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Issue: #14-008
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  6 September

South High School
Noon - 4 PM
Practice  Day

11 October

Thomas Jefferson High School Denver
  9 AM - 3 PM

Game Day

18 October


Auraria Event Center


7:30 AM - 5 PM

Steering Team

Carolyn Bauer-Hub Director, Game, Returnables


JoAnne Fry and Lori Lazuk-

Consumable Kits


Jose Lopez-School Interface


MSU Students-Protobot


Linda King-Volunteer Interface


Linda Scott-Secretary, Awards & Judging


Lois Walton-Budget


Patty Gaspar-Events


Scott McEwen-Venues


Board of Directors


Kathy Geise - President


Linda Scott - Vice President


Jose Lopez - Executive Director


Carolyn Bauer - Secretary &  Hub Director


Lois Walton - Treasurer


Tim Bouvia - Member at Large





Welcome to the August 2014 Rocky Mountain BEST Volunteer Newsletter.
We are less than a week until Kickoff Event for our 5th annual BEST robotics competition and we hope we can find ways to get YOU involved in the fun. We'd love to see you at our 2014 events.

In this newsletter, we update you on the 35 schools interested in competing in the Blade Runner game,  we highlight some of our awesome volunteers who have prepared us for the 6 September Kickoff, and we describe the volunteer help still needed at the 11 October Practice Day and 18 October Game Day events. We also look back at our Air Show Outreach activities.

In 2014, 32 teams will be selected for the competition. This is 7 more schools than competed in 2013. The generous donations and volunteer support we've received has allowed Rocky Mountain BEST to serve more schools. Sincere thanks to everyone that has provided that support.
Please forward this newsletter to others who might be interested in Rocky Mountain (RM) BEST.  
2014  Blade Runner
Counting down until Kickoff and game reveal - Saturday 6 September!

We currently have 35 schools from around much of Colorado interested in competing and only room for 32 schools this year.  The 33rd school will receive materials to build a robot but will only compete if another school drops out prior to the Game Day competition. Any schools, beyond the first 33 schools established at Kickoff, will not be able to compete this year. The list of current 32 schools below includes five 2014 rookie schools identified in italics and underlined.
Please ask any schools that might be interested in participating in our 2015 competition to visit our website or contact Jose Lopez at jlopez@rockymountainbest.org.

2014 SchoolCity2014 SchoolCity
Academy for Advanced & Creative LearningColorado SpringsManning Middle SchoolGolden
Bear Creek High School
Mountain Vista High SchoolHighlands Ranch
Bishop Machebeuf High SchoolDenverNew Vista High SchoolBoulder
Broomfield High SchoolBroomfieldNorth Middle SchoolAurora
Chaparral HSParker
Rangeview High SchoolAurora
Collegiate Prep Academy DenverRussell Middle SchoolColorado Springs
Cripple Creek-Victor High SchoolCripple Creek-VictorSkyline High SchoolLongmont
Dakota Ridge High SchoolLittleton Skyview Middle SchoolColorado Springs
Denver School of Science & TechnologyDenverSt. Mary's Academy High SchoolEnglewood
Denver South HSDenverStandley lake HSWestminster
East High SchoolDenverSTEM AcademyHighlands Ranch
Gateway High SchoolAurora Thomas Jefferson High SchoolDenver
Golden High SchoolGoldenTrinidad Middle SchoolTrinidad
Lakewood High SchoolLakewoodWarren Tech CentralLakewood
Legend High SchoolParker Wheat Ridge High SchoolWheat Ridge
Lone Star/Otis High SchoolOtisWoodland Park Middle SchoolWoodland Park
Standby: D'Evelyn Jr/Sr High School
Waiting List:  Littleton Preparatory Charter School & Valor Christian High School
Littleton & Highlands Ranch

If you missed it previously, check out the 67 second Blade Runner Teaser Video . Is there a hint in the teaser about this year's game?

WOW!  Thanks to our Awesome Volunteers      
Ready for 2014 Blade Runner Kickoff on 6 September!

The Kit Team completed school Consumable (Blue) and Returnable (Red) kit preparation. They cataloged returned items, repaired broken items, ordered new items, inventoried everything, and ultimately filled 36 Returnable totes and 36 Consumable totes. It was a 9 month effort requiring hundreds of hours by Elwyn Allyn, Carolyn Bauer, JoAnne Fry, Lori Lazuk, Steve Garran, Patty Gaspar, Angie Matthias, Scott McEwen, Linda Scott, and Lois Walton. Kudos to you all!


2013 Spotlight GraphicThe Game Field Team has all the game field components ready for Kickoff next Saturday even though they only had the final drawings for a few weeks. Just wait until you see the field!  Thanks to Carolyn Bauer, Bob Chojnacki, Roger & Sandy Erickson, Steve Garran, Carl Gaspar, Dick Harsh, Mike King, Dennis Lewis, Gary Pratt, John Pituch, Dave Porter, Connie & Jack Vandenburg, and John & Lois Walton for making it possible. A special thanks goes to Dave Porter for his field integration expertise & assistance.


The Protobot Team of Ryan Borys, Que Roberts, David Simmons, and Alex Sweetman constructed the robot to demonstrate the Blade Runner game at Kickoff. This Metro State University of Denver student team completed the robot in just a few weeks. Their design will challenge this year's BEST students to produce an even better design. 


The Blade Runner 2014 Game Presentation is at 1 - 2 PM at Denver South High School Gym at 1700 E Louisiana Avenue, Denver. If you'd like to learn more about this year's game, please attend.

Volunteers Needed for 2014 October Events


Here is a preview of Practice and Game Day support needs with current start and end time estimates.  We will have additional information on October Practice and Game Day Events in a few weeks in our September Newsletter.


Practice Day Move Friday 10 October and Game Day Move Friday 17 October 5 PM - 10 PM meet at former Club Workshop and then to Event Venue
2013 Practice Day Move

Game Field Move (5 PM - 10 PM). Meet at former Club Workshop at 999 Vallejo St #2  near I-25 and 8th Avenue. Move 4 Game Field quadrants and several totes from second floor to a rental truck.  Then on to either Thomas Jefferson High School, 3950 S Holly Street near I-25 and Hampden Ave for 10 October or Auraria Event Center for 17 October. Requires heavy lifting and stair climbing.  


Practice Day Saturday 11 October 8 AM - 3 PM at Thomas Jefferson High School and Game Day Saturday 18 October 7 AM - 5:30 PM at Auraria Event Center
  1. General Support (7 AM - 5:30 PM even two hours would help). We'll need help supporting the pit, game competition, volunteers, and school teams. All work is at Thomas Jefferson High School (3950 S Holly St near I-25 and Hampden Avenue) or Auraria Event Center near Auraria Parkway and 9th Street.
  2. Game Field Move (3 PM - 6 PM 11 October and 5 PM - 8 PM 18 October). We'll move 4 Game Field quadrants to the rental truck at Thomas Jefferson High School 3950 S Holly St Denver near I-25 and Hampden Avenue or Auraria Event Center near Auraria Parkway and 9th Street and then to former Club Workshop second floor at 999 Vallejo St #2  Denver near I-25 and 8th Avenue. Requires heavy lifting and stair climbing.


Please contact Linda at lking@rockymountainbest.org for more information or to sign up to volunteer at the October events.

Looking back at Erie Air Fair Adventure Zone
St Mary's Academy Helped Introduce BEST to 160 Kids and Adults

Rocky Mountain BEST participated in the Erie Air Fair Adventure Zone on 9 August with the help of St. Mary's Academy. Special thanks to Dave Gessler, his students, and their 2013 robot.  


Those attending the Air Fair were able to experience the  2013 GATEKEEPER game excitement by driving the St Mary's robot. St. Mary's students, Sarah and Katie, demonstrated the robot they designed. A great time was had by all. Thanks to volunteers, Lois Walton and Lori Lazuk, for making it all possible.


At another outreach activity last year at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Air Show, kids were able to experience our Eva robot, shown with volunteer Kira Miller, leftThese outreach programs are possible thanks to volunteers bringing Rocky Mountain BEST out to the community. Our growth over the last five years has been helped by these activities.

As you can clearly see with this newsletter, Rocky Mountain BEST would not be successful without you!  We are looking forward to working with you in 2014.

Linda King

Volunteer Interface, Rocky Mountain BEST


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