We’re so thrilled to be writing to you today.

In the years since our last curtain call, we’ve busied ourselves with FILM and TV projects, bought (and sold!) the Circle Theatre in Hollywood, and have been searching high and low for a knockout play with which to make Red Dog’s Return.

We've found that play and can’t wait to share it to you.

Having to give up the Circle earlier this year highlights just how challenging it is to produce live, non-profit theatre in LA. And yet, there’s still nothing else like it, especially as technology seems to be increasingly separating us from the vital connections we all need.

Ayad Akhtar in his NY Times article at the end of last year summed it up nicely:

"A living being before a living audience. Relationship unmediated by the contemporary disembodying screen. Not the appearance of a person, but the reality of one. Not a simulacrum of relationship, but a form of actual relationship."

And the relationship we’ve had with audiences for almost twenty years now has kept us dreaming and ever inspired.

There are a few ways to get involved before our big announcement in a few weeks. Your support means the world:

In advance of a fund-raising campaign, you can make tax-deductible donations right now here: bit.ly/reddogdonate Recurring, monthly donations can also be set up and will go a long way towards our summer efforts, Fall production, and beyond.

There are also opportunities for volunteer work as we’re building our Squad. Visit this link to apply and tell us a little bit about yourself: reddogsquadron.com/volunteer

For the ultimate contribution, Red Dog Executive Producer status is available to the highest level of patron here: reddogsquadron.com/produce

Thank you from the two of us and from an incredible team that you’ll be meeting in the coming weeks and months!

James & Brad