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Happy Memorial Day & Thank You for Viewing! 
'Behind the Scenes' Look at the 'Domestic Disturbance'
Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Exhibition Team
Build Progress:
Rod has completed most of the Mustang's chassis upgrades, and started the body mounting process. He also formed and mounted the 3-Piece head containment base pieces (now at ISP for Sfi covering.) Jill has finished the windshield, made the  A-Pillar supports and fit the rear window panel template. Next, she will cut and mount the roof escape hatch & hood burst panel. When both engines arrive, Rod can move forward with the firewalls / tin work and belly pans on both cars. He'll also be making a new fuel cell and oil tank for the Stang. Denny has been busy machining various components.
We are proud to announce ODYSSEY Batteries www.odysseybattery.com has joined our growing list of product support sponsors!  Please visit their website and social media pages: Facebook: @ODYSSEYBATTERY Twitter: @ODYSSEY_BATTERY

The existing garage/shop is busting at the seams. So, in our spare time...LOL, we have expanded to a secondary location that's close to home and perfect in many ways. Jeff has been assisting Rod with clearing tree's, installing water pipe, wiring and other facility upgrades. 

At our main shop, we are installing a new ceiling track system, f or easy removal and lifting of the fiberglass car bodies.

Many race cars can not be driven to the starting line, or back to the trailer after a pass.
Since our cars need to be towed, our first 'official' team tow vehicle has been purchased.
It is BAD AZZZ.... Mark your calendars for June 4th! We will be testing our new "Nitro Buggy" at the at the Race 4 Ronalds House Charity Race and Show Event  at Maple Grove Raceway.
We have received a number of requests for T-Shirts and Autograph Cards. A full line of Domestic Disturbance Team branded merchandise/souvenirs including T-Shirts, Hats, Autograph Cards and other fun promotional items will be released, after testing is complete. Please send your requests to pmnitrocars@gmail.com
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Thanks to our valued sponsors, we will be Running Fast, Rolling Safe and Looking Good!
Team Members:
Driver - 1966 Nova
Driver - 1971 Mustang
Car Chief / Machinist
Crew Chief
Jet & Dually Fazekas
Hard(ly) Working Mascots
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