December 2020 Newsletter
December is here and the Holiday Season is upon us. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that many things are a bit different this year due to the covid restrictions and fears, but there were a lot of people here in town and it appeared that everyone was having a good time. Yes, Rocky Point is following safety protocols including requiring facemasks, reduced occupancy in businesses, and an 11:00 curfew, but people are cooperating and enjoying themselves in spite of any minor inconveniences. The resorts were sold out or nearly sold out all along Sandy Beach.

The weather has still been very nice with days in the seventies and nights in the fifties, but it is cooling off little by little, especially at night. It does get chilly here, mostly in January and February, but of course, nothing like many places "up North". It's always easy to tell when someone visits from the very cold areas because they walk around in a swimsuit and swim in the ocean - while the rest of us have jackets on. One nice benefit to the cooler weather is that it will soon be whale watching season. If you've never been on the sea near these giant, amazing creatures, it is definitely something that you should plan to do soon. Rocky Point is such a wonderful and diverse place and I really like the couple months in the winter when things slow down. It has a different feel and nothing is ever crowded during this time of year. I also really appreciate the lack of traffic and congestion in stores during Christmas season compared to Phoenix or Tucson.

Christmas in Mexico is a very festive time and there is always something going on with local residents. Mexico has not reached the level of political correctness that the USA has and Feliz Navidad is still the only Christmas greeting that makes sense here. I live near a Catholic Church and there are posadas, live music, religious processions, raffles, lots of food and hot drinks, and extra services all month. The parking areas are always full. Being a very religious country, Mexico still follows more Christmas traditions than most places in the USA do. And, the Christmas season doesn't end and the tree doesn't come down until January 7th at the earliest.

December is also a month that brings to light many of the less fortunate people who live in our little paradise. There are many organizations and opportunities open for anyone wanting to volunteer time, money, food, clothing, and just overall good will and kindness to our fellow human beings. Most of us are happy, healthy, and comfortable in our lives, so let's not forget others who are not as fortunate and can use a hand up during this Holiday season. We hold a food drive every year at this time and we would appreciate you d ropping off non-perishable foods at any of our sales offices, the Rocky Point Times office, or CS Food Store. Actually, while you're buying the otherwise hard to find items at CS, just buy a little extra and drop it in the donation box. We will also accept jackets and/or blankets as most people here have no heat in their homes and many do not even have what is necessary to stay warm.

Of course, everyone loves New Year's Eve, a night to reflect, make plans and resolutions, enjoy the company of old friends and new - and maybe have a few cocktails... Rocky Point has more and more become the "place to be" to enjoy the passing of one year into the beginning of the new year. Fireworks, parties, and live music fill the streets, homes, and bars. Our resorts really fill up from the day after Christmas until New Year's day or the day after, so if you're looking to rent a condo, it is a good idea to get it done soon. Of course, with the ever-changing covid situation, you’ll need to keep an eye on things to see if there have been any changes. Give me a call or send me an email if you’d like an update from me.

Finally, it’s not too early to start planning for the next RCPM show here in Rocky Point. January Jam will take place on January 15-17, 2021. Ticket sales start on sale Saturday, December 5th at noon at Lineups will be announced soon featuring 3 days of rock n roll over MLK Weekend!
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers will headline the weekend with the return of their Cover Set and “no repeat” weekend. VIP and discounted advance purchase Combo tickets will be offered as well but expected to sell out as the band will limit capacity and space attendees out throughout the spacious Outdoor Stage at Banditos.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from me and from the Sonoran Resorts. May life treat you and your loved ones well now and in the future. Life is short - do all that you can to enjoy it. Many blessings to all!

Enjoy this beautiful month, come to Rocky Point if you can. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and remember, as always, I've been here full-time for over 13 years and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Jim Ringquist

Broker/Sales Director
Sonoran Resorts Spa - Sea - Sun - Sky

Tourist Assistance Unit Advisory Committee (Tourist Assistance Police)

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Puerto Peñasco Caring for Tourism and Residents Alike
Puerto Peñasco is a safe destination for tourism. Most importantly is that residents and visitors continue adhering to current health protocols.

For decades Puerto Peñasco has been a choice vacation spot for tourists from across Mexico and abroad. Currently, the city continues to adjust to health protocols due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Beyond general protocols, the city also closed down for three months in early Spring in an extreme measure to prevent spread of the virus.

Still, the tourist destination regained its rhythm and little by little revived local movement and the economy. When it was appropriate, the city reopened its doors to visitors in a controlled manner and under a series of health protocols at area hotels, resorts, restaurants, and businesses. Not without reason the city was able to keep coronavirus cases low.

Far from closing its doors again, as a good host Puerto Peñasco is betting on responsible tourism and visitors who know how to care for themselves and for others while relaxing in a friendly and safe environment.

As a responsible city, residents and visitors will continue to follow international health protocols as well as necessary steps to ensure the good health of all.

Some of the new health measures currently implemented include:

Restaurants and bars must close by 10 p.m.

Use of masks is mandatory in all public spaces.

Restaurants, hotels, resorts, and businesses will step up monitoring efforts to ensure compliance with basic health and safety rules.

Closing the city down is not currently an alternative. Rather, the best option is to safeguard responsible tourism and to be dedicated hosts.

For further information visit
A Politically Incorrect Merry Christmas from Mexico
Mexico has always been a country to assimilate foreign things without giving up its own identity.
One of Mexico’s principal attractions has, for ages, been its mixture of cultures and traditions, so that visitors and foreign residents can enjoy the unusual in a number of celebrations that are nevertheless quite familiar. Indigenous and Spanish traditions combined to give Mexico much of its unique nature.

The later expansion of U.S. culture — convenience, fast food, movies, music, video games — inevitably affected its neighbor Mexico, and the commercial exploitation of traditional holidays has also been a hit.

The trappings of Halloween have made inroads into the traditional Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead celebrations. Few people bother writing “calaveras” – humorous epitaphs in rhyme – these days, but armies of children in fancy dress carrying jack-o-lanterns go knocking on doors and chanting “queremos Halloween” or “¿me da mi calaverita?”—less Mexican, perhaps, but more profitable all-round than the original plan. Stores stock up on imported pumpkins of all colors, shapes and sizes, while other Halloween paraphernalia adorn the shelves just long enough to be knocked-off by the incoming Christmas candy and toys.

Mexico has always been a country to assimilate foreign things without giving up its own identity, often putting a particularly Mexican stamp on them.

Roast turkey is eaten at Christmas but in addition to, not instead of, the traditional bacalao and romeritos.

Santa Claus has overtaken the Three Kings as the principal bringer of gifts, although both are popular among children. Before, the main time for “getting” was January 6, or Three Kings Day, and children would leave out shoes for the purpose. (Not that their “orders” would ever fit in a shoe.)

Now the sleighs, the bells, the reindeer, and the fir trees — in places where it never snows — are all the rage. By all means enjoy the winter scenes, but don’t forget to bring the piñatas.

This acceptance of imported ideas without giving up existing views has long been a characteristic of Mexico. It’s also apparent in the way political correctness has trickled into the country, particularly where it merely involves substituting one word for another to keep certain people from taking offense on behalf of others.

But while attitudes to many things are already changing with the younger online generations, people haven’t gone so far that they’re afraid to call Christmas Navidad or put up nativity scenes. There are alternatives: “felices fiestas” for “happy holidays,” “fiestas decembrinas” for “December celebrations,” and others; but even when these are used, you don’t get the impression people are trying to avoid falling foul of the separation of Church and State, or worrying that the Chinese may not like you calling it “New Year.”
Victim of Covid: Best Buy Announces It’s Pulling Out of Mexico
Consumer electronics chain Best Buy announced Tuesday that it will close all of its Mexican stores, saying that the coronavirus pandemic has had a “profound” negative impact on the company.

The chain shut down eight of its stores earlier this year and will begin closing its remaining 41 on December 31. Best Buy México president Fernando Silva announced the decision in a call with investors.

“The effects of the pandemic have been very profound and it’s not viable for us to maintain our business in Mexico,” he said.

Silva praised the company’s employees and said they will be given severance pay and benefits beyond what is required by the law.

“We should feel very proud about what we achieved at Best Buy México: we built an extraordinary team and we established an exceptional culture,” he said.

“We transformed the way in which Mexicans interact with and are inspired by technology. … We built the No. 1 brand in technology … [and] our customers honored us with a growing market share. I don’t have anything left [to say] other than to thank with all my heart the workers and commercial partners who were part of this adventure during almost 13 years.”

The successes in the Mexican market outlined by Silva were evidently insufficient to keep Best Buy here. It apparently took a big financial hit from having to close temporarily its brick-and-mortar stores due to the pandemic even though its online store remained open and demand for electronics increased as people made the shift to working and studying at home.

The company said in a statement that it will deliver all orders that have already been placed, adding that the Best Buy México website will continue to operate until all existing stock is sold.

Best Buy’s decision to close its stores comes after a successful 2019, during which the company opened several new locations. Just a year and a half ago, Silva said that online sales were on the rise and that the company was “very committed to Mexico.”
Despite Cancellation of the Official 2020 Rocky Point Rally, More than 1000 Bikers Arrive
At least one thousand motorcycles arrived over the weekend which would have been the 20th Annual Rocky Point Rally. Even though the official event had been postponed until 2021 due to the covid pandemic, a large number of riders came to town and enjoyed an unofficial, but still very enjoyable, few days in town. During the 2019 Rally, there were almost 8,000 motorcycles in attendance.

Obviously, the number of riders decreased substantially due to the fact that the actual event was called off, and because most decided that the rally just wouldn't be the same while the additional restrictions are in place to limit the spread of Covid-19. Those that did arrive, however, reported enjoying themselves and all appeared to adhere to the safety precautions without hesitation.

Lizette Ibarra, Director of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, explained that the low attendance at the event is understandable, since the issue of the pandemic has caused a very notable drop in the number of tourists who have visited since the pandemic was declared in the month of March.

Even with the decreased influx of tourists over the past several months, there have been several weekends in which resorts had sold out, or nearly sold out, and almost all businesses and activities remain open, of course adhering to sanitary precautions and reduced capacities. As of the end of the "unoficial" motorcycle rally weekend, the total number of tourists received in Puerto Penasco this year was just over 800,000. Even though it is a positive sign that tourists are still arriving, the number is significantly lower than the 2 million visitors that had come during the same timeframe last year. This does represent a significant hardship for the tourism sector and many businesses in town.

Another bit of good news is that the weekend ended without fatal accident or injury, reported Ruben Barajas Jaime, Coordinator of the Red Cross in Puerto Penasco. Barajas noted that there were a total of 57 emergency callouts, of which very few involved bikers. Those that were mostly involved minor accidents. Curiously, during 2019 during the same dates, there were almost the same number of emergency services - 60, but with a greater number of incidents involving bikers, he said.


Short Shorts of All Sorts!

 Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can't address the many short subjects with proper attention. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Here are a few "short shorts" to keep you up to date.

Esperanza Children's Home Still Needs Your Help
Randy and Michelle Auer are long-time supporters of Esperanza Children's Home and they recently visited the new group home in Puerto Penasco. It has turned out beautifully, with everything pretty much ready for the kids. However, at this time, no one is moving in because of the virus restrictions set by the government. Hopefully, it will be used soon, once the pandemic is under control.

Michelle commented "So many of you have given to the children of Esperanza in Rocky Point! Your generosity has allowed the children and staff to survive during the pandemic. Without your support it would have been a crisis. Your kind gifting has helped them pull through these trying times."

"These children have been in the orphanage almost nonstop for the last 8 months. They are going to school online 6 days a week. The staff have been great but are exhausted. Arturo, one of the co-directors, had the virus and was quarantined for 14 days. Our prayers are with Arturo and with the staff still at the orphanage. They are currently providing 24/7 care to the 35 children without relief."

Esperanza continues to have many needs and few people are focused on the needs of children so far away. If you are able please send a donations to:

 Lake Community Church
 6703 N. Idaho Rd,
 Newman Lake, WA 99025
 Please indicate Esperanza on your check.

You can also give on line at
Look for Esperanza Para Los Ninos.

100% of all donations go directly to Esperana
The Christmas Aguinaldo in Mexico
Workers in Mexico look forward to 'el Aguinaldo' – their annual Christmas bonus

When the festive-season holiday approaches, workers in Mexico look forward to their annual Christmas bonus, known as el Aguinaldo.

Mexican labor law stipulates that all formally-employed people must receive an Aguinaldo equivalent to at least 15 days of wages, and it must be paid before December 20. This is in addition to any regular pay or other benefits that the employer offers. In practice, many of the big companies in Mexico pay 30 days — effectively paying employees 13 months of salary per year— and some employers split this into two payments: one-half paid at Christmas and the other half in the summer.

If you live in Mexico and hire any domestic staff informally it’s important to pay them an Aguinaldo in December. This may include maids, caretakers, care-givers, gardeners, pool maintenance people, etc. Some people pay domestic staff two weeks, although a full month’s pay is more appropriate. The payment of an Aguinaldo to domestic staff is a long-established tradition in Mexican culture and getting into the routine of making this annual contribution is an important part of adopting local Mexican customs.
Rocky Point Government Asks Visitors and Residents to Report Street Light Outages
Roger Clyne and Crew Continue to Support Tourist Assistance Unit with Donations
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers have long been a favorite here in Rocky Point, and they always pack the venues here when they play, bringing in substantial tourism dollars to our little paradise.

Beyond the impact that the performances have on local businesses and the tourism economy, Roger and his crew are always very generous with donations to charity organizations and other deserving causes in Rocky Point. One such cause has been the Tourism Assistance Unit (TAU).

RCPM has supported the unit since it's inception several years ago. The latest donations, recently received, were safety flashers for the TAU vehicles, as well as clothing to be used by the Officers.

“We’re lucky to be able to support the good guys at the TAU with some tools to help keep visitors to Penasco safe and having fun. We thank them for all they do for us during our weekends as well as the rest of the year.”
- Roger Clyne
Turtle Nesting In Puerto Peñasco
As Rocky Point continues upgrading the old sodium vapor street lights with the newer LED style lights, the City of Puerto Penasco is asking the population to report any LED-type lights that need maintenance or that are not working. To report the issues, please call the toll-free number 01-800-461-0088, urged José Luis Montijo Torres, the City Director of Public Works.

The Director reported that the company ENCO Efficient y Matter S.A. de C.V., is in charge of fixing or replacing the lights at no cost, since it was part of the commitment that came along with the contract which they had acquired to the replacement of 3,200 sodium vapor lights with LED technology in the Penasco Illumination program.

"The population that calls the toll-free number 01-800, will access the switch to advise of the maintenance or service report. Callers will be offered various options as to the type of the report, and within 4 days the issues will be addressed at no cost," stated the municipal official.
Dozens of olive ridley sea turtles arrive along Puerto Peñasco’s warm beaches yearly to nest and lay their eggs before returning to sea.

The olive ridley turtles perform somewhat of a ritual, as the story describes that turtles return to where they were born to lay their eggs. Whether or not this is true, the fact that sea turtles make their nests along Puerto Peñasco’s beaches is a sign of hope for the species, particularly as it is at risk of extinction.

From September to October this year, at least 350 sea turtle eggs were placed into incubation. The eggs had been deposited in nests by four olive ridley turtles, three along Sandy Beach and another in Playa Encanto. The eggs were then carefully removed and taken to a safeguarded area at Mayan Palace, under the care of biologist Itzel Cárdenas.

Hatching generally occurs 46 days later. The baby turtles born successfully are then transported in styrofoam chests to the beach where their mother first made her nest. They are released into the sea from the original nesting spot.

Turtle nest sightings in Puerto Peñasco have only been registered during the past four years. Fortunately, in most cases, those who spot a sea turtle emerging onto the beach have reported the event to help ensure the turtle is protected and the eggs then removed to incubation. Placing the eggs in incubation prevents further risk due to severe weather, flooding from tides, or pedestrian traffic near the carried out.
CEDO receives 2020 Accreditation for Institutionality and Transparency
The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) has granted the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) 2020 Accreditation for Institutionality and Transparency (AIT). CEMEFI aims to foster the professionalization of the philanthropic sector by providing certainty to donors while promoting transparency and accountability.

“CEDO Intercultural is one of 69 organizations from civil society that obtained AIT recognition for the first time,” indicated a recent CEDO press release, “We are very proud of this as in 2020 a total of 201 organizations across twenty-four states in Mexico were awarded this certification.”
Other organizations that form part of the Mexican Committee of the International Union for the Preservation of Nature, of which CEDO is a member, were also granted AIT accreditation.

AIT accreditation stems from a set of non-controversial and easily verified objectives that reflect an organization’s institutional development. This provides certainty for any company, individual, or institution as to specific characteristics of a non-profit private organization that services others.
Puerto Peñasco Undergoes Audit to Continue Sandy Beach Official Sustainable Clean Beach Certification
Sandy Beach of Puerto Peñasco, certified as an official Sustainable Clean Beach, is undergoing an audit to receive recertification as municipal authorities work hard to achieve compliance of the requirements to achieve the recertification.

In an interview with Marcia Ortega, Director of Ecology in Rocky Point, she stated that, like other certified beaches in the country, Sandy Beach will receive an audit for its recertification as a clean beach.

The beaches with this distinction are periodically audited by personnel from the Zofemat and Ecology units, as well as representatives of the Clean Beaches Committee as Rocky Point prepares to meet all the necessary requirements.

The clean beach auditors are in town from November 30 to December 4, as they will carry out documentary reviews and field reviews, the latter being the most important, and therefore work is being done to keep the beach area in perfect condition in order to maintain this distinction.

Sandy Beach has 1,791 linear meters of certified beach, recently expanding the certified area from 1,525 linear meters to 1,791 linear meters. With this extension, Sandy Beach is considered the second longest beach in the country which holds the White Flag Level 2 award.

Although the issue of the pandemic and the fact that the beaches were closed to the public for a few months helped to keep the beaches free of waste and in good condition, a beach certification requires much more, which is why the city never stops cleaning the beaches and keeping them at the level needed for this recertification, added the Director of Ecology.
CEDO to the Rescue!
The season has come when sea turtles make their way to Puerto Peñasco’s shores to lay eggs before returning to sea. This provides a beautiful spectacle of nature for all who have the opportunity to witness it, as described by CEDO Executive Director Nélida Barajas who took part in a turtle rescue.

We’d like to share the story as to how our friends from the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) not only perform research but also work tirelessly for and on behalf of animals from the sea and desert surrounding Puerto Peñasco.

“It was a cool October morning when we received the call from the local ZOFEMAT office (Federal Maritime Land Zone),” described Bajaras on the CEDO blog. “An Olive Ridley turtle was found at Playa Hermosa. She had gone out at night to lay her eggs and looked tired and had some wounds on her fins. This turtle was probably born here and came back so that her babies would also be from Rocky Point. She was so tired that she was unable to return to sea. Neighbors and visitors informed authorities, who initiated the rescue by calling CEDO Intercultural.”

Bajaras goes on, “We went to examine the turtle, who was exhausted and had minor injuries and who, undoubtedly, needed to rest in a protected place before returning to sea. The team moved her to our Agustin Cortés Building at the CEDO campus where she was kept for hours under observation before being released. CEDO’s team and our family accompanied the turtle back to the sea. It was an awesome experience for us and our children!”

Bajaras expressed gratitude to the CEDO Intercultural team for their passion and dedication, as well as to all who have contributed through donations to help support CEDO’s efforts, expressing “Your donations write our history!”

Those who participated in the recent turtle rescue and release included: Abelardo Castillo: Veterinary and Geographer, Associate Specialist at CEDO; Paloma Valdivia, biologist specializing in turtle physiology and ecology and currently CEDO Education and Communications Manager; Aldemaro García, Infrastructure Manager at CEDO and originally from Rocky Point; Humberto González Veliz, Marine Biologist, ZOFEMAT Supervisor; and children related to CEDO staff, Gala Solis, Joan Loreto Castillo, Luis Enrique Gaxiola, Marina Gaxiola, and Noah Solis.

Congratulations to the whole CEDO team on your honorable work, as well as to those who took part in the turtle rescue and release!

These are actions worth sharing!
City Of Puerto Penasco Provides Support to Students in Online Classes During Covid-19 Restrictions
In order to support parents and students who do not have the necessary technological tools to cope with their online education during this time of a Covid-19, the Government of Puerto Peñasco, headed by Mayor Kiko Munro, through the Municipal Institute of Youth (IMJ), implemented the program called "Clases en tu Colonia" (Classes in your neighborhood).

Dennise Nunez, director of the IMJ, explained that more than 80 primary school students are being helped with educational reinforcement through access to the internet, computers, and printers, as well as to counseling and tutoring in Spanish classes, mathematics, reading comprehension, environmental education, mental health issues, among others. The assistance is provided in open public spaces, using the recommended hygiene and safety measures to help mitigate the contagion of Coronavirus.

Nunez explanied that the Clases en tu Colonia program is held in sporting courts and parks in the Nueva Esperanza, San Rafael, and Obrera neighborhoods, in groups of 20 students in both morning and afternoon shifts, meeting twice per week for 3 hours each. Educational support, reinforcement, and meals are being provided.

She explained that once the students arrive, their temperature is taken, facemasks are provided free of charge and disinfectant gel is made available. The program is staffed by 15 university students from the careers of Psychology, Education, and Psychopedagogy, who serve as the substitute teachers in charge.

The objective of the educational reinforcement program, in addition to supporting them with technological tools and advice from substitute teachers, is that students do not fall behind in their basic level education while waiting to return to face-to-face classes.
City Council Asked to Create Ban on Use of Glass Bottles on the Beaches of Puerto Peñasco
It has been proposed to the City Council that the use of glass bottles be banned on the beaches of Puerto Peñasco at the direction of the Department of Ecology and Sustainable Development of Puerto Penasco, reported Marcia Ortega Morales, director of the agency.

The main reason for seeking to ban the use of glass, most commonly bottles, is that glass is the main pollutant on the beaches of this our town. It is not uncommon for people to leave garbage in ​​areas such as the Malecon, docks area, and main beaches for public use.

Since glass is very prone to breakage, a single bottle can generate many pieces, which end up buried in the sand or between the stones, and when the tide rises, it drags the glass and with the current it ends up again on the coasts of the various beaches.

The Director of Ecology and Sustainable Development asserted that since the Covid-19 pandemic and after the reopening of beaches, visitors have been urged not to bring glass bottles to the beaches as, even during the time of beach closures, glass pieces was still being removed from the beaches, sometimes appearing with the tides.

Puerto Peñasco has area of 1,791 linear meters of beach certified as "Clean Beach", which is audited periodically, and on each occasion it has been observed that there has been glass contaminating the sand and the seabed.

It is for these reasons that they seek to advance frequency and thoroughness of beach cleaning, and also the reason for requesting the ban on glass in order to adapt to the Zofemat beach use regulations (created from the clean beach certification), so that during the next council session, the ban be authorized, and that the Tourist Assistance Police can monitor and enforce this ban, said Marcia Ortega Morales.

The most common glass waste found on the beaches of Puerto Peñasco is that from bottles of alcoholic beverages which have been discarded, or even thrown on the rocks, generating environmental pollution that is difficult to extract.
Walmart Ordered to Sell Tequila at 19 Pesos after Sign Error
The store would not honor the price until the consumer protection agency insisted

Saying it didn’t matter that the store had made an error, representatives from Mexico’s consumer protection agency, Profeco, told staff at a Morelia, Michoacán, Walmart this week that it had to let eight shoppers buy tequila at the advertised price of 19 pesos per bottle.

In total, the shoppers were allowed to purchase 81 bottles at the low price after they called Profeco to say that Walmart’s staff had refused to sell them the 990-milliliter bottles of José Cuervo at the 19-peso price on a sign in the store. After refusing to sell them the liquor, Walmart management then asked the customers to leave, Profeco said.

The agency arrived at the store soon afterward. By the time Profeco approached Walmart management about the issue, staff had already hung up a new sign for the tequila at a price of 169 pesos per bottle. However, Profeco told the store it had to honor the price anyway for those eight shoppers who had tried to buy the liquor while the sign was still on display.
“[The complainants] showed us photographs and a video where the displayed price could be observed,” a Profeco representative told Milenio newspaper.

Having prevailed, seven of the shoppers bought 10 bottles each of the tequila, while the eighth bought 11, Profeco said.
Rocky Point Now Boasts an Official Ashley Furniture Homestore
Puerto Penasco has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade and more people than ever know of our existence. I guess that you can say that Rocky Point is finally on the map. Of course growth means the addition of more businesses and services. Many businesses based in the USA have opened throughout cities of "significance" throughout Mexico, and to date, Rocky Point has gained a Burger King, Dairy Queen, Little Caesars Pizza, a Sam's Club, Bodega Aurrera (subsidiary of Walmart), and most recently, an official Ashley Furniture Homestore.

Blanca Bejarano, CEO and Founder of Hacienda Del Sol Furniture is from San Luis Rio Colorado Sonora. Blanca arrived in Puerto Peñasco in June 2004, with her two children, 16-year-old Annette and 14-year-old Pedro.

Blanca had formed relationships with many business people in Rocky Point through her previous business of distributing US brands of popsicles and ice. In 2004 she opened a business selling shaved ice, ice creams, fruit salads, and milkshakes. The business was very successful and employed around 20 people in order to keep the doors open 7 days per week, 16 hours per day. As always Blanca took a very hands-on approach in taking care of the business together with her employees. Her son Pedro supported her part-time after school.

In 2004, during the boom of Puerto Peñasco, Blanca saw a business opportunity to satisfy the needs of the owners of Condominiums and Beach Houses who would need furniture, window coverings, patio furniture, mattresses, and accessories to furnish and decorate their properties. She began to dream of having a Furniture Store and after doing a market study, she began looking for the best location. At that time she decided to put it in the Malecon since other furniture stores were already established there. Hacienda Del Sol Furniture began on October 30, 2005, with furniture and decorations from Mexico.

In 2007 Blanca bought a piece of land on the main Blvd, Benito Juarez, and dreamed of one day building her own furniture store. She dreamed that the new furniture store would have a spectacular entrance, ample parking, and that customers would feel comfortable and happy to be in such a beautiful place. In fact, the entrance was created into an armoire that measures over 30 feet high and is the largest armoire in the world. She's hoping that one day it will be a Guinness Record, giving Puerto Peñasco its first Guinness Record, but, hasn't done the paperwork yet because it is very laborious and they have been very busy.

Hacienda del Sol Furniture & Window Coverings opens its doors on August 9, 2015 on Boulevard Benito Juarez (across the street from Sam's Club). At that time, her husband Hector joined the business and became Blanca's partner, giving the Company even more drive and potential for growth. By that time, they had become experts in the needs of local customers and changed the entire style of furniture, window coverings, and decorations to accommodate the local market. Her son Pedro entered the business in May 2017, injecting new, fresh, and innovative ideas into the business, and adding a very intelligent perspective and vision.

Ashley Homestore was born one day when Blanca was in a business meeting and envisioned adding a furniture franchise which would be recognized worldwide. With full support from Hector and Pedro, they started the legal process of acquiring the franchise rights. AHS is yet another dream come true for Blanca and her family. AHS opens its doors on November 27, 2019. They are open or business, but due to Covid-19, they decided to postpone the Grand Opening for a later date. Currently the Company has 30 employees who the owners consider as Family. 

Ashley Furniture Homestore is the No. 1 retailer in the U.S. and is well known for the quality and large variety of their product lines. The Ashley Furniture Homestore in Puerto Peñasco carries thousands of items and offers both Ashley products as well as other many other options and selections. They offer traditional, contemporary, casual, cottage and mission furniture styles. Sleeper sofas, bedroom sets, mattresses, window coverings, patio furniture, accessories and more, which are popular among condo owners. The store boasts the largest furniture showroom in town, and they hassle free, deliver straight to your home or condominium.

The store is located on the right side of the main Blvd as you enter Puerto Peñasco, just past the new Cinepolis movie theater, and right next door to their sister store, Hacienda del Sol Furniture.
Kindness Rocks Group Rocky Point?
I recently received an email from a very kind lady who reads my newsletter and wanted to share a wonderful idea with me. Rather than paraphrasing her emails and information, I have simply added the significant parts in this post. Here it is:

As a RE broker/owner of a property management and sales company here in Tucson I finally retired in July (after 33 yrs in the industry) and passed the business on to my son.

I'm 73 and I'd tried to retire a couple different times in the past but had such a hard time "letting go", but this time I was finally ready and now I'm wondering what the heck took me so long, haha! I'm really enjoying having the time to go at my own pace and doing some of the things there was never enough time for.

Several months ago I joined a local "kindness project" in which the group paints rocks with quotes or pictures and then hides them around town for others to find and keep or to re-hide. People leave their painted rocks in all kinds of places outdoors----parks, dr offices, hospitals, grocery stores, etc. Lucky for me I have 9 gr-grandkids who love to hide them for me so I don't have to do the running around, haha!

The concept has really taken off and there are groups in nearly every city across the country, and even internationally. On the back of each rock, the painter writes a brief note: "keep or re-hide; please post a pic on FB: #HideTucsonRocks. With all our winter visitors it's downright amazing where some of the rocks wind up---all over the US and as far away as Europe and other countries. It's just a fun little venture and the intent is to spread a bit of cheer or encouragement and hopefully bring a smile or two to the finders---and we can all use a bit of that in these crazy times!

Some folks in the group are fantastic artists while the majority (like me) just do the best we can and still have fun with it. And there's no competition involved and no age restrictions so all are welcome, from young to old, and everyone's very encouraging of each other's work, regardless of their artistic abilities.

So....all of this said (sorry for the long ramble!) I'm wondering if you might be open to my sending you a small box of painted rocks to hide around your resorts? I know you already have more than plenty to do and I completely understand if you'd decline, cuz I sure wouldn't want it to be a hassle for you in any way. I just thought with all the tourists coming and going, it might be fun for both of us to see where a rock from your resorts had traveled and wound up.

After a few back and forth emails, we determined that there may be an interest in someone starting a group here in Rocky Point. Adella was kind enough to offer some advice, and even offered to help coordinate with someone to get thing rolling. She went on to offer some advice:

The group will need a name and a Facebook page where guidelines are posted and folks can post pics of their own rocks or those they find, etc. One or two people need to be designated as "admin moderators" who'll check the page often to be sure no one's left unkind or disrespectful comments, or trying to sell something. They can remove any postings they deem distasteful or not in line with the mission of spreading kindness & cheer. (it doesn't happen often but as groups grow in numbers....well, you know.)

I'd say it's best to have someone local set up the FB page and act as admin moderator(s), and once it gets going, there may be folks within the group who are willing to moderate. To be a group "member" it's merely a matter of "liking" the FB page and posting pics/comments/questions etc. as a person may choose. Moderators can also arrange to hold a "paint party" for members to get acquainted/socialize. Basically, groups can be as active as they'd like about actually meeting together, but for the most part interactions are thru FB. 

There's honestly no "training" involved. Basic supplies are simply rocks, paints/brushes and/or markers & a can of clear sealer. I'm happy to help however I can. I really think it'll catch on fast once word gets around, and be forewarned---rock painting/hiding is addictive, haha!

Ideas: .....StonesByTheSea.....KindnessByTheSea....HideRockyPointRocks.... etc, etc

Finally, I did a quick search and found the following information about the idea. If anyone is interested in starting a group and would like to reach out to Adella, please let me know and I will share her contact information with you. I’m not sure that she wants me to include it here.

Kindness rocks is a viral trend where people, paint rocks or stones with inspirational messages or sayings. Then they leave them in public places for people to find. The intention is to spread kindness and love to people around the world.

These painted stones are pretty simple to create and don’t require a lot of instruction. But there are some important kindness rocks rules.

Make sure that you seal your rocks well. You want them to hold up to the elements until they are found.

Never glue embellishments to rocks you plan on hiding. While they are beautiful, these additions are terrible for the environment and the animals. No matter how strong you think that glue is, a squirrel is going to be able to pick it off. Stick to paint on any rock you plan on hiding.

Be kind. These rocks are meant to make people happy, so their phrases should always be positive. Stay clear of negative thoughts, bad language, or anything inappropriate. You never know who is going to find the rocks.

Place your rocks in open spaces, not in places that will disturb nature or ruin a lawnmower. Step by step instructions for how to make kindness rocks can be found online or at #rockpainting101

Starting with the right rock makes all the difference. You want a nice and smooth rock, this will help make writing on the rocks easier. The size of the rock is important too. Think about how much space your message will take and choose a rock that’s big enough for all the words.

Learn how to prepare rocks and stones for painting. Yes, there is a step from buying rocks to paint and actually painting them. Check out these 4 easy tips. #howtopaintrocks #howtoprepparerocks #rockpainting101 #rockpaintingforbeginners #rockpaintingtips #stonepainting #paintedpebbles #howtowasrocks #rockpaintng1012

Once you buy your rocks, you want to make sure they are ready to be painted. Washing your rocks makes the paint stick better and removes any debris from the stones. Check out our instructions on preparing rocks for painting.

Hand lettering a single word is the best way to learn how to hand letter onto painted rocks. Check out these tips and video tutorial to create kindness rocks or holiday rocks

Finding what to write on a kindness rock can a challenge. We are working on creating a kindness rocks sayings list. Until then, check out this fun list of inspirational sayings that may help you decide.

If you paint rocks for hiding, you need to make sure you have the perfect sealer for painted rocks. This will protect your rocks from the sun and rain and even snow.

Hiding your rocks in public has some rules, but it's not the only way to share them. You don’t have to hide them. Here are some other ways to give kindness rocks:

Give them to friends and family.
Place them on a co-worker’s desk.
Donate them to charities.
Decorate your home.
Give them to teachers.
Give them as party favors.
Place them in your child’s backpack.
Despite Covid, Buen Fin Shopping Event Sales Expected to Match Last Year’s Sales
The federal government and the private sector anticipate total sales of 117 billion pesos (US $5.75 billion), which would be just 3 billion pesos shy of last year’s total.

They are hopeful that the event, which ended on November 20, will show a much-needed boost to the ailing economy.
A large part of this year’s discounted Buen Fin purchases were predicted to be made online but bricks and mortar stores across Mexico also geared up for increased customer numbers during the 12-day event.

The fact that this year’s Buen Fin ran three times longer than last year’s and is a major reason why sales are expected to come close to 2019 levels despite the coronavirus-induced economic downturn.

Participating retailers were required to follow strict health measures, said Economy Minister Graciela Márquez and the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco).

Shoppers were required to wear face masks and undergo temperature checks before being allowed to enter a store. They were given antibacterial gel for their hands and needed to step on shoe sanitizing mats on their way into commercial establishments.

Stores were required to limit capacity to 30% of their normal levels and ensure that shoppers keep a “healthy distance” from each other.

Concanaco president José Manuel López Campos said that store managers had completed online courses in order to become au fait with the required health measures.

He said that business owners, employees and customers all have a responsibility to follow the rules and reduce the possibility of new coronavirus infections during and after the Buen Fin event.

While sales are expected to be strong, an academic at the Universidad del Valle de México said that many people were unable to take advantage of the discounts and promotions on offer.

Myrna Guadalupe Martínez Lucio pointed out that many workers have had their salaries cut or hours reduced due to the pandemic while others lost their jobs and incomes completely.

Many people’s purchasing power has been reduced, she said. As a result they are unlikely to go shopping for nonessential items even though they might be able to obtain them at bargain prices.

The president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies was more optimistic, noting that consumers were able to pay back some purchases interest-free over a period of 40 months while getting double or triple reward points from their banks. “It’s an enormous opportunity,” said Eduardo Paniagua.

The 2020 Buen Fin was the 10th edition of the annual shopping event. Sales last year were three times higher than during the inaugural event in 2011 when shoppers spent 40 billion pesos.

If sales this year don’t exceed those of 2019 it will be the first time in the event’s history that revenue has declined from one year to the next.
We Can Thank Bats for Tacos, Tequila
It's probably not widely known that 1 million Mexican Free Tail Bats will eat 10 tons of insects in a single night. Or that the last taco you ate, or tequila you drank was available thanks to bats, of which there are 138 species found in Mexico.

But more people are becoming aware of these facts through the efforts of Mexico's own Batman, and the prestige earned by a documentary about his life work.

Biologist Rodrigo Medellin, a National Autonomous University (UNAM) professor and researcher and an international authority on bats, says his earliest passion was studying African mammals. He auditioned for a television quiz show and became the first child to appear on the program.

He chose mammals as his topic and made it through six rounds, and while he didn't win, he caught the attention of UNAM professors, who invited him to work in their lab. He was 11 year old.

Forty-six years later he is an award-winning expert on bats, operating a conservation program in 25 states and in other countries of Latin America. He is the subject of a BBC documentary entitled The Bat Man of Mexico, which first aired in the United Kingdom (UK) in June, and was nominated for a Panda Award, the prestigious "Green Oscar."

Narrated by British actor David Attenborough, the film explores the world of bats through Medellin's eyes, going as far as to capture a birth, in which the mother delivers her pup while upside down, and then quickly catches it before it falls.

Medellin is the winner of several Whitley Awards, which recognize conservationists around the world. He won his first in 2004 and in 2012 was presented by the U.K.'s Princess Anne with the first annual Whitley Gold Award for "an outstanding individual contribution to conservation."

But Mexico's Batman's focus is not on winning prizes, but showing the world how important a role bats play in the ecosystem by pollinating, dispersing seeds and even preventing the spread of infectious diseases. And it's a tough job.

Bats have a bad rap, possibly dating back to Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1897, but it's completely unfounded, says Medellin. Corn and even agave crops in Mexico have bats to thank for protecting them from pests and disease, and for pollinating. The latter, like everything bats do, takes place at night and they're much more efficient at the job than birds.

Yet humans continue to destroy their habitat, vandalizing their roosts and their caves. He says vampire bats are indeed a pest. "But most bats are highly beneficial - vital for pollination and seed dispersal and an invaluable asset to farmers in keeping down insect populations."

If bats didn't exist, he says, crops would be destroyed by insects in less than a month. And plants such as the agave wouldn't pollinate. They rely on the the Tequila Bat for pollination; the plants happen to flower at the time the bats migrate.

"The link has been here for millions of years," says Medellin. "Agaves rely on the bats to move their pod. Bats rely on agaves so they can survive. We could not have tequila if it weren't for the bats."

He would like to see the label on every bottle of tequila bear the line, "Bat-friendly," so that people become more aware of the mammal's importance.

Medellin had some good news to celebrate a few years ago when the Tequila Bat was taken off the list of species under threat, after 20 years of efforts to bring back the numbers. It was, perhaps, the best award that one could give to Mexico's Batman.
Mexico's New Year's Traditions are as Odd as the Ones North of the Border
With the arrival  of a new year  in Mexico,  hopes for better times also arrive.  In the Mexican culture , so full of traditions, year-end rituals are an important part of popular belief for finding love, money, good luck.
There are an endless number of rituals, perhaps one for every Mexican family, and they're passed on from generation to generation.

Some rituals have religious backgrounds, like praying the rosary, attending mass before 12 o'clock and lighting candles, but most have more to do with luck and good fortune.

Here are some of the most common:

According to tradition, before the end-of-the-year dinner, thoroughly cleaning the house is recommended to get rid of bad vibes and to attract better things.

Making a wish list is part of the year-end ritual; write them down and have them on hand for the rest of the year. Common goals include losing weight, quitting smoking, changing jobs, healthy eating- even ending a relationship.

The clothing worn at the year-end dinner also has a special meaning for some people. Some tend to dress in white clothing to ward off illness and to attract good health. Most people, however, use garments especially worn for the first time for that evening: coats, shawls, hats, scarves, sweaters, shirts, ties and curiously, under all thoseclothes, red and yellow underwear.

The reds are used to attract love and passion ...The yellow?... to attract happiness and wealth.

When evening comes, it's customary to turn on each of the house lights so that, according to custom, prosperity and success radiate throughout the year.

Preparing and decorating the table for dinner is also a ritual-filled process. The dinner is plentiful, with a great variety of flavors: sweet, strong, spicy and sour... and of course, beverages, both with and without alcohol.

The table is arranged with the best tablecloth, the most expensive dishes and sparkling glasses for the midnight toast. Red and gold dominate the table, as well as candles at the center and floral arrangements to attract good luck and prosperity. A special wish: follow this guide to learn what color candle you should place:

Blue brings peace- yellow: abundance- red: passion- green: health- white: clarity and orange: intelligence.

So you think that there are already too many things to do? Just wait until midnight for a parade of additional rituals:

At the stroke of 12 midnight, it's customary to ring a bell and ring it loudly. No home should be without this item for it symbolizes the home's joy and happiness.

While the bells are sounding, everyone eats 12 grapes -- symbolizing the wishes for each month of the New Year.
Immediately afterwards come the hugs and kisses session with relatives and friends, which represents love and companionship for each other and for their loved ones.

When part of a couple receives hugs and kisses; they are assured that the year will be full of romance.

Finally, a toast is made with sparkling wine or champagne because its bubbles represent the spark of happiness that you want to have all year long.

Then each person starts with their personal rites of which the best known are:

- Throwing a glass of water out towards the street symbolizes expelling tears, worries and negativity.

- Placing a coin in a shoe or a ticket in their pocket when the person seeks economic prosperity. Or there are also those who customarily eat a handful of lentils.

- Sweep with a broom from the door to the street when you want to drive out bad vibes, troubles and negative things from the home.

- For those who want a certain person to give them their love during the new year; tie a red ribbon together with a picture of the person and sleep with them under your pillow that night.

- Those who take a couple of suitcases and go around the block do it because they want to take a trip ... the farther the walk, the farther their trip will be.

- For those who wish to marry, it's recommended that they sit and stand up on each of the 12 chimes of the clock.

- Want a promotion at work? Get up on a ladder or stand on a chair and be higher than others.

- For those who like rituals with candles, you can light three candles in a triangle at exactly 12 midnight. One must be red, one green and one yellow, together with nine grains of rice, nine lentils and nine gold coins -- no matter what their value -- to pray for the family's prosperity, abundance and love, and so on.

In short, there's a bit of everything on this evening: some are happy, others cry of sadness, some like to celebrate it alone, and others in the company of their entire family. But the majority practice religious, deep, funny, old, or bizarre rituals; all with the aim of keeping alive the hope of bringing on better days for all.
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Rompope, the Nuns' Drink
Drinks like rompope exist in a number of places around the globe: in the United States, it's known as eggnog; for the Dutch it's advocaat, and in Spain there's rompón.

In Mexico, however, rompope took on a personality all its own, and that was thanks to the nuns. Now you're probably wondering how that happened.

It all started, in 1524, when Franciscan monks came to New Spain. They went around putting up new temples where they could spread the gospel, quite a few convents among them. Puebla de los Ángeles became a major bastion for those Franciscans. As the city on the way to the metropolis, for travelers coming from the Atlantic, it was a key meeting place for both Spaniards and Creoles in positions of power. Traders, clergymen, soldiers and politicians spent days in Puebla, and they had to be lavished with the most exquisite dishes.

In their convent, the Clarissa nuns developed a liqueur with eggs, cinnamon, sugar, almonds and rum or cane liquor: Spanish rompón with a mestizo touch gave rompope its unique character. The nuns made the rompope without ever tasting it, since they were strictly forbidden from imbibing.

Only one mestiza nun, by the name of Eduviges, was allowed to taste and tweak it. After having improved the product's flavor, Eduviges asked the bishop to allow all her fellow nuns to try a little. "A nip a day does no one any harm," she said, and that convinced him.

Besides pleasure and joy, the rompope provided the Clarissas with a livelihood: by selling it, they got money for congregation improvements.

Nowadays, Mexico has a huge range of rompopes, from commercial brands to handmade versions, and it comes in special flavors, like pine nut, coffee, pecan and strawberry, made in Colima.

Besides being sipped in little glasses, rompope is also used in baking: for cakes, ice cream, cookies and gelatins. And its fame has stretched to many countries in Central and South America.

Mexican nuns keep on making and drinking innocent nips of rompope. And if you ask them for their secret recipes, you can be sure they will never give it to you.

Rompope Recipe:


4 egg yolks
6 cups of milk
1 NESTLÉ® La Lechera Sweetened Condensed Milk 14 oz. Can
1/2 cup of almonds
Rum, to your taste


Soak the almonds in boiling water and then peel them. Blend with a little milk until smooth and without lumps.

Heat the milk in a large pot. Add La Lechera and almond mixture. Stir constantly with a wooden spoon until it becomes thick. Once this happens remove pot from heat.

In a bowl beat the egg yolks with the rum, then add them little by little, to the milk mixture. Do not stop stirring until all the ingredients are well combined.

Let cool in the pot and then store in a glass bottle. Store in refrigerator.
Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl, a Story of Eternal Love
The landscape of Mexico City would not be the same without two of the most incredible volcanoes; the Popocatépetl and the Iztaccíhuatl. These two mountains are the most colossal in the hemisphere and their wonderful view will shock anyone. But they also have a deep symbolic and spiritual value that has been practiced for millennia and still remains intact today.

Its origin is unknown, however, we know that the two volcanoes were of great importance for pre-Hispanic societies. In fact, there is a legend about its creation, which every Mexican should know by heart.

Legend has it that these two mountains are nothing more than two humans turned into stone. It is about a maiden and a Tlaxcalteca warrior fused by love. On one side is Iztaccíhuatl, who was the most beautiful princess anyone has ever seen in all of the pre-Hispanic territories. And, Popocatepetl was one of the most handsome and brave warriors in the area.

It is said that before starting the great war against the Aztecs, Popocatepetl asked the leader of the people for the hand of the maiden. The latter granted it, but with only one condition; that he returned safe and sound from the war so that he could be with her.

Without further ado, the brave warrior left for the battlefield while the young princess, Iztaccíhuatl, waited for his love. Unfortunately, Popocatépetl’s most dangerous rival stayed with the maiden, and without losing the opportunity created by war, he deceived the princess, reporting to her that her lover had died in combat.

Devastated by the news, she broke down in tears until her body dried up and her soul perished. Soon after, Popocatepetl returned victorious and ready to meet his love. However, upon arrival he received the terrible news. For a long time the young man walked the streets of the entire town torn by grief. He was trying to find a way to honor their great love for each other, and it was so that he ordered a great tomb erected under the Sun.

Once finished, he took the delicate body of his beloved and placed it on the top of the mountain. He kissed her for the last time, to later watch her dream forever. Since then, the two have remained together.

Over time, the weather covered their bodies to turn them into two huge volcanoes that still today remain unchanged. Of course, from time to time, the two remember their great love, and then their hearts, which guard the fire of eternal passion, tremble, and smoke.
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