Jewish Pro-Life Foundation Newsletter 5 April 2021 - 23 Nissan 5781
Roe v Wade Review, Pro-Life Israel Project, Tikvat Rachel Healing
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The Roe. v Wade movie opened in theaters this week. As expected, reviews from left leaning media describe the movie as right wing propaganda, with lousy production value and terrible acting. Alice Lemos, a member of our board of directors, attended a NYC showing along with many other pro-lifers and the film's producer, Nick Loeb. Alice anticipated liking the movie and experiencing camaraderie with others in attendance; instead, the movie's depiction of the Jewish involvement with abortion rights in America and the audience's laughter at the movie's attempt at Yiddish humor prompted Alice to inform the producer of her dismay at the movie's anti-Jewish bias. Alice posted her movie review to our blog, Roe v. Wade Film Disappoints

Tragically, Bernard Nathanson and Larry Lader, two major players in the abortion rights movement, were atheist, progressive Jews. Their anti-religious, anti-Torah arguments for legalized abortion supplied kindred, pro-abortion Jewish activists with effective decades long disinformation messaging, convincing Jews and Catholics that abortion is a religious right in Judaism. Below are three Jewish opinions to the contrary. Thank God, we can provide them to you!

Judaism is pro-life and all Jews should be pro-life.

Is what I read about abortion and Judaism correct?

Judaism Is Emphatically 'Pro-Life' | Opinion
The movie has its drawbacks; however, we believe it has educational value so we still want to offer a free showing of it through our zoom room with a private open discussion afterward. We'll decide on a date and time and send out the invitations.
On Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 4pm Adrienne Skolnik will speak on Zoom about “The New Jewish Exodus Project,” a Synagogue Of America home for Jews alienated by their leftwing temples and synagogues. Fore details, visit the Conference website at:
During Passover Yizkor services, we prayed for all precious Jewish children who were lost from abortion.
Tikvat Rachel, our healing program for Jewish women and men who suffer after abortion, meets weekly in our zoom room. Please contact BarbaraBeth for login information. We're saving your seat!
Abortion rates in Israel concern many Jews and Christians who understand the demographic, spiritual, and cultural threats that legally killing 40,000 Jewish babies annually poses to the Jewish state. Abortion industry profiteers in Israel trade national security, precious lives, and the Jewish future for huge government medical subsidies that enrich abortion supporting political candidates and judicial activists. Our Pro-Life Israel Project recently held our first planning meeting. We realized that no organization exists that can administer it, so we need to create a new public charity and look for a Jewish someone in Israel who will manage it. We have a quote for this legal work, and are considering names like Sarah's Hope or Stars of Abraham. We found a translator to translate our Power Point and ad graphics and memes into Hebrew for Israel media. Each of us is networking for others to attend the next meeting. Please contact us if you would like to learn how you could work with an interdenominational group to end abortion in Israel.
We continue to upload last year's Jewish Pro-Life Show audio tracks to our podcast platform. Episode 40, Jewish Leadership Condemns Racism But Not Abortion, showcases an article by Daniel Greenfield, Shillman Fellow at the the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The article is about the contrast between Jewish leadership's vigorous public condemnation of the Floyd death and their deafening silence about the defacement of synagogues, institutions and schools by BLM rioters in Los Angeles that took place following Floyd's death. Mr Greenfield appreciates the Conference on Jewish Affairs' Rabbi Aryeh Spero's outspoken condemnation of the BLM attacks Los Angeles. We share the article's insights and draw parallels about the silence from Jewish leadership on anti-Semitic violence in LA with their silence on the widespread use of abortion in Jewish culture.

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We're creating a series of messages to counter the
NCJW propaganda campaign. Please share!
May there be abundant peace from Heaven, and good life upon us and upon all Israel. Amen.
Gevalt! She IS Alive Before She's Born!
"We must always take sides.
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
Eli Wiesel
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"Weeping is lodged in one side of my heart,
and joy is lodged in the other"
The Zohar

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