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Issue: #13-004
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Practice  Day

19 October


Denver South High School

Game Day

26 October


Auraria Event Center


2013 Volunteer Appreciation Brunch

17 November




Invitations to be sent to all 2013 Volunteers

Rocky Mountain BEST Hub Team

Carolyn Bauer-Hub Director, Game


JoAnne Fry and Lori Lazuk-

Consumable Kits


Jose Lopez-School Interface


Keith Rodefeld and Kevin Barrett-Protobot


Linda King-Volunteer Interface


Linda Scott-Secretary, Awards & Judging, Returnable Kits


Lois Walton-Budget


Patty Gaspar-Events


Scott McEwen-Venues, Game Field


Welcome to the September 2013 Rocky Mountain BEST Volunteer Newsletter. The 27 school teams have their kits and are busy designing and building their robots. We hope you are able to participate in an October 2013 Practice Day and/or Game Day event volunteer opportunity described in this newsletter. If you are unable to volunteer this year but are able to stop by to cheer on the teams, you are invited!  Please forward this newsletter to others who might be interested in Rocky Mountain (RM) BEST.
Volunteers Needed for Practice & Game Day Events

Saturday 19 October 8 AM - 3 PM at Denver South High School and
Saturday 26 October 7 AM - 5 PM at Auraria Event Center


Event Volunteers - Even two hours would help or participate all day! We'll need help supporting the pit, game competition, volunteers, and school teams. All work is at Denver South High School (1700 East Louisiana Ave near I-25 and University Boulevard) on 19 October or Auraria Event Center (1255 10th Street Mall on Auraria Campus) on 26 October. 

For a summary of Event Volunteer positions (Registration, Referee, Hospitality, Robot Compliance, Pit Monitors, Staging Crew, Nurse, Scorekeepers, Runners, Photographers, Videographers) our Event Volunteer listing provides a high level description. Referee and Scorekeeper positions require participation in a training session prior to Practice Day. All lead and judge positions have been filled. 


Friday Afternoon and Evening Game Field Move (3 PM - 9 PM on the Friday before both events) Meet at Club Workshop at 999 Vallejo St #2 near I-25 and 8th Avenue. Move 4 Game Field quadrants and several totes from second floor of Club Workshop to a rental truck and then to Denver South High School, 1700 East Louisiana Ave near I-25 and University Boulevard on 18 October or Auraria Event Center at 1255 10th Street Mall on 25 October. Requires heavy lifting and stair climbing.  

2013 Kick Off Robot and Trolley If interested in volunteering and you have not been individually contacted, please reply to this email with your availability including dates and time and position and any questions. 
We  would appreciate your response prior to 8 October.  
If you have not previously signed the 2013 Consent Release Form, please print and sign the form and bring it with you to the event.
September's BEST  Volunteer Spotlight
2013 Spotlight Graphic
An outstanding GATEKEEPER Kick Off Event!
The Kick Off Event was held on 14 September with all 27 schools attending despite the challenges for those along the northern foothills. Those volunteering to make the event a success: Angela Matthias, Carl Gaspar, Carolyn Hickey, Casey Kuhns, Connie Vandenberg, Daniel Strawn, Dave Dominguez, Dave Porter, Dave Wilkerson, David Klein, Elly Baldwin, Jessica Bradley, Jessica Heardon, JoAnne Fry, John Pituch, Jon Scott, Jose Lopez, Joseph Finkiewicz, Keith Rodefeld, Ken Tai, Kevin Barrett, Linda King, Linda Scott, Lois Walton, Lori Lazuk, Magens Orman, Mike King, Mike Mason, Mike Wolf, Patty Gaspar, Ron Vasquez, Scott McEwen, Sharon Butz, Tim Bouvia, Trice Smith, and Tyler Smith. Thanks to you all! You are the BEST!
BEST Kick Off Friday Move
Registered 2013 Schools
Hurrah!  27 schools competing this year!
Thanks to our donors, we expanded the number of schools participating in 2013 to 27. If you'd like to donate, please consider Colorado Gives Day as described at the bottom of the newsletter.
   2013 Kick Off Team List
Please ask any schools that might be interested to participate in 2014 to visit our website or use Contact Us: ATTN: Jose to learn more.

The 2013 GATEKEEPER game was rolled out to teachers, mentors, and 2013 Jubilee Gatekeeper Graphicstudents at the Saturday 14 September Kickoff.


Squeaky, the original BEST robot needs upgrades to become Squeaky 2.0. All upgrades have been complete, but one component is missing: the BEST CPU. We need our teams' help in building the newest and fastest CPU on the market.


Check out the 5 minute YouTube Gatekeeper Animation for an overview of the game.  If interested in positions requiring Game knowledge, review the BEST Generic Game Rules, BEST 2013 Gatekeeper Game Specific Rules, and the excellent Gatekeeper Education Document (PowerPoint version, email me if you'd like a pdf version).

BEST 2013 GATEKEEPER Game Field Animation
We would not be successful without you!. Please contact us with suggestions or if are able to support the teams and their near term activities via Contact Us. We are looking forward to working with you at the October events.

Linda King

Volunteer Interface, Rocky Mountain BEST

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