space Elevator Game Video on the RM BEST Home Page.

In Youtube, the BRI 2011 Video features the BEST 2011 Bugs game. A search for "Rocky Mountain BEST robotics" will provide more videos.

Club Workshop Resource Option
Substantial discount for BEST Schools
If you wish to use Club Workshop facilities and equipment to build parts for your robot, the charge Club workshop logo is $20 per visit (1 teacher & up to 3 students; each additional student $5). This is a substantial discount from the regular Club Workshop charge of $20/hr or $59/day per person.
To be revealed at September Game Kickoff

 2013 Jubilee Gatekeeper Graphic

The 2013 Gatekeeper game will be rolled out to teachers, mentors, and students at the Saturday 14 September Kickoff at Denver South High School.


If you get a chance, check out the Jubilee BEST Hub 2013 Gatekeeper Blog. The hub has a 2013 Teaser Video available at

 2013 Gatekeeper Blog




Jose Lopez

Executive Director, Rocky Mountain BEST


Cell 303-520-3870

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