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Rod Nester Smith Vending Iowa
Rod Nester finds his drivers take better care of their smart phones than company-provided handhelds.
By Elliot Maras

Smith Vending, a Canteen franchise in Clarinda, Iowa, does not hesitate to consider new technology, having reaped great benefits from investing in cashless, pre-kitting and pick-to-light in recent years. The company is currently testing iPods and smartphones to replace DEX handhelds in partnership with Crane Streamware.

The company recently completed its fifth week of a pilot test, with a third of its nine drivers participating.

"Throughout the day, it's automatically sending the data back to the warehouse so the pre-kitters aren't having to wait to sync the data," said Rod Nester, company owner. "That's kind of cool."

Customers can access nutrition information at the point of sale on the 32M kiosk.
Three Square Market (32M) will provide consumers nutrition information right on the point of sale kiosk, the company announced. The 32M nutrition information will be a seamless upgrade for all operators globally.  All new markets opened in December will automatically have this feature.
"Operators will have to do absolutely nothing for this to appear o n their kiosks" said 32M President Curt Giles . "And when our total caloric consumption feature comes out next year, no one will touch the wellness impact 32M will bring to the marketplace. With nutrition information requirements and consumer tastes evolving constantly, a 32M customer will always have the latest inform
ation with a scan of the product."
32M offers a smart phone app that allows operators to give customers the ability to monitor their market account 24/7, make purchases and access fast login options using their personal mobile device.
32M's real-time reports allow operators to monitor location and warehouse reports from any place there is an Internet connection.
Biometric fingerprint technology is also available, allowing customers to register one of all of their fingerprints and allowing them to have the most reliable login option possible.

The Jofemar BT11 reader has optical, magnetic and IR sensors.
The Jofemar BT11 MDB banknote reader features technology that improves vending machine security, enabling banknotes to be inserted in any position and facilitating access for cleaning. The reader features Jofemar sensor technology that scans the complete banknote with optical, magnetic and IR sensors.

Sensors and analysis software guarantee the correct identification of legal banknotes. The reader recognizes up to 48 banknote positions; 12 banknotes in four directions

The reader allows access to the banknote reading change without tools, making cleaning and maintenance easier.
The reader also equips LED lighting in the banknote entrance and different animation sequences, banknote stacker models with different capacities, or an external installation kit for machines without internal space.

It is mechanically fitted to return the last banknote if the sales is not carried out, which avoids spending coin change.

MicroVend Counter Top Vendor
The MicroVend offers 24 selections.

The MicroVend countertop vendor from Automated Merchandising Systems Inc. accepts coins, bills and most cashless payment systems. The unit is designed for small items such as single-serve coffee capsules, single-serve creamers, energy drinks, snacks and rolled candy. It is particularly suited to complement single-serve coffee machiness.

The MicroVend features LED lighting and hss four columns, six trays and 24 selections. If four trays are single-serve coffee or cremers, then two trays can hold energy drinks or other bottled beverages..

The unit comes with a 3-year warranty for the control board and a 1-year warranty for all other parts.

The unit weighs 180 pounds and it is 40.5 inches high by 22.25 inches wide and 25 inches deep.
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