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A 'Behind the Scenes' Look at the Domestic Disturbance
Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Exhibition Team
Build Progress:
When the Mustang body was placed onto Jill's chassis, it was clear that additional fabrication work would need to be done.
(The original 1989 Olds FC Body nose was much longer.)
Rod's been working on the front end modifications and installing Jill's controls. Upgrades include: PRO-WERKS Steering Box, S&W Steering Wheel & Throttle Pedal, Safety Shut Off System components and Silver Jacket Brake, Throttle & Fuel Cables.
Jill wrapped up the formed seat project, and is currently working on final stages of the Mustang Windshield installation. The cardboard template was fitted and sent to Pro-Glass Windshields. They custom formed the 3/16" thick mar-resistant Lexan® windshield. Next, it will be trimmed, drilled & secured to the body. It will also be notched for the injector hat, after the engine is mounted.
The Twin's are coming Home! 
Next month, we'll be taking a road trip to bring our Twin Nitro Hemi's home. 

Upon our return, both engines will be positioned and mounted. 

After the engines are mounted, we will continue with Body modifications & mounting.
Team Members:
WELCOME Jeff Schollenberger!
We are happy to announce Jeff will be our Crew Chief.

He is an electrician by trade, with strong mechanical skills and many years of racing experience. Jeff's also a conscientious individual with many good character traits.
We look forward to working side-by-side with him, both in the shop and at the track.  
Welcome back POP!
Only 7 weeks after having bilateral knee replacement surgery, Denny's back on his feet and making chips fly. Special thanks for fine-tuning our machining equipment last week.   
Driver - 1966 Nova
Driver - 1971 Mustang
Car Chief / Machinist
Jet & Dually Fazekas
Hard(ly) Working Mascots
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