Turkey Time + Fun Facts

Well it's about Thanksgiving, so naturally this blog will be about turkeys. Here are some fun facts you may or may not need to know but will make for great conversation this year with family and friends!

  • Turkeys can fly----at least the wild ones.  The wild ones can fly at 55 MPH.  But the domesticated turkeys have been bred to be hefty-not aerodynamic.
  • Turkeys were named---after the country Turkey. 
  • Turkeys nearly went extinct by the early 20th Century.  Overzealous hunting and habitat destruction nearly took them out.  But conservationists stepped in and now they are so numerous-they are a nuisance.
  • Turkeys don't have teeth, but they have two stomachs to break down their food.
  • All turkeys don't gobble...

Rogers Team Spotlight

Doria Gonzalez MacShane, Purchasing & Sales

Our people are the backbone of Rogers Poultry. And, we believe that its our people and our family-oriented culture that has kept us at the forefront of our industry for over 90 years! We're incredibly proud of our team and once you get to know more about them, we're certain you will be too!
Doria Gonzalez MacShane, Rogers Purchasing & Sales aficionado (and Holiday Turkey Queen) , is the perfect example of the exceptional caliber of people we have on our team. Doria  has been with Rogers almost 6 years and her responsibilities are diverse! Doria is not only the head of purchasing but is also highly involved in Specialty Poultry Sales and the lead on our annual Turkey Holiday Gift Program. She juggles all these responsibilities with great care, attention to detail and humor - after all why shouldn't we all have a little fun at work?! Read more about Doria and learn why its people just like her that have helped make Rogers great. 

10 Winning Workforce Strategies

Restaurants share their best ideas for recruiting good employees and keeping them once they're on board. 

Restaurants don't just have to fill seats. They have to fill jobs, and careers. And in a tight labor market, it's getting more difficult to find and retain employees. But new approaches, many with a personal touch and others that lean on technology or financial incentives, can help operators succeed at recruiting and retaining great employees by making their restaurants truly great places to work. Check out this roundup of winning strategies from leading restaurant companies and innovative independents. They prove that taking care of employees takes care of business. 
Rev up recruitment and hold on to the talent.

1. Throw a party...
2. Reward Recruitment...

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