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Issue: #13-005
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19 October



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26 October


Auraria Event Center


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Rocky Mountain BEST Hub Team

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Consumable Kits


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Patty Gaspar-Events


Scott McEwen-Venues, Game Field


Welcome to our October  Rocky Mountain BEST Volunteer Newsletter which includes this week's PRACTICE DAY LOCATION CHANGE  and new VOLUNTEER TRAINING MATERIAL web page reference. 
Due to a just discovered schedule conflict,  we need to move the Rocky Mountain BEST Saturday 19 October Practice Day event to Thomas Jefferson (TJ) High School instead of South High School.   TJ High School is located at 3950 S Holly St, Denver which is southwest of the intersection of I25 and Hampden Avenue.   Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.
Please forward this newsletter to others who might be interested in Rocky Mountain (RM) BEST.
 Practice Day Event  - Saturday 19 October
Location now Thomas Jefferson High School

Surprise!  A Last Minute Change for our Practice Day Volunteers!!! Thomas Jefferson HS


We have over 50 volunteers signed up to help make Practice Day a success for our 26 School Teams.  All Practice Day volunteers need to go to Denver's Thomas Jefferson High School - NOT South High School.  TJ is at 3950 South Holly Street, Denver, Southwest of the intersection of Hampden & I25.

  Thomas Jefferson Logo and Address 1

 TJHS Aerial Map

100 Volunteers Signed Up for Practice & Game Day Events

Saturday 19 October 8 AM - 3 PM at Denver THOMAS JEFFERSON High School and
Saturday 26 October 7 AM - 5 PM at Auraria Event Center


Event Volunteers -  We have ~100 volunteers signed up to support the pit, game competition, volunteers, and school teams. All work is at Denver THOMAS JEFFERSON High School (3950 S Holly St near I-25 and HAMPDEN AVE ) on 19 October or Auraria Event Center (1255 10th Street Mall on Auraria Campus) on 26 October. 

2013 Kick Off Robot and Trolley For a summary of Event Volunteer positions (Registration, Referee, Hospitality, Robot Compliance, Pit Monitors, Staging Crew, Nurse, Scorekeepers, Runners, Photographers, Videographers), our Event Volunteer listing provides a high level description and training material.

If you have not previously signed the 2013 Consent Release Form, please print and sign the form and bring it with you to the event.
All Volunteers:  2013 GATEKEEPER Training

Over the next two Saturdays, 26 Teams will compete with the 2013 GATEKEEPER game...

Squeaky, the original BEST robot needs upgrades to become Squeaky 2.0. All upgrades have been complete, but one component is missing: the BEST CPU. We need our teams' help in building the newest and fastest CPU on the market.


All volunteers are encouraged to check out the 5 minute YouTube Gatekeeper Animation for an overview of the game. 

Additional training recommendations are on the Event Volunteer Page on the RM BEST Website. Here are a few of the training documents on this web page:  the BEST Generic Game Rules, BEST 2013 Gatekeeper Game Specific Rules, and the excellent Gatekeeper Education Document .

BEST 2013 GATEKEEPER Game Field Animation
We would not be successful without you!. Please contact us with suggestions via Contact Us. We are looking forward to working with you at the October events.

Linda King

Volunteer Interface, Rocky Mountain BEST

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