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Issue: #13-002
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 Teacher / Mentor Institute

5, 6 August
Monday, Tuesday

Lowry Conference Center



 14 September


Denver South High School


Practice  Day

19 October


Denver South High School

Game Day

26 October


Auraria Event Center

Rocky Mountain BEST Hub Team

Carolyn Bauer-Hub Director, Game


JoAnne Fry and Lori Lazuk-

Consumable Kits


Jose Lopez-School Interface


Keith Rodefeld and Kevin Barrett-Protobot


Linda King-Volunteer Interface


Linda Scott-Secretary, Awards & Judging, Returnable Kits


Lois Walton-Budget


Patty Gaspar-Events


Scott McEwen-Venues, Game Field



Welcome to the July 2013 Rocky Mountain BEST Volunteer Newsletter. We hope you have been having a great year, and that we can find a way to involve you in our 2013 activities. Teacher/Mentor Institute, Rocky Mountain Airshow and other August volunteer opportunities are in this newsletter. Look for September and October event opportunities in future newsletters. Please forward this newsletter to others who might be interested in Rocky Mountain (RM) BEST.
Help Needed Now!
Where you can help and who to contact
We have near term need for volunteers to help with the following activities.
  1. Kit Assembly- The Kit Team meets most Mondays at Club Workshop 999 Vallejo St #2  Denver near I-25 and 8th Avenue from 10 AM - 3 PM with a lunch break at a local restaurant. They can always use an extra hand and no experience or specific skill is needed.  If interested, please use  Contact Us  Attn: Carolyn for more information.  
  2. Game Field Integration & Test - We have a group of volunteers working to construct the individual segments for this year's game field.  We can use help the last 2 weeks of August to integrate and test all the pieces to form the complete game field.  As little as 3 hour commitment required.  All work to be performed at Club Workshop at 999 Vallejo St #2  Denver near I-25 and 8th Avenue.  Contact Us  Attn: Carolyn to learn more. 
  3. Teacher Mentor Institute Helpers - We are finalizing our plans for the 5 and 6 August event at Lowry Conference Center - 1061 Akron Way (Building 697), Denver.  We expect to need a few volunteers for as little as 3 hours each day with no specific skills required. Monday and Tuesday 8 AM - 3 PM. Please use  Contact Us   ATTN: Scott to learn more.
  4. Rocky Mountain Airshow - We are looking for volunteers to support the BEST booth at the Rocky Mountain Airshow Saturday 2013 Rocky Mtn Airshow Graphic and Sunday 17-18 August - support for the full day or half a day.  Volunteers get into the show for free and we plan to have parking and lunch passes too. Volunteers are in a booth with information about RM BEST and have a robot or two on display. The volunteers interact with spectators who can drive the robot and learn more about Rocky Mountain BEST-and hopefully become a new mentor, new teacher, new volunteer, or future student. We are looking for up to 4 volunteers each day that could possibly split the day and back each other up.  Saturday August 17 and Sunday August 18 (8 AM - 5 PM) at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport 11755 Airport Way, Broomfield. Please use  Contact Us   ATTN: Lois to learn more.
July's BEST  Volunteer Spotlight
The push to build the Game Field!
2013 Spotlight Graphic
They've all been given their raw materials, drawings, and are busy building the game field segments that will be integrated mid-late August - just in time for Kevin Barrett and Keith Rodefeld's prototype robot (aka protobot) to try on the new game field.  Thanks to: Scott McEwen, Dave Porter, John Pituch, Carl Gaspar, Lois and John Walton, Gary Pratt, Roger Erickson, David Klein, Carolyn Bauer, Dave Wilkerson, Connie Vandenberg, Kathy Geise, and Mike King.
Who's Busy Now
Getting ready for the events later this year
2013 Gatekeeper Tshirt and Volunteer School Interface Committee is working with 29 schools for the 28 slots for the Gatekeeper game. We have a waiting list for any schools beyond the 28 schools maximum. Please have any schools who might be interested visit our website and use Contact Us Attn: Jose for more information.

Game Committee is assembling kits for Teacher/Mentor Institute and the prototype team for the protobot. The game field team is assembling the individual field pieces.  Protobot team has started design.

Events Committee is planning for the 2013 Gatekeeper game events. Schedule details on the left sidebar.

Volunteer Interface Committee is developing volunteer plans for the Gatekeeper game events. 2013 Release Form is available on our website for all participants and volunteers.

Awards and Judging Committee is planning notebook judging and all the game awards. 

Interested 2013 Schools
Still working to finalize 28 schools for 2013
Thanks to our donors, we are able to expand the number of schools participating in 2013 to 28. We are currently working with 28 schools but it may not be too late for a school to get involved. We are looking for schools to add to our waiting list, should a current school not be able to participate. Please ask any schools that might be interested to visit our web site or use  Contact Us  ATTN: Jose to learn more.
20130728 School List 3
To be revealed at September Game Kickoff

 2013 Jubilee Gatekeeper Graphic

The 2013 Gatekeeper game will be rolled out to teachers, mentors, and students at the Saturday 14 September Kickoff at Denver South High School.


If you get a chance, check out the Jubilee BEST Hub 2013 Gatekeeper Blog. The hub has a 2013 Teaser Video available at

 2013 Gatekeeper Blog


We would not be successful without you, our volunteers.  Please contact us with suggestions or if are able to support the teams and their near term activities via Contact Us.  Looking forward to working with you at the events later this year or at near term activities.

Linda King

Volunteer Interface, Rocky Mountain BEST

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