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Issue: #13-001
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Save the dates for 2013 Gatekeeper Game Events

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Teacher / Mentor Institute
5, 6 August
Monday, Tuesday

Lowry Conference Center



 14 September


Denver South High School


Practice  Day

19 October


Denver South High School


Game Day

26 October


Auraria Event Center


Welcome to the June 2013 Rocky Mountain BEST Volunteer Newsletter! We hope you have been having a great year, and that we can find a way to involve you in our 2013 activities!  Please forward the newsletter to others who might be interested in Rocky Mountain (RM) BEST.
A Look Back at 2012 - WARP XX
A successful third year with 23 teams
2012 RM BEST Game Photo Facebook CropRocky Mountain (RM) BEST celebrated a very successful third year when 23 teams competed at the Auraria Campus Event Center on 27 Oct 2012. With the help of over 100 volunteers, six of our schools qualified for the Regional Championship in Ft. Smith, Arkansas on 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2012: New Vista High School, STEM Academy, Lone Star / Otis High School, Valor Christian High School, Green Mountain High School, and East High School. Congratulation to Lone Star / Otis who earned 3rd place at Regional for the Most Elegant Robot.
Preview of 2013 - GATEKEEPER
Looking forward to our fourth year with 28 teams

2013 Jubilee Gatekeeper GraphicThanks to our donors, we are able to expand the number of schools participating in 2013 to 28. The 2013 game is titled Gatekeeper which will be rolled out to the schools at the 14 September Kickoff. The Jubilee BEST Hub created an 18-week bESTology educational experience blog "to jumpstart the Gatekeeper journey".  During the first week of June, they posted "5 days of bESTology Camp ideas". And beginning August 25th, they will "provide an additional six weeks of bESTology specifically geared towards BEST and Gatekeeper". 2013 Gatekeeper Blog

Who's Busy Now
Getting ready for the events later this year
2013 RM BEST Volunteers Facebook Photo 3 CropSchool Interface Committee identified 27 of the 28 schools for the Gatekeeper game.  We have a waiting list for any schools beyond the 28 schools maximum. Please have any schools who might be interested visit our website and Contact Us Attn: Jose.

Game Committee is procuring materials and parts for each school's kits, testing last year's hardware, and reviewing the Gatekeeper game rules to create a Kickoff prototype robot. 

Events Committee established the dates and venues for 2013 events. Details on the left sidebar.

Volunteer Interface Committee created the new monthly newsletter format with updated volunteer contacts which you see here. 2013 Release Form is available on our website for all participants and volunteers.

Awards and Judging Committee is finalizing the 2013 optional awards. 

Help Needed NOW!
Where you can help and who to contact
We have immediate need for volunteers to help with the following activities.
  1. Game Field and Scoring Piece Construction Helpers - Use BEST provided drawings to construct and assemble game field pieces.  We expect to have final  drawings available by early July with construction in July and August. Full assembly of all components and testing must be completed at least two weeks prior to September Kickoff. Multiple separate components permit multiple independent helpers to separately construct their components. Tools needed include the following depending on component: saws to cut wood dowels, plywood, lumber, foam, and PVC; wood sander; paint brushes; drill for bolt holes; and bolt and screw drivers.  Skills needed include: read drawings, construct using tools above, and assemble components with glue (PVC), screws, and nuts/bolts.   Contact Us  Attn: Carolyn to learn more.
  2. Kit and Game Field Donations - We need ideas on obtaining zero or reduced cost consumable robot and game field materials.  For example, we need lots of PVC pipes and wood.  Please Contact Us  Attn: JoAnne if you have any suggestions or need more information. 
We would not be successful without you, our volunteers.  Please contact us with suggestions or if are able to support the teams and their near term activities via Contact Us.  Looking forward to working with you at the events later this year.

Linda King

Volunteer Coordinator, Rocky Mountain BEST

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