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Teacher / Mentor Newsletter
Issue: #15-001
January 2015
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2015 Rocky Mountain BEST Schedule
bESTology posting every Sunday
25 January -25 April


Teacher / Mentor Institute

 2 days in late July or  early August





 12 September Saturday


Practice  Day

17 October Saturday


Game Day

 24 October Saturday


 Expect to have a firm schedule in February


Rocky Mountain BEST Organization 


Board of Directors


Kathy Geise - President


Linda Scott - Vice President


Jose Lopez - Executive Director


Carolyn Bauer - Secretary &  Hub Director


Lois Walton - Treasurer


Tim Bouvia - Member at Large



Steering Team


Carolyn Bauer-Hub Director, Game, Returnables

JoAnne Fry and Lori Lazuk-

Consumable Kits

Jose Lopez-School Interface

Linda King-Volunteer Interface 

Linda Scott-Secretary, Awards & Judging

Lois Walton-Budget

MSU Students-Protobot

Patty Gaspar-Events

Scott McEwen-Venues




Greetings! We are contacting those who have expressed interest in or who have participated in Rocky Mountain (RM) BEST annual middle and high school robotics competition.  Our tentative 2015 Saturday event dates in Denver are: Kickoff 12 September, Practice  Day 17 October, and Game Day 24 October.  Please SAVE these dates on your calendar!

As we prepare to send out email invitations to each of you about possibly participating in the 2015 BEST PAY DIRT game, we are including some exciting information about the 2015 competition in this newsletter. View more information about the 2015 PAY DIRT game and Game Teaser video below.


We are thrilled to announce that in addition to a competition in Denver with Rocky Mountain BEST, two additional BEST Hubs will sponsor a game in their community in 2015. More details below about Front Range BEST in Douglas County and SoCo BEST at Trinidad State in southern Colorado.

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At the end of this newsletter is additional information about the optional bESTology program. For the third year, Friends of BEST in Alabama provides optional educational activities for BEST competitors. This year's bESTology consists of 14 weeks of educational activities based on the PAY DIRT game theme (mining and economics). The first week's web posting is on Sunday 25 January. 

And finally, a request for help.  We are working with individuals in the Pikes Peak and Central Colorado areas about starting additional Colorado BEST hubs in 2016. Please contact me if you know of parents, friends, or family that are interested in working with these individuals to establish new hubs in these locations. 

Please look for another email in February that will explain how to be placed on a Colorado BEST hub's list for competing in 2015 - Rocky Mountain BEST, Front Range BEST, or SoCo BEST at Trinidad State.  Each hub is able to support a limited number of schools! Don't forget to reply to the invitation email coming in February to get on a hub school list.

PAY DIRT Game Teaser Video
Check Out Hints for the 2015 BEST Game

The national BEST organization, BEST Robotics Inc, (BRI) has released a game teaser video of the 2015 Game - PAY DIRT. All the details of the PAY DIRT game will be provided at the September 2015 Kickoff events at each of the BEST Colorado Hubs.
2015 BEST Game Teaser
2015 BEST Game Teaser
2 New Colorado BEST Competitions in 2015
Two New Organizations Bringing a BEST Competition to Colorado

Front Range BEST in Douglas County will be hosting a competition. Check out their new website at http://www.frbest.org/
SoCo BEST at Trinidad State is hosted at Trinidad State Junior College and supports southern Colorado. Their web page will be coming soon. 
For more information, contact Jenn Swanson at jenn.swanson@trinidadstate.edu.

More to come in future newsletters.
2015 PAY DIRT bESTology Announced
14 Sets of Weekly Activities Posted Each Sunday Starting 25 January

bESTology is the study of Engineering, Science and Technology. Students are encouraged to become bESTologists!  
A gold mine of weekly activities are unveiled each Sunday @ 5:00 p.m. MT. Each post contains HINTS for the upcoming BEST Robotics Game - PAY DIRT. In addition, bESTology teaches the science, engineering and technology that will enhance the learning experience for the 2015 BEST game. At this link is the one page bESTology Announcement for this year's activities.  
bESTology offers:
  • BEST students: FUN off-season challenges and career awareness connected with Pay Dirt
  • BEST teams: weekly clues for the 2015 game Pay Dirt
  • BEST teams: the skill sets to be competitive in the workplace
  • BEST teachers: an avenue for BEST to be incorporated into cross-curricular activities based on Bloom's Taxonomy

Teachers, please consider incorporating bESTology activities into your classroom. Use this bESTology link to access the web page for 2015 postings and also view the 2014 Blade Runner and 2013 Gatekeeper postings at this link. 


Information about student digital badges for bESTology is now available.



Jose Lopez

Executive Director, Rocky Mountain BEST


Cell 303-520-3870

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