May 2021 Newsletter
May has arrived and the weather has been perfect. Today is "Labor Day" in Mexico, so government offices, banks, and many businesses are closed in observance of the holiday. Yes, I know that it's Saturday, so most of those things would be closed anyway, but you get the point. Labor Day in Mexico is one of the few holidays that are not "observed" on the next regular business day when they fall on a weekend. Off the top of my head, I think another one is Constitution Day? Don't quote me on that (or scold me in emails :) Holiday or not, of course, we're still here, hard at it and you can find our smiling salespeople in the sales offices just off the lobbies at each of our resorts every day of the week from 9-5.

The beaches and pool areas seem to be very active as well, and the Malecon has the usual traffic jams and lack of parking as is common during busier times of the year. We had a pretty mild winter, still chilly as usual, but the weather over the past couple months has been great. This is a perfect time to visit, before the heat and humidity set in sometime between late June to mid July. Still fun to visit then but it does get a bit hot and humid outside if you're not in the water. Things start to cool down in mid to late September but many times it's well into October before the weather gets to the "just right" stage again. We've got it pretty good here. Maybe two months of cool, jacket weather and about 3 months of hot and humid weather. As I see it, that gives us about 7 months of near perfect weather. And, the rest isn't bad either compared to most places around the globe. I mean, who wants a snow storm in late April? No thanks.

May also brings Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day. Both of these holidays are also celebrated in the USA and, in fact, the May 5th celebration is actually celebrated more in the USA than it is in Mexico, even though it is a Mexican holiday - although mostly a regional one primarily celebrated around the Puebla area. And, FYI, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. It is actually the celebration of a victory in the battle of Puebla against the French. Somehow, it has become a reason to celebrate and drink tequila in the USA, much like the Irish holiday, Saint Patrick's Day, has become a very popular party day in the USA.

After losing a few businesses and much tourist traffic and $ to the covid shutdowns, everything is quickly coming back to life and prospering around town. There are more new businesses opening up all the time, new houses and building going on everywhere, and the local economy seems to be getting strong again. We are staying very busy and it appears that everyone is doing well. Remember that the mask restriction is still in place, and the border hours are still 6 am to 8 pm. There is a curfew but it was recently moved to 1:00 am. If you're out driving after that, you will be fined if a police officer sees you.

Normally, about now, I would start promoting our annual Las Vegas Night for Charity in my newsletters, and we would be gathering prizes, putting up signs around town, and making plans for the gala event, usually held over the 4th of July weekend. However, we have decided that we will wait until Fall this year to have the event. No date has been chosen yet, but I'll be sure to let you know with plenty of advance notice to make plans to attend and to get your tickets early. We might even have an extra special Las Vegas Night Event surprise for you this year. You'll just have to wait and see :)

Enjoy this beautiful month, come to Rocky Point if you can, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and remember, as always, I've been here full-time for over 13 years and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Miguel Bastida Fernández Becomes Interim Mayor in Puerto Peñasco
Given the current election period, Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro requested authority to be absent from his position for a period no longer than 90 days, resuming his leadership role on June 7th, 2021.

On April first, City Trustee Perla Alcántara García formally swore in Miguel Bastida Fernández as interim mayor of Puerto Peñasco for this period.
Earlier this Spring, the National Action Party (PAN) had selected Kiko Munro to run as one of their proportional candidates for State Congress.

Election Day this year is June 6, 2021. Remember if you visit, that there are no alcohol sales in town on election day. Sales of all alcoholic beverages will be suspended from midnight on June 5th until midnight on June 6th.
Semana Santa Brings Over 30,000 Visitors to Rocky Point
As a very positive sign of the rebound of tourism to Puerto Penasco, both Spring Break and Semana Santa, last month, brought large numbers of tourists to our little city. The early numbers show and average hotel occupancy of 75% and an influx of over 29 million pesos for Semana Santa weekend alone, numbers confirmed by Lizette Ibarra, Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Condos and hotels in town encompass over 6,500 habitations for rent and during Semana Santa weekend, they were mostly full, accommodating tourists coming from Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, as well as from Arizona, California and Texas. There were also busloads of tourists which had arrived from areas further south of Mexico, such as Hidalgo, Guadalajara, Michoacan, Guanajato and Mexico City.

The OCV, in coordination with municipal tourism representative, Rafael Mendívil, offered tours of the city and operated points around the city in which they provided information regarding the health and safety protocols which are currently in place. The State Secretary of Health, with its representative David Arellano, assisted in coordinating the efforts in providing information and guidance to support local resources in order to inform and enforce the health protocols in order to minimize the risks from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The director of the OCV pointed out that although there were some cancellations in hotel and condominium reservations, the overall number of tourists was very positive, given that the country is just coming out of the worst of the virus effects.

She added that even after the holiday, there have been a large and increasing number of tourists visiting Rocky Point, therefore the sanitary recommendations will remain the same until further notice. She warns people not lower their guard, to continue with using care and common sense. The OCV will continue to promote the destination as "Safe Point" and "Safe Travel Point", always complying with the safety and hygiene protocols to mitigate the risk of the Covid-19 pandemic .

As positive as the number of tourists was, it really paled in comparison to 2019 there were a total of 125,000 visitors and an economic impact of over $100 million pesos, or in 2020 the number of visitors was basically zero, since the start of the strong restrictions, business and beach closures, and sanitary filter leading into town, due to the pandemic, occurred just before that holiday period.
Food and Drink at the Sonoran Sky Resort:
Cuauhtemóc Ship of the Mexican Navy to Visit Puerto Peñasco
Cuauhtémoc Training Ship to anchor in Puerto Peñasco in May with 240 Naval cadets aboard

The coasts of Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) will be decked out in gallantry with arrival of the Mexican Navy’s Cuauhtemoc Training Vessel in mid-May.

The ship, which has traveled thousands of nautical miles, is tentatively scheduled to anchor in Puerto Peñasco for a period of three days, from May 21st – 23rd. It is notable this is the only port in Sonora chosen for the commemorative voyage of the Mexican Navy’s Bicentennial.

Mexican naval cadets undergo training and studies aboard the Cuauhtémoc, encompassing naval cinematography, nautical astronomy, national and international maritime law, naval communications, and maintenance management, among other topics.

Details on the ship’s passing were presented during an initial meeting with the local business and tourism sectors, along with Puerto Peñasco city officials. The vessel will surely attract both residents and visitors alike, given the ship’s importance to the nation. Tentative plans are to anchor the ship a distance from the Malecon so it may be appreciated in all its glory.

Rear Admiral for the Secretariat of the Navy, Daniel Escobedo Escobedo of the Puerto Peñasco Naval Sector, encouraged businesses, the tourism sector, and city authorities to design activities and events that will provide the ship a dignified stay in our port, as well as opportunities for naval cadets so they may get to know the marvels of this nook in the Sea of Cortez.
Gentleman of the Seas

The Cuauhtémoc Vessel, also known as the Caballero de los Mares (The Gentleman of the Seas), will visit 11 ports in 2021.

Generations of officials, graduates of the Heroic Naval Military School, have been developed upon the decks and under the sails of the Cuauhtémoc. The ship itself has made 36 training voyages, visited more than 209 ports in 59 countries, and has logged more than 5,522 days in the open sea, navigating 705,012 nautical miles, which is equal to 33 times around the globe.

The crew of the Cuauhtémoc Vessel is composed of eight captains, officials, and both male and female cadets studying and training naval traditions, along with the values of honor, duty, loyalty, and patriotism.


Short Shorts of All Sorts!

 Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can't address the many short subjects with proper attention. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Here are a few "short shorts" to keep you up to date.

Barb's Dog Rescue Needs a Little Help
Imagine your next trip to the grocery store if you had 350 mouths to feed. You'd fill multiple overflowing carts with food, probably visiting several stores to ensure you got everything on your list for the best price. But still, you'd feel the pain when you pulled out your credit card to pay. This is an ongoing scenario at Barb’s Dog Rescue. Thanks to the very generous donations by so many, Barb has managed to maintain the very efficient, clean, and much needed service for many years. But, some months are better than others, and they are facing a critical need for funds to help us replenish our food supplies.

There is also another way that you can help. They have puppies and dogs who need to catch a ride to the Phoenix area. If you're traveling from Puerto Penasco to Phoenix and are willing to give one or two of the sweet pups a ride, please email and put transport in the subject line.
Barb thanks everyone for the ongoing support, and welcomes you for a visit next time you’re in town.
Circus Mexicus Lineup Confirmed
Don't miss RCPM's return to Rocky Point, Mexico for five days along with more than 30 acts playing at seven venues around Puerto Peñasco, including Cody Canada, Authority Zero, Jeff Crosby, Tuk Smith and so many more.

It all wraps up with a sunset concert at Wrecked at the Reef on June 14. Lineup and ticket info can be found at
Semana Santa Crowds Left 38 Tons of Garbage to be Collected in Puerto Peñasco
From just Thursday to Sunday, the dates on which the Easter holiday period was celebrated, Zofemat staff in Puerto Peñasco collected 38 tons of garbage, mostly in the main tourist spots on Calle 13, the Malecon, and on the beach, announced Luis Cesar García, director of Zofemat for the city.

During the garbage collection work days, the beaches with the most influx of tourists were visited, mainly beautiful beach, “la cholla” bay, “my beach” and sandy beach.

Besides the 38 tons collected during the long weekend of Semana Santa, they also collected 24 tons of trash left behind during the Spring Break holiday period, totaling over 62 tons of trash left on beaches and in tourist areas during March and early April alone.

PLEASE pick up after yourselves. Better yet, pick up some trash, even if you didn’t leave it behind.
Don't Forget to Buy Some Shrimp to Take Home With You
The United States confirmed the withdrawal of certification for Mexico in shrimp hunting due to the inappropriate use of sea turtle exclusion devices known as TEDs by the Naval Fleet.

The ban on Mexican shrimp that takes effect from Friday, April 30, was announced by the Federal Register in Public Notice No. 11419 by the State Department.

The document states that “the ministry has suspended Mexico’s certification because its sea turtle protection program is no longer comparable to that of the United States.”

In this way, Mexico is prohibited from exporting wild shrimp to the United States, which annually yields a foreign currency for the country of about $ 257 million.

The Mexican shrimp certification withdrawal is the result of four inspection visits by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) within two years to Campeche, Mazatlan, Puerto Chiapas, Puerto Juarez, Puerto Penasco, Salina Cruz, San Blas and Tampico, in which it found serious irregularities in the use of TEDs.
Mayor Kiko Munro Lays the Foundation Stone for a Seawater Desalination Plant in Puerto Penasco
Mayor Kiko Munro laid the first stone for the construction of the first seawater desalination plant in Puerto Peñasco, an act that he described as a historic, fundamental, and momentous achievement.

Accompanied by Francisco Muñiz, from construction company Awasa and GBT, Javier Franco, Technical Director of Oomapas, the Procurator Trustee, Perla Alcántara, and the Municipal Treasurer, Maritza Montijo, the President of Puerto Peñasco announced that for this long-awaited and necessary work, 96 million pesos will be invested, in a Public-Private Alliance (APP) partnership which has been approved by the State Congress.

He highlighted that it is the second government strategy financed through PPP, because Puerto Peñasco was the first to use this partnership to modernize the city's public lighting, given that the Federal Government has “sequestered” the resources for works at the municipal level .

With this desalination plant, he stressed, old infrastructure and supply problems of the vital liquid will be addressed, and will also promote development of Puerto Penasco, since an alternative to extracting water from the wells will give the area much more stability for the future, given that the aquifers have been slowly depleted for years.

He explained that 480 liters per second of water are currently extracted from the wells, providing water to about 98% of the city, but it has become imperative to look at another source of water supply due to the reducing levels and contamination of water pumped from the groundwater table.

“Once again we fulfill a commitment and we show that when you want to solve a problem, you can. It was not easy, and we have worked for the last five years to achieve it, with true teamwork, with a 100% commitment to improve the quality of life of the people of Puerto Penasco”, he emphasized.

Kiko Munro explained that the desalination plant is being built in advanced facilities, in an area of ​​9,300 square meters in the area of Las Conchas owned by the City Council, and with it the quantity and quality of water supplied to Puerto Peñasco will increase substantially.

With this investment of 96 million pesos in a first stage, he added, 20 liters per second of desalinated water will be produced. Because the plant is being built in a modular way, it can be expanded and it is estimated that it will benefit 22 thousand people in the future.

He specified that, according to the signed contract, the companies winning the bids will take approximately one year to build and equip the plant, and then they will operate it for a period of 19 years.

"In this way, with quality water, with more lighting, more pavement, remediation of the sanitary landfill, beautifying public spaces, as well as other actions in Puerto Peñasco, progress has been very noticeable and will continue to be noticed," said Kiko Munro.

For his part, Francisco Muñiz, from the Awasa and GBT Construction Company, communicated that this is a very important day for Puerto Penasco and the commitment of the companies in charge of this desalination plant is great, with plans to develop the project, in accordance with the law and total transparency. He explained that the most modern technology and energy efficiency processes will be used in the seawater desalination process, with 100% automation to guarantee the operation and maintenance of the plant.

He stressed that it is an environmentally friendly project which will comply with both national and international legal guidelines. The project is being completed by 100% Mexican companies, with Mexican technicians, who will rely many local workers and suppliers of Puerto Penasco to help provide work, machinery, materials, and supplies.
In Sonora, COVID-19 Vaccinations Lag Behind Arizona, but Progress Continues
• 419,815 doses have reached Sonora, which have been applied to adults over 60 years of age and health personnel. Sonora has a population of almost 3 million people.
• Health personnel have received 50,326 doses
• Efforts will continue to vaccinate missing health personnel from the public and private sectors

So far, 419,815 doses of vaccines against COVID-19 have arrived in Sonora, of which 395,785 have been given to adults over 60 years of age and health personnel, informed Enrique Clausen Iberri. The Secretary of Health in Sonora specified that 345,459 of the total correspond to adults over 60 years of age in the 72 municipalities.

Regarding health personnel, he pointed out that 50,326 doses have been given to public and private sector personnel and that the procedures with the Federal Government will continue to include any people from this sector who have not been vaccinated and clarified that 24,030 doses are stored for 2nd doses and for those who missed the first round of the established vaccination schedule in each municipality.

"The vaccination against COVID-19 in the continues and we would like to express our gratitude to all the authorities and health personnel of the different institutions that make protection against this virus possible," he commented.

Clausen Iberri also made it clear that the vaccination process against COVID-19 is being carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Health, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Sedena, Bienestar, and other authorities and in accordance with the National Vaccination Plan.
16 Dead After Bus and Truck Collide on Sonora Highway
At least 16 people died and another 14 were injured after a head on collision accident near the municipality of Caborca, about 2 hours Southeast of Puerto Penasco.

A truck carrying mine workers and a small bus carrying tourists collided at around 3 a.m. at kilometer 156 of the Caborca-Sonoyta highway, near the entrance to the Penmont mine.

Reports indicated that the deceased were all passengers on the tourist bus, belonging to Transportes Ejecutivos Premiere.

The mining company, Minera Penmont, confirmed that 13 injured workers were in stable condition, while the truck’s driver was in critical condition.

All of the injured were treated at hospitals in Caborca. “As soon as the accident was known the emergency services were notified. Minera Penmont profoundly regrets this unfortunate accident and is in constant communication with local authorities to facilitate investigations” the company stated in a release.
Measures Against COVID-19 have Prevented Third Wave of Infections: Salud Sonora
• In the Sonora Stoplight Map indicates 7 municipalities which have decreased in risks, three increased and two remain unchanged

The fact that there is still no evidence of a third wave of COVID-19 infections in Sonora is the result of the comprehensive application of health contingency measures, which have paid off to mitigate the risks of transmission of the disease. The population should not stop with the additional hygiene and prevention actions, said Enrique Clausen Iberri.

The Secretary of Health in Sonora said that proof of this is that in the update of the Sonora Anticipa Stoplight Map corresponding to the week of April 26 to May 2, seven municipalities decreased in score, three increased, and two remained with the same score.

He specified that Huatabampo turned orange, which means high risk, by increasing the risk score from 13 to 17 points; at medium risk are Caborca, Hermosillo, Guaymas, Empalme, Cajeme, Agua Prieta and Cananea and at low risk are San Luis Río Colorado, Nogales, Cananea, and Puerto Penasco.

He explained that in addition to Huatabampo, the municipalities of Navojoa (from 11 to 13 points) and Agua Prieta (from 7 to 10 points) increased in risk; Cajeme fell from 16 to 14, Guaymas from 14 to 13, Caborca ​​from 12 to 11, Cananea from 8 to 6, Nogales from 6 to 5, Puerto Penasco from 6 to 5, San Luis Río Colorado from 5 to 3; and the numbers remained the same in empalme at 15 and Hermosillo at 13.

Clausen Iberri called on Sonorans to continue their reduced mobility since only in this way can the transmission of the virus be cut, coupled with the use of face masks, washing hands with soap and water, respecting a healthy distance, and avoiding crowds.

''Let us remember that the virus moves according to the mobility that we do, this is a call to lower mobility to stop its transmission. We must also continue with hygiene actions such as the rule of three: use of face masks, frequent hand washing, and healthy distance, '' he stated.

Nat Geo and Disney+ Document Marvels of Pinacate and Caborca
Brazilian documentarian Cristian Dimitrius and his team toured areas of Caborca and the Pinacate Reserve for over a week recently, capturing wondrous images of this desert’s tremendous ecosystem.

Filming, done both in Caborca as well as the Pinacate, will be part of a documentary on the World’s Desert Ecosystems to be aired on National Geographic and Disney +. When ready, this will be broadcast first in Latin America and then across the globe.

“The goal is to show the desert as an attraction to the world, while also continuing to attract photography safaris, or rather further positioning the idea of photographic hunting that does not impact fauna,” detailed Israel Nava, certified tourist guide for the region who collaborated with the production.

Some of the areas filmed by the production team at the Pinacate included the majestic dunes, the Elegante maar crater, Cerro Colorado, paths at the Shuck Toak Visitors Center and “El Porvenir” Ranch in Caborca.

Documentarian Cristian Dimitrius has filmed fauna and flora across the global. During his time in the region, he remarked visiting the desert of Sonora has been one of the best camping experiences of his lifetime.

The production, which is expected to air at the end of the year, has included involvement of various private companies from Hermosillo, Caborca, and Puerto Peñasco, along with support of State and municipal authorities.
Sonora Stands out at the National Level in Kidney and Corneal Transplants
Sonora stands out nationally, ranking fifth in kidney transplants, and fourth in corneal transplants, according to the quarterly report carried out by the National Transplant Center (Cenatra), stated Enrique Clausen Iberri.

The Sonora Secretary of Health stated that Sonora ranks as the fifth entity with the most kidney transplants performed from deceased donors, and fourth with the most corneal transplants performed of national origin (Mexico allows import corneas from the United States, with prior authorization from Cofepris), in the period from January to March 2021.

Clausen Iberri mentioned that the General State Hospital (HGE) finished as the fifth hospital with the most corneal transplants performed, having completed seven in the period.

“It is a pride that Sonora is among the first national places in organ donation and transplantation, We are advancing in the culture of donation, therefore the importance of promoting, as a family, the desire to be donors will help to give life to others, even after the death of the donor ”, he highlighted.

He explained that there are 415 hospitals in Mexico licensed to perform transplants, eight of which are in Sonora - four in Hermosillo, and four in Ciudad Obregón.

Ernesto Duarte Tagles, director of the State Transplant Center (Ceestra), shared that on Thursday, April 29, in honor of the 25 years of the Mexican Transplant Society, a virtual talk was held, with the participation of many well-known transplant doctors. We want to know the "human side of doctors. Organ donation and transplantation is a very sensitive issue, which requires all possible tact and empathy, we need to learn how they have achieved it”, said Duarte Tagles.
Local Businesses Still Required to Follow Protocols to Prevent Spread of COVID-19
Even with our Rocky Point having the green, the best place on the covid traffic light system, in to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and per instructions from the Secretary of Health of the State of Sonora, businesses are still requiring customers to have temperatures checked before entering supermarkets and shops to maintain the low risk of contagion in Puerto Penasco, said the Head of the Sanitary Control Unit in this city.

Lic. Carlos Decina Torres, head of the agency, indicated that the check-up consists of measuring body temperature, giving them antibacterial gel, so that they are put on their hands and the mandatory use of a face mask, the shopping carts are constantly disinfected and extreme cleaning in areas of greater citizen contact, as well as at all times citizens are asked to keep their distance in any space where there are groups considered to be citizens.

Thirteen months have passed since the beginning of restrictions in local stores and other businesses when they were allowed to open after the traffic light changed from red to orange. And then, went to yellow and now to green, but all are still obligated to maintain the restrictions under threat of penalty and sanction, or even closure by the city, Decina Torres explained. Close communication has been maintained with commerce in general with the aim of taking good care of the health of the citizenship and helping to prevent the spread of the disease. The people of Rocky Point now know which measures to take to reduce danger from any contagion.

Additional actions are also being taken, Decina Torres stated, and along with preventive measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic, the review of street food vendors has increased notably, because great care needs to be taken with these businesses, as there can be a greater risk for spread of the disease simply due to the nature of the operations. It becomes a little more complicated because of the unconventional way in which they are operated and the differing hours and locations of each individual vendor. Inspections are made repeatedly to maintain the health department presence and to ensure the compliance to the health and safety guidelines.

The Head of the Sanitary Control Unit reported that all types of establishments are currently being reviewed to verify that they comply with all the guidelines that include the use of hygiene protocols, in addition to following occupancy and distancing guidelines. The recent increase in the influx of tourism in recent weeks also require additional vigilance in other areas such as the random checks swimming pools, the treatment and processes of the water and ice purification plants, the conditions of sale of products such as fish and shellfish, among others.

He stated that they continue to offer the training courses, although since the onset of the pandemic, they are no longer given in person and are now given online in groups of 50 persons per course.

Decina Torres indicated that they continue to carry out food sampling, with both raw and prepared products being tested by sending samples to the state health laboratory in order to guarantee that they are suitable for human consumption and are free of bacteria. "All health department certifications are accompanied by an evaluation and business promise to adhere to Covid-19 protocols. These same guidelines are applied to all business lines however are most strict with those who are dedicated to the sale of food. 
The Changing Faces on Mexico’s Colorful Banknotes
As the Bank of Mexico nears completion of its current round of banknote design upgrades, Foreign Native comments on the latest reshuffle of historical figures gracing the bills

Mexican banknotes have always been colorful and varied, and over the years have seen their fair share of national heroes and heroines shuffled around the different denominations.

Benito Juárez, the 19th century president who is a particular favorite of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has been upgraded to the 500-peso note from the 20-peso note, and now graces the front of both. A new 20-peso coin began circulating in April 2020, but is so far hard to come by with people treating them and even offering to sell them as collectors’ items.

In November 2020, the Bank of Mexico unveiled two new banknotes, the 1,000-peso and the latest 100-peso bills.

The new design of the 1,000-peso bill features the images of Francisco I. Madero, Hermila Galindo, and Carmen Serdán; and on the reverse side, the jaguar —the largest of the American cats— and appears to have passed muster with the hawk-eyed and ever-critical users of social media.

Not so the 100-peso note bearing the image of 17th-century poet Juana de Asbaje y Ramírez de Santillana, better known as Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, or simply Sor Juana. The design of the banknote is vertical, and someone somewhere noticed that a Venezuelan banknote with the picture of South American independence hero Simón Bolivar was also vertical, jumping to the conclusion that the Mexican government was emulating that country and its current misfortunes. (Never mind that the autonomous Bank of Mexico is responsible for the design and the quantity of bills and coins in circulation.)

The record was quickly put straight by a central bank official who pointed out on the same social media that vertically designed banknotes from Canada, Switzerland, and Aruba (a Dutch island just off the coast of Venezuela of all places) have been awarded ‘Banknote of the Year’ prizes in recent times. He recalled, as did others, that the 200-peso note commemorating the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence in 2010 was also vertical. That bill features independence hero Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who has now joined another favorite of the independence movement, José María Morelos y Pavón, on the newest 200-peso bill.

Which brings us back to Sor Juana, whose image is on the previous 200-peso bill. (She had been on an old 1,000-peso note in the days before Mexico knocked three zeroes off the currency in January 1993.) The change came around the same time that the feminist movement was carrying out protest marches in Mexico City, and some of the more feisty of the demonstrators had taken it upon themselves to indulge in some vandalism involving, among other things, spray paint. This being the era of the meme, a joke soon appeared on internet of Sor Juana graffitiing the new 200-peso note accusing the central bank of sexist discrimination. Sor Juana may not have been a feminist, at least not in the modern sense, but she was no shrinking violet. The best known of her works begins “Hombres necios que acusáis a la mujer sin razón”—You foolish men who accuse women without reason. The central bank might have felt the same way after the latest outburst. In fact, the new $100 peso bill went on to win the IBNS’s 2021 Banknote of the Year award.
Broadcasters Merge to Launch Spanish-Language Streaming Service
Mexico’s top broadcasters Televisa and Univision of the United States have agreed to a US $4.8-billion content merger backed by Japan’s SoftBank that is aimed at launching a Spanish-language streaming service to take on the likes of Netflix.

The deal, which had been widely hinted at in recent days, sent Televisa’s American depositary receipts in New York soaring 8.7% in after-hours trading.

The companies said in a statement that Televisa would combine its media, content and production assets — from soaps to sporting events — with Univision, the large U.S. Spanish-language broadcaster, creating the “global leader in Spanish-language media.”
The new company will aim to launch a global streaming service early next year to tap into a market of 600 million consumers.

“As the definitive global leader in Spanish-language media, Televisa-Univision will have the operating assets, financial scale and audience reach to accelerate its digital transformation and deliver a differentiated streaming proposition to the underserved global Spanish-language population,” the groups said in a statement.

Televisa, which will hold 45% of the merged company, will contribute content valued at US $4.8 billion as well as its four free-to-air channels, 27 pay-television outlets, its Videocine movie studio and Blim TV video-on-demand service.

Univision will pay US $3 billion in cash and $1.5 billion in Univision stock, with the remainder funded by other sources. This will enable Televisa to pay down debt.

The deal was expected to significantly reduce combined net debt leverage and boost margins, the companies said.

As part of the financing for the transaction, SoftBank’s Latin America Fund will lead a US $1 billion debt issue with participation from Google, the Raine Group merchant bank and the venture capital and private equity firm ForgeLight, a current investor in Univision.

Univision’s assets include the Univision and UniMás networks, nine Spanish-language cable networks, 61 television stations and 58 radio stations, as well as a recently-launched streaming service, PrendeTV.

“This strategic combination generates significant value for shareholders of both companies and will allow us to more efficiently reach all Spanish-language audiences with more of our programming,” said Emilio Azcárraga, executive chair of Televisa.

Content will largely be produced in Mexico, and “the combined financial strength will allow the company to invest in the anticipated launch of its global streaming platform, which is expected in early 2022,” the statement said.

Wade Davis, Univision chief executive, will lead the merged company, with Televisa’s Alfonso de Angoitia as executive chair. Marcelo Claure, chief executive of SoftBank, will become vice-chair.

The companies have been closely connected for more than two decades, and Televisa said it expected the deal would enable it to “strengthen our balance sheet and focus on growth opportunities at our telecom business”, which it will retain, as well as production facilities and Mexican licenses.
Mermaid's Market (with Pirates!) in May
by Naomi Black

Can you believe we are nearing the end of the 9th season of the Mermaid's Market? I thought I might briefly review the history of the market and tell you what the "mermaids" have planned in the very near future!

Way back in the winter of 2011 and spring of 2012, we participated as vendors at a Farmer's Market here in Peñasco. Yet, as the fall of 2012 approached, we realized the Farmer's Market would not be returning. Russ and I began thinking about organizing a similar event. In discussing some of the obstacles that existed for the Farmer's Market, we decided that we had a very real lack of "farmers!" The prior market had definitely attracted more artisans, artists and crafters than farmers!

So, we decided to call it this new project the Mermaid's Market. It sounded a little more artsy. Besides, who knows exactly what mermaids sell - or buy for that matter! (Although, it seems as tho they must buy & sell wonderful treasures!)

We also wanted a highly visible spot. The "Shrimp Plaza" or Park was our first choice! We were absolutely thrilled to receive permission to have the park as a home for the Mermaid's Market. Through these past 9 seasons, we have worked with several administrations to renew these permits. The Mermaid's Market also benefits our local DIF organization, which gives assistance to local vulnerable families and children.

At the end of our 2nd season (April of 2014), we introduced a season finale: the Pirate and Mermaid Extravaganza. It would be a "Cajun-style New Orleans Party". This was the first time that we had food and beverages at the market. The following year, we added live music and entertainment!

In April of 2018, we began sharing the park with the Oaxaca Market each spring around the Semana Santa season and that year there was no finale party. In 2019 our finale was relocated to the far side of the park. And of course, in April of 2020 there were no group gatherings scheduled at all.

For 2021, we have redesigned our schedule and, after a brief interruption, we are happy to announce our Pirate and Mermaid Fiesta will happen! This Mermaid's Market season finale will be on Saturday, May 29th.

Our artists are definitely excited to return to the park! We will have food and drink along with live music and entertainment all day. In the spirit of New Orleans fun, the bar will be serving up Hurricanes in addition to our signature Mermaid Margaritas! There will be a few strains of Zydeco music thrown in, too.

Are you willing to join the fun? Dress up as a Pirate or Mermaid and we will have prizes for great costumes! We hope to see you there. DETAILS:
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Nopalitos con Arroz y Pollo (Easy Nopales with Rice & Chicken Recipe)
Nopal is a common Mexican cactus with over 100 known species. The prickly pads of the cactus are harvested, cleaned of their spines, and cooked. They are available in a wide range of dishes and are prepared in several different ways. They can be bottled, canned, pickled, or diced up and cooked on their own. They are most commonly added to scrambled egg dishes and salsas or used as a vegetarian filling for tacos.

In Náhuatl, the word nopalli translates to fruit of the earth. Legend has it that a nopal upon which an eagle and a snake were engaged in mortal combat marked the location where the sun god Huitzilopochtli told the Aztecs to build the great city of Tenochtitlan, which means “the place of the nopal leaves.”

When it comes to taste and texture, nopales offer a slightly tart flavor and are crisp with a mucilaginous liquid. In most recipes, the gooey liquid is included in the cooking process.

Rice pairs perfectly with salsa verde, but jarred nopalitos are what really add the tasty zing to this dish. Jarred nopalitos are brined in vinegar, onions, cilantro, chiles and spices. Using jarred nopales in this recipe cuts cooking time in half, by not having to brine and cook the nopales. And at the end of a long day, this shortcut helps have dinner on the table in under 30 minutes. This recipe uses cooked chicken, but you can add any protein you have on hand — fajitas would be great; shredded carnitas, or simply add roasted veggies or canned beans.

Rice baked in vibrant salsa verde sauce with nopales, fresh lime juice and chicken is the ultimate baked dinner recipe:

1 lb. tomatillos husk removed and rinsed
½ white onion
2 cloves garlic
½ cup cilantro leaves
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
2 teaspoons salt
2 cups water
1 cup Mahatma rice
1 cup jarred nopales drained and sliced in half
2 cups fully cooked chicken diced

For tomatillo sauce: Place tomatillos, onion and garlic in a saucepan, cover with water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes. With a slotted spoon, remove tomatillos, onion and garlic and place in a blender, with ½ cup cooking liquid. Blend until smooth. Stir in fresh lime juice and salt.
For rice: Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a heavy 2-quart saucepan. Stir in 1 cup rice. Cover, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes or until all water is absorbed.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Liberally spray a baking dish with non-stick cooking spray. Stir together the rice, tomatillo sauce, nopalitos and fully cooked chicken. Bake for 15–20 minutes. Remove from oven, drizzle with fresh lime juice and serve warm.
Mexico Fun Facts
Most commonly known for its endless stretches of virgin beaches, its white sands, and its coastal resorts, here are ten facts about Mexico you may not be aware of.

1 – Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world, geographically, and the world’s 11th most populated country.

2 – 60% of Mexico’s population is made up of Mestizos – a mixture of North American and European blood.

3 – Over 60 indigenous languages are spoken in Mexico. Only India has more native languages.

4 – Mexico is one of the World’s Top 5 most bio-diverse nations on Earth. More than 30,000 plant species, 1,000 bird species, and 1,500 mammal, reptile, and amphibian species are native to Mexico.

5 – 39% of the Earth’s marine mammals either live in or visit the Sea of Cortes in their lifetime, and nearly all of the World’s Gray Whales are born just off the coast of Baja.

6 – Recently adding three to the list, Mexico now has 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is more than any other country in the Americas.

7 – Each year, millions of Monarch Butterflies migrate thousands of miles (from as far away as Canada) to Michoacan and Mexico State, which is arguably the world’s oldest and most onerous of annual migrations.

8 – Mexico has over 29,000 archaeological sites to date, and new discoveries are ongoing.

9 – Mexico is home to the biggest bullfighting ring in the world, the Plaza de Toros, which seats about 50,000 people.

10 – Many foods coveted in cultures around the world originated or were first domesticated in Mexico including: Vanilla, Red Tomato, Chocolate, Chili Peppers, Avocados, and Corn.
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