July 25, 2017 NEWSLETTER

The Closer to the Bone - The Sweeter the Meat
"The Closer to the Bone-The Sweeter the Meat
-Last Slice of Virginia Ham is the Best that you can Eat".
This 1957 song by Louis Prima wasn't really referring to meat or chicken---but political correctness keeps me from going there.  However, this phrase really does have a mythological (or not) background when it comes to the taste of meat and chicken.  For years, there has been a dialog about which tastes better.  Boneless chicken or bone in chicken. 
This topic came to mind the other day as I was reading an article in USA Today.  I quote, "KFC has developed a new line of boneless chicken (boneless white and dark meat chunks about twice the size of a chicken tender) that executives say could be KFC's complete new standard-----edging out 'traditional' bone in chicken within the next five years."  The target: an ultra-finicky generation of millennials.
Now, here is where I start to disagree.  Millennials might not be into bones---but they are most certainly into authenticity---or at least the perception of it. This take us back to the original question-which actually tastes better??
Here's my take on it...   

Dodger Stadium
The food culture at Dodger Stadium is about so much more than the infamous "Dodger Dog." When you really get behind the scenes of this iconic LA landmark it becomes clear that besides offering one of the most sought-after hot dogs in the country, they offer a host of other mouthwatering food that rivals some of the finest restaurants. Don't get me wrong, nothing beats a tried and true Dodger Dog on a sunny afternoon but some days you just want to change it up.
Behind Dodger Stadiums innovative and diverse food culture is none other than Levy Restaurants. Levy is a Chicago based Food Management company well known for their passion and expertise in providing top-notch foodservice to large venues across the country. Their local presence includes Dodger Stadium, Staples Center and The Forum to name just a few. What's truly impressive, is that this large national company has somehow figured out how to...
How Top Chefs are Reinventing the Hash Brown


Inspired by nostalgia for diner and steakhouse versions, not to mention Mickey D's, some of today's top chefs are reconceiving the classic shredded-potato side dish.

"I grew up loving McDonald's," says Adam Harvey, the chef-owner of butcher-shopstaurant A&E Supply Co., whose "farm to party" kitchen's cooking motto is "shamelessness in pursuit of deliciousness." So it's no surprise that a Golden Arches-inspired hash brown has earned a spot on his brunch menu. The straightforward version started out as an individual serving about the shape and size of an iPhone but proved so popular Harvey has supersized it, turning it into a half-pound shareable side dish.

When downtown taco savant Alex Stupak was putting together the menu for his new Madison Avenue Empellón, he asked himself, "What's appropriate for midtown? What is of the place?" The answer, given the proximity to all those iconic steakhouses, was simple: meat and potatoes, specifically hash-brown potatoes. And so the hash-brown taco with tomatillo ketchup was born...

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