Pecking Order

I think we've all heard the phrase "pecking order" at one time or another.  Probably when politics comes up or office hierarchy is described.  Do you sometimes wonder where you are in the pecking order of your job---of your club----of your school-etc, etc?  I'm sure we all do once in a while.  Did you ever wonder where the phrase 'pecking order" comes from?  Well--- this is a blog by Chicken George---so the obvious answer is-----FROM CHICKENS!!  

Chickens have their own ways of maintaining social order-which has served their needs well enough over the last few centuries.  It's a bit authoritarian (or politically incorrect) by our standards ----but it's the way chickens govern themselves.  The pecking order is, literally, determined by...

Rogers Team Spotlight

Larry Ricks, Corporate Controller

Our people are the backbone of Rogers Poultry. And, we believe that its our people and our family-oriented culture that has kept us at the forefront of our industry for over 90 years! We're incredibly proud of our team and once you get to know more about them, we're certain you will be too!
Larry Ricks, Rogers Corporate Controller, is the perfect example of the exceptional caliber of people we have on our team. Larry has been with Rogers just about a year and he's already making a big difference! Not only is Larry making sure Rogers runs smoothly internally and is financially sound, he's also committed to doing his part to ensure our customers get the very best service and products available!  Read more about Larry and learn why its people like him that help make Rogers great. 

CBD-Infused Food/Drink, Zero-Waste are Top Trends


Plant-based ingredients, including cannabis and CBD, and zero-waste cooking will be the hottest overall culinary trends of 2019, new research from the National Restaurant Association finds.

According to the Association's 2019 What's Hot Culinary Survey, a barometer of U.S. food and beverage trends, 650 professional chefs - all members of the American Culinary Federation - said infusing food and drink with cannabis and CBD could create unique cuisine opportunities and potential new markets for experiential dining occasions.  In fact, 77 percent of the survey's respondents identified cannabis/CBD-infused drinks as the No. 1 trend. In addition, 76 percent of them tapped cannabis/CBD-infused food as the second most popular trend.

However, as chefs and restaurateurs consider incorporating the ingredients into menu items, Association officials stressed that cannabis and CBD are...
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