March 20, 2018 NEWSLETTER

While this particular Blog has nothing to do with Clint Eastwood----the three descriptions in the title sum up the future of the chicken industry. There has been concern over current chicken flocks being grown too fast which in turn can sometimes make the breast meat too tough (woody breasts). There's additional concern that the cross breeding has made our chickens top heavy---big breasts and short undeveloped legs.  So, certain powers in the industry have decided they want a slower growing chicken with a more proportionate make up. This group of consumers has dictated that by 2024---they want... 

When you think about the best BBQ Ribs in town you can't help but to think immediately of the Newport and Naples Rib Company. Family owned and operated since its inception 35 years ago, this premier BBQ joint is the real deal. Not only have they become a staple for customers looking to dine-in and enjoy some of the best BBQ in town but also for those looking to cater large events (think really large, like the Anaheim Angels and Boeing large!).   In fact, fifty percent of their total business is for take-out and catering! That kind of success doesn't just happen by mistake. It takes a seasoned team (most of the Rib Co. kitchen staff has been there over 20 years) and a die-hard commitment to consistency. So, no matter what day of the week and whether you dine-in or take-out, your food is exactly the quality you expect. Sounds simple, but it's not and quite often the reason so many restaurants fail. The Rib Company has been built on a formula that...
WASHINGTON, D.C -- The National Restaurant Association released the 2018 edition of The State of Restaurant Sustainability to highlight sustainability efforts by restaurant operators.
The report provides the latest trends in environmental practices in the restaurant industry, along with consumer insights. It aims to help restaurant operations of all types and sizes understand what other restaurateurs are doing to begin or continue their own sustainability journey.

The Association surveyed more than 500 restaurant owners and operators about their sustainability efforts, opportunities and challenges. More than 1,000 consumers also were surveyed about the best ways restaurants can communicate their sustainability initiatives to their guests.

Key takeaways include... Energy-saving equipment and practices are common : About eight in 10 restaurant operators use energy-efficient lighting, while six in 10 use programmable heating, ventilation and air conditioning thermostats. More than four in 10 use...

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