April 27, 2022

Roger Rowland Elected Unanimously

Despite all the rowdy behavior at the Republican State Assembly a few weeks ago, the Denver Central Committee meeting was drama free when it came to electing Roger Rowland. Roger was unanimously elected at Tuesday night's meeting as the new Chairman of the Denver Republican Party.

Roger has been serving as the Denver GOP secretary over the last year. He has hands‑on experience with the day‑to‑day operations, as well as the larger projects, like a county assembly.

Upon hearing of his unanimous approval Roger tells us:

I am grateful for the support from the organization. I will focus on improving our organization, with an emphasis on communication and support of our PCPs, captains, and candidates. There will be a renewed emphasis on fund raising to support our local candidates and to help Denver make a difference for our statewide candidates.

Roger wants to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to volunteer as a Denver GOP Officer. The affiliate is looking for a secretary and vice chair. Interested persons should send an email to There will be an Executive Committee meeting on May 11 and an officers meeting on May 25.

Bylaw Changes

Denver Republican Party bylaw changes were voted-in at the Central Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

  • Bylaws were changed to require all persons holding the position of chair of the Denver Republican Party live in Denver, Colorado.
  • The Denver chair cannot enter into a contract in excess of $500 without legal counsel review and executive committee approval.
  • The Denver chair cannot enter into a contract that extends more than three months past the end of their current term. (Exceptions are communication services like phone, website, software subscriptions, and email platform.)

PCP Training

Denver GOP has obtained useful database to PCPs (precinct committee persons). This database will allow users to see many different records about the voters in their precincts, like their voting record. The software was used most recently in Arapahoe County.

The database tells you if they participated in an election but does not tell you how they voted. This information is useful for locating like-minded voters, as well as finding unaffiliated voters that might be ready for real change.

The database also sorts the walking list for you by even and odd house addresses. This allows you to walk on one side of the street, instead of crossing back and forth or cherry-picking addresses.

The web based software will be made available to all Denver PCPs. The PCPs will have an opportunity to see all their precinct data. Access instructions will be sent out to the PCPs in the next few weeks.

Happy Hour Starts Again

Our First Friday Breakfast has seen large turn outs lately. Many of us enjoyed the evening happy hour Denver GOP hosted as well.

We will be working on a location to host our monthly, evening happy hour soon. We will update you as soon as we have things lined up.

We encourage you to reply to this newsletter if you have suggestions on where to host a happy hour. Add something to the subject line relevant to your suggestion.