Chinese Chickens

All the political talk about tariffs and a trade war with China may have an effect on a lot of goods---but chicken are not one of them.  Currently, the US buys no chickens from China.  We raise 99% of all the chickens we process right here in the US.  In fact, we are the largest chicken producer in the world and the second largest poultry exporter after Brazil. That's because we are the best at it and have the safest food supply in the world. 

On the other side of the coin-the US ships NO raw CHICKEN to China.  Why? Because, China already has a ban on US poultry which stems from another disagreement that happened years ago. 
Even though our poultry is so much safer than the poultry grown in China, and even if China wanted to ship chickens into the US, they would not be able to compete with our US growers.  China's poultry industry isn't nearly...

Top 10 Reasons to Take a Rogers Plant Tour

"You don't know, what you don't know"... CEO, George Saffarrans
Have you ever heard the phrase---"you don't know what you don't know"??  This phrase, is particularly accurate when it comes to all the different chicken and poultry items that are available through Rogers Poultry. Some chefs think chicken is all about "random" breast meat or whole body chickens. Others,  think its about one-size portion control chicken breast.  Yet another, thinks frozen chicken is all that's available. Well, let me assure you---there is a lot more to chicken than all of the above!  When you tour Rogers Plant--you have the chance to see 100+ butchers doing their thing to fill orders.
Some of the things to see:
1)The various sizes of all the different chickens and parts
2)The many different cuts we do on the whole body
3)The 10 different things we can do to a chicken wing
4)The way we can debone a whole chicken---and do it 10 different ways
5)The by-products we produce that will help you food costs
6)The many different ways we use the dark meat for your menus
7)The many machines we have for dicing and stripping chicken meat for your needs
8)The many different ways we have to marinate your chicken---either bone in or boneless
9)The machines we have to even out the size of the chicken breast for even and quicker cooking
10)And finally---to see our bone detector in
operation-----one of the only units of its kind in Southern Cali
As you tour the plant-----you have the ability to see all this in action and ask ALL the questions you've ever had about chickens.  I guarantee, this tour will be like no other tour you've been on.  So please--contact us for your personalized tour today.

The State of ... Millennial Dining


If you are wondering what attracts millennial customers to your restaurants, perhaps the No. 1 answer is the ability to provide an experience, new National Restaurant Association research finds.

According to the Association's 2019  State of the Restaurant Industry report, millennial customers, aged 21 to 38 years old, said they would like restaurants to serve technology that improves the dining experience, offer more environmentally sustainable items, and create easier opportunities to order takeout and delivery.
Regarding the general dining experience, the report found millennial's were willing to pay more to get more. Here are a few of the top line findings:
  • 51 percent said they wished that restaurants - during the reservation process -- would allow them to choose their own tables from a seating chart located on the restaurant's website.
  • 42 percent said they'd be willing to pay to participate in a loyalty program that guarantees reservations on busy days, discounts certain items or offers skip-the-line privileges.
  • 23 percent said they would pay extra for a personal server.
  • 18 percent of consumers said they would pay...
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